Yves Dupre

by Yves Dupré
(Lisbonne Portugal)

Some symptoms:

Increase peace and detachement
More conscious
Just after meditation, feel very angry, very unstable emotionally
Increase sense perception. (vision,earing,taste)
I also feel one time unusual tickling in my left foot.
Feel unusually tired

I also think i m looking youger and lighter but maybe it s just my imagination, or because i eat less than usually???

All these little changes after 2 weeks only ???

N.B. From a background in Bhakti-yoga tradition, practicing mantra meditation and other spiritual practices since years.

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Symptoms and Results
by: Anna

Hi Yves,
the increased peace and detachment carries less energy being stored in the body. Especially if you're eating less too, really quickens the time length of your results of looking younger and lighter. Also your years of Bhakti-yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices do continuously align your body with infinite consciousness.

After your meditation you said you'd feel anger with unstable emotions, and that may be some stored emotions that are also surfacing to notice, and feel without denial and let go of. Tickling and tingling may be a result of energy releasing, and flowing better too.

Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, I know we are all on the most exciting path.
Love and Light,

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