Works for me everyday

by Mrinal

I have been IM ing for over 20 years now after I first came across a book by Shakti Gawain. Never has visualising let me down ever. Sometimes I think I create negatives to just make the whole thing that much more of a fun challenge. I enjoy your website, thank you for helping so many.

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Visualization Manifests
by: Anna

Hi Mrinal,
thanks so much for your appreciation of the website, and for sharing your confirmation that visualization always works.

I also feel the same way as you, that we subconsciously create many negatives or challenges to make it more dramatic, fun and adventurous too. It keeps us learning from it all. I also read Shakti Gawain book a couple decades ago too, it's a fabulous book and guide to visualization and much more.

Again, thanks so much,
Love and Light,

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