Whats going on??

The first time I experienced something a little less than ordinary I had this dream but it didn’t actually feel or seem like a dream. In this dream I met a girl, she and I looked the same we played on the swings and then she gave me a flower. We didn’t say anything to one another but I remember feeling everything as if it were happening.

The next day I told my mother and she then told me I was a twin and that my sister didn’t survive the pregnancy. I had done some research several years later and found that this happens often with twins.

So I thought ok this is kind of normal. I would every once in a while have some serious Day ja vu and would have really bad feelings about things and people and then find out that, that feeling may have saved my life.

But things didn’t really start happening until about my sophomore year in high school (I don’t understand why I have had so much happen in the past few years but I just did).

See I started sort of predicting or I should say dreaming about big events and then they would come true. I had a dream about a woman giving birth to a baby boy a week later I found out my cousin was pregnant and later that it was a boy.

I dreamt I was being arrested and one of my family members were arrested. I had a bad feeling and that night my grandfather was sent to the ER. I started feeling emotions that didn’t make sense more often I would feel certain ways around people who were hurting or angry.

I would see someone crying and I would start to cry, an elderly woman was in a wheel chair in a local store who looked frail and I just kept feeling like I wanted to break down and cry. I saw a little kid and felt sort of happiness. These were complete strangers that I had never met before. Maybe I just felt bad but it just kept happening.

Things started to calm down for a while until recently. I have some things stuck in my head and maybe it means absolutely nothing but I just keep hearing the words over and over again. I don’t really understand what’s going on but recent events make me not want to ignore it so much.

So here are the words that are stuck in my head please don’t judge I don’t know where any of this is coming from. “A vertical bar, one name, one date. Date in the letter. The world I see is taken I arrive to have no world. I listen to the light but it does not answer me.”

I don’t know very much about psychics or these sort of things or even if I should be asking questions. But I do know that I can’t go on not understanding what’s happening. If anyone does please type back.

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Questions Help Us Evolve
by: Anna

Hi, it's great that you're pondering, searching and asking questions because it's what creates our spiritual growth and more understanding about anything we experience.

The words that continue to reappear for you will have different and unique meaning for anyone who interprets it. So I think what's most important is what does it mean for you? By just focusing on the words either by writing out what comes through, or meditating upon it will allow it's meaning for you to surface. And will lead you to even more insight about it all. I am curious what it means for you?

Many of us have had many similar experiences that you have been having too. It shows you are more open to sensing more of what's invisible to the norm of other dimensional realities.

You may find some helpful answers on the following pages of questions that have been asked in the past on this website.


and also on this page too


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