Video gaming psychic ability

by uche

What I am going to tell is something I still do not understand till today but it is 100% true. I was diagnosed as a schizophrenic about ten years ago(I am 33 now) after I had a pretty bad psychotic episode. While I was having this psychotic episode I used to hear several voices claiming to be spiritual beings but one voice in particular stood out. This voice held conversations with me and claimed to be God himself.

This voice used to give me cheat codes for the video game Pro Evolution Soccer which I used to play and these cheat codes would work wonders in improving my game making me able to compete on the hardest difficulties and win matches in style. To prove I wasn't just crazy I searched for cheat codes for the game online and found out there are absolutely no known surefire cheat codes for the game.

After this happened for a while this voice told me that I was playing the game with the power of my mind. Soon afterwards I stopped hearing this voice and other voices but discovered I could still manipulate and modify my game by pressing certain buttons and saying certain sentences out loud or mentally.

This ability has continued to grow each year to the point that all I have do often is think a certain line of thought and press no buttons and my players in the game will play the way I want and play far better than their ability in the game.

I have continued playing the game till today and I still have this amazing ability to make my players do whatever I want within the limits of the game. I have a 90% win rate on the hardest difficulty and I even once won 16-2 in 15 minutes.This story may sound like a load of bullshit but it is very true and I am not making it up at all.

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