Work on and on to pass the exam and forget!

by Yashodha Rajaram

Oh God,
One more examination!:(

Will be the state when people generally get the next semester exam schedule..but then they start the preperation again, be it the previous night b4 the exam:P

After putting the best efforts as they can within the limited time, they forget about the same as soon as the exams are over.They do get the results accordingly. Nothing can be changed once exam is over:( or :)

Unfortunately, People never forget the exams of life and keep on expecting more and more..thus disturbing the future exams and respective results....

Imagine, Our life is a exam. God is the toughest or sometimes simplest paper setter..He knows his target as making us scholar in the field of Life..working for the same and also making us work too...

we have enjoyments and pains too sometime while learning.. but learning is the process , situations are exam, our reactions are answers and future is our result.

Hence, Ignore the good or bad results, work on and on to get better results, give u'r best in exam (in any situation) and forget...forget...n forget...

Remember, Our aim should be to become the best Scholar in life

Meet you soon...

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Fabulous Insight
by: Anna

Great analogy to release the judgments and remember the lessons we need to learn with the perspective as time as different parts of the exam.

by: Padma

Di ur work is awesome as u r...:D:);)

Nice thought
by: Kavikkuil

Very peculiar thought da... U have made us understand wat life is.... Keep it up da..

Superb defn of life...
by: Dhivyapriya


Good and nice definition of life !!!!!!!
Every one should know about this....If they understand this, all will be easy in our life.

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