What is this place?

by Tim

I travelled to Reading pa. last weekend for an NHRA race, while dreaming in the hotel, and it wasn't a sound sleep, I found myself in what must have been a lucid dream or something else.

I was in a small wooden low lit room with two individuals, one I had solid eye contact with. I think I was sitting in kind of a comatose state. She was truly bizarre looking, dark olive green skin with a dark brown nose which was full of small holes that you could see right through. Her appearance did not scare me at all and some how I managed to say " What is this place?". She looked slightly surprised and after a couple of seconds she replied, I guess to the other... "he's
good", in a tone that implied I may have an idea where I actually was.

A split second after that they vanished leaving me in the small wooden room and another split second later I awoke which of course helped me remember this event.
Any thoughts?

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Deciphering Dreams
by: Anna

Hi Tim,
every experience we have in a dream state is another dimensional reality we are focused in. Dreams reflect something within our selves through many symbolizations for us to decipher.

So by taking a deeper look at what's going on in your life that may need to be released of old beliefs that no longer serve you. And/or it could also be different things not yet dealt with in your personal life. Observing the dream experiences and characters not in deciphering as others, but more on your own self reflections will bring your answers and realizations to the surface.

Each of us so uniquely have filters of beliefs that we perceive that overflow into our dream states for deciphering from our personal waking reality. Anyone else's opinion or deciphering would be in alignment with their own filtered meanings pertaining to their life. This is the reason it's always best to decipher it through the insights that comes through to you, as it will lead you to many great revelations for yourself.

If you haven't read the dream page, check it out through this link as I go into more specifics.

I hope this helps,
thanks for contributing and sharing your experience.
Loving Light, Anna

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