Weird and wonderful changes

by Karin Frank
(CO Spgs)

Spine tingling starting low rising to the top. Weird dreams, fatigue, or boundless energy, crying for no reason. Insatiable appetite to not being to eat at all. Health changes, diagnosed with Lupus in the 90s. No lupus, not in remission gone like I never had it. At 65 better than 20/20 vision.

Had a few “visitations” possibly in my dreams stating I could choose to live forever and de-age. Just really weird body sensations mostly close or at the bottom of my spine rising up feels like the top of my head is open an as if there’s a big glass tube infront of my spine that goes through the top of my head. There’s also something like a creaky church door that opened in the back of my neck. There’s more weird stuff but it would fill a book.

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Great Stages of New Experiences for Us All
by: Anna

Thank you so much Karin for sharing with us your experiences through these changes. Most of us as you can see through the submissions have gone through so many wild symptoms, sensations and experiences also. It is so fabulous to hear that the lupus completely disappeared as you went through these changes.

It's so great to know we are not alone in all we are going through. Changes are happening to our bodies and to the collective of this dimensional plane of reality. I know there will be so many fabulous results and new abilities we will be able to use from all that we are going through.

I also received the info of wisdom of de-aging or youthing and physical immortality.

Again, thanks for sharing and feel free to share more.
Infinitely Anna

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