Well intentioned vs Ill-intentioned

by Mandy

Why do those who are ill intentioned and/or narcissistic (ie. Entertainers, politicians) "do well" in the material sense while those who do spiritual work, goodwill can suffer?

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Infinite Creation Manifests without Judging
by: Anna

Hi Mandy,
that’s a great question and many on the spiritual journey do ponder, it all comes down to beliefs, and our state of being.

The world has been conditioned to believe to trust, follow authority. It’s only until we have had enough of our own sovereignty experiences to know we do create our reality, that we truly take our leaking power back from everywhere, and everyone, and become our own authority of our beliefs. Which eventually become “knowings” that our no longer even wishy washy as beliefs can be, and becoming knowing from our infinite spirit, soul and heart’s.

The most profound KNOWING for me was the realization that Infinite Consciousness Creator/Creation, never judges, never has, never will JUDGE in anyway.

It is human conditioning that judges, until we come to the genuine realization that judgment, especially judgment of ourselves, will only take us spinning in social consciousness of negative/fear drama. Judgment also keeps us from really loving, and knowing we’re deserving of anything we could ever desire to experience.

So anyone who does well materially, doesn’t matter who it is, if they have a belief in doing well, they will do well. Regardless if they are spiritual or loving, because the way the nature of reality creates/manifests our experiences has no judgment. It only depends on our beliefs and knowings, that actually, literally creates our “state of being”. It’s from our state of being that we radiate, attract and energize our reality of experiences.

The nature of reality has a fabulous magnificent built in mechanisms design of ‘what we put out comes back’, karma in other words, and it doesn’t matter what lifetime either. That built in mechanisms is designed to take care of everything. Also we can be released of any karma in a instant too.

Many entertainers, politicians that do well, may not have any spiritual values that detour them into believing they have to be positive or loving to create wealth and abundance, however if their attitudes are so out of alignment with infinite love, their health will suffer. And or other areas of their life.

Another thing I’d like to mention, is that religion and spiritual values passed down through the ages actually have conditioned many on the spiritual path to not love our own divinity and deservingness. And to not go after wealth and so on, however I think it was all misinterpreted.

We need to follow our urges of desires, whether it's wealth, abundance, healing ect... until we get to the state of evolution as ascended masters have already evolved to, and then we experience instant manifestations. When we get to that level because we can manifest instantly and anything we ever desired, we no longer have any needs for it either.

It’s when we become our own “law giver” our own authority over everything and everyone else that we become one with the infinite creator consciousness.
Infinite Love & Light,

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