Weird stuff

by Gem

Not sure if this is what youre talking about but me and my best friend are kinda telepathic.. Not like.. We like the same things but different.. We come up with the same ideas at the same time, once we were on computer chat together and we were both drawing, I had an idea to draw a picture with a quote on it so I started drawing. My friend said if they should do a quote for their's cause they wanted me to help with getting an idea and I said sure after I finished my pic I told her that it was one of my best pictures ever and that it had a quote on the side, she replied 'i'm such a wonderful inspiration' and I was thinking '...what? I came up with the idea?' it took me a while to realise we had both thought the exact same thing =P which was a bit thick of me not to realise earlier..
But it's strange, things like that happen all the time, once we were having this thing where we were just talking about secrets and stuff.. Like girls do.. Except she said something that was just like me.. Exactly, what I'm always thinking about, the whole way of thinking I have, it's hard to explain but it's like we thought in the exact same way or something.. Well.. It's kinda of like a dilemma I'm always thinking of, a worry, I have my own perfect reality, which I aspire and think about, alot. She said the exact same thing and to think that, that part of me was such a big one and that she had it too.. I just started freaking out.. I swear, it can't be a coincidence.. Like i said that was only a few examples.. But the last one made me think... How is it possible for two people to be so much alike...?

Hi Gem, yes that's exactly what telepathy is and because the 2 of you are best friends, it's so automatic. Distance never matters, it's the 2 of you being on the same channel or frequency in consciousness that the thoughts are being picked up from one another. This is the result, being able to pick up on each others thoughts so automatically. It's great that you notice it because you both are aware so you see the proof. Remote viewing is similar, you will be able to pick up on situations and events too.
Thanks for sharing, Anna.

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