Very uncomfortable but happy and free

by April
(Des Moines, IA, USA)

A week and a half ago, I discovered the work of Stephen Russell aka The Barefoot Doctor. Since I did my first dancing meditation, I have felt mentally calm, free and clear, however, physically, it's another story. I am having great difficulty being around people other than my partner and listening to music (I work in music!!!). A recent trip to the laundromat left me with a migraine (I think it was because of a negative woman there) and three days later, I have yet to recover.

I am nauseous and experiencing a lot of vertigo/unease. My neck feels like it is on fire. I have zero desire to do anything other than meditate, tend to my animals and lay down. Please don't think these are complaints. I am ecstatic with the peace and joy I have already received. I know it will get better. Thanks for reading my stream of consciousness awakening report :)

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