Unusual sudden noise in ear

I'm relaxed and almost asleep when I get this sudden loud buzz in my right ear. It doesn't hurt but at the same time it sounds like some sort of electricity. It's very powerful. I also get these weird sounds in my right ear, it's almost like the sound of an elastic band snapping. Again, it doesn't hurt and it's always when I'm totally relaxed and almost asleep.
I'd love your feed back on this as I've been trying to figure out what is causing this.
Thanks for your time. Nameste.

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Higher Frequency
by: Anna

Many of us including myself have experienced these ear noises too. Through my research and experiences, as we evolve, expand spiritually with info/knowledge, we also tune into higher consciousness which transmits higher frequencies. This for many of us causes tingling, high pitch and snapping sounds. As our body including our ears may take sometime to adjust to these newer changes that we are now tuning into. It's similar to an upgrade in our body as we expand in consciousness.

We seem to notice it more when we relaxed because we're less focused on our day to day activities and more observing in our quiet present aware state. Also our body adjust and process everything more efficiently in a relaxed state which may also be the reason it occurs when you are relaxed.
I hope this helps,

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