2013 Blog of What's New

2013 Blog of What's New throughout the year and any new information I have come across that can continue to expand our consciousness as we evolve on our infinite journey. 

Infinite Holidays to You

Let the power and spirit of Christmas expand all year.

Law of One

This is a in depth interview with the channeler of the Law of One material, Carla L.Rueckert, part 1 of 6 videos. Describing density levels that you may resonate with to realize that you, we, may be 6th density wonderer in this life journey.

97 Years Young and Skydiving

Here's more inspiration in keeping life adventurous to go for it and experience skydiving at 97 years of age.

More Proof that it's What we Think about what We Eat
that Matters

Faye Campbell eats only junk food and is thin and healthy. This is more great proof and inspiration that what you think & believe about what you eat is how your body responds. All food can be neutralized to no meaning, and you give the meaning to whatever you eat for your body to respond the way you desire it to.

Beautiful Video
of Flocks of Starlings

What a beautiful video of flocks of starlings swirling together, phenomena know as Murmuration.

It reminds me of the proven research that 7000 individuals out of 6 billion can actually effect changes in consciousness for the whole when they are in sync.

Leading Edge Insights

Could this be true? That the Earth is not revolving around the sun the way we've been taught? Very interesting in what Nassim is describing which is also similar in Dan Winter's info of fractal infinite compression, that also goes hand in hand with the Torsion field.

Doesn't it seem that all the leading edge information gathered resonates and put so many pieces together? When we let go of the old ideas and old conditioning's to be open to see how the new ideas fit the quantum properties.

Theory of Everything
Unification Principles

Nassim Haramein's, The Schwarzschild Proton paper won an award in Europe for the best physics. Nassim's natural humor in describing his passionate consistent research and genius insights of the nature of Reality/Universe is so refreshing and the break through that science needs.

The difference in the way science is searching for answers by studying the smallest particles, as they're doing with the particle accelerator. Nassim search in the whole to discover the nature of the universe/reality resonates as he also integrates ancient knowledge and sacred geometry.

Cracking the Code Documentary

Fabulous documentary "Placebo, cracking the code" five scientists research, experiments and proof of the placebo effect.

Keep Imagining with Excited Emotions as Already Is

In this article I am interpreting law of attraction properties in physics. They've discovered and named a "new family of hybrid charnonium particle, Zc (3900) in which gluons that mediate the strong force that exists in excited states, molecule made of two misons bound together"

For many of us we have taken so much on resonating faith from our own experiments of proof. This article may show us scientifically how it works. So keep your excitement in your visualizations to keep the bonding energies forming for your desires to manifest, and they will. While simultaneously adding great high energies to collective consciousness too.

Science Proof
of Healing with Light

"Positive or Negative? Nanoparticle surfaces change affects cell-membrane interactions" is the title of this physics article.

When we are self healing, healing others close or at a distance we are using thought and higher vibrational frequencies of light.

In this article they state, "the wavelengths at which light most deeply penetrate the biological tissue" though they're describing the development for pharmaceutical purposes. We already know from our own proof with focused intentions especially higher frequencies of light we naturally interconnect with and affect our body or others bodies.

The Divine Art of Self-Correction

This second article is a continuation from the first one of self-correction, knowing we are a divine being creating, manifesting our reality.

The Art of Self Correction

Are you still staying self-aware daily to noticed old programming that is not in alignment with your desires? If you are not this article is a great reminder.

It takes peak self-awareness and self-initiation using constant self- correction for your brain to thicken the myelin sleath that creates the new neuronet circuit in the brain to be in receivership for your manifested desires to be experienced.

Citizen Hearing
on Disclosure of UFO

Here are some highlights from the Citizen Hearing in Washington DC that was held from April 29 to May 2, 2013 on UFO's and Et that Stephen Basset organized.

You can watch Part 2 of the highlights through the link below the video.

Amazing Message from an Amazing Teacher

Powerful message about being connected to Infinite Source/Spirit. She naturally connects and brings her wisdom about meditation, ego with judgment, and the most important message for all of us at the very end of the video. She says it right on!

Magical Music
for Relaxing or Focusing

Saggio Maestro Music, the Heart of Reiki-Merlins Magic. This is so magically harmonious to play in the background, take some deep breaths and relax in bliss. Using it for meditation, and do your focusing work with. Along with wonderful background imagery too.

Using Dice at
Casino's for Feedback

Dr. Joseph Gallenberger is a trainer at Monroe Institute and was on coast to coast am discussing PK, affecting matter. Part of his training program is using dice at casino's for the quickest feedback of effecting reality. Including healing, turning lights on without being plugged in, seeds growing within minutes, and spoon bending through open heart focus intention. He's on a quarter of the way into the video, at 0.38.

Science Set Free

Deepak Chopra interviews Rupert Sheldrake about his newest book, Science Set Free, 10 Paths to new discoveries. They also discuss where are memories stored, and the mind beyond the brain.

Lotto Winners
from Ramtha's School

Here is more inspirational proof that winning is a skill that can be developed through focused intention into knowing that creates expectation. By conditioning the mindset, rewiring the brain to be in the state of being a winner.

If you have not read any of these articles from Ramtha's newsletter yet, they can add as confirmation that chance and luck is old conditioning of limited beliefs. Deliberately creating reality takes consistent focusing on only what we prefer until it's reflected as our experiences.

Enjoying the Magnificence

If you have already seen this video then you know it's magnificence. Whether you just enjoy the peaceful magnificence of this video and realize how unified we really are, or using it as a meditative way to see a glimpse of Out of Body if you have not experienced it yet.

Sri and Kira Audio and Video on Changes through Ascesnion

Sri and Kira go into detail about changes and how to sustain higher consciousness. Building anchors while staying anchored, instead of feeling lost in perpetual seeking. So if you are still going through left over residue of negativity, relax in the knowing it's all a part of your ascending growth. The audio link and a video is at the bottom of the page through this link.

Sphere of all Possibilities

Here is a great article from Tom Kenyon's website and the Hathor's. New techniques are fun to work on and some will resonate with you more than others. Hathor's technique is to connect with your future self to manifest desires you want to experience. Infinite realities with infinite possibilities that you can consciously connect to experience the one you prefer.

If you do try this technique and would like to share your experiences with it, you can submit it on the Infinite Possibilities webpage.

The Presence Process

In this article, David Ord shares how Michael Brown's book, 'The Presence Process' not only cured his illness, took him on a step by step process to unifying while learning to let go of emotions from the past. His journey that lead him to present awareness. There's also a Michael Brown video at the end of the article.

Compton Frequency Clock

"Physicists have created the first clock with a tick that depends on the hyper-regular frequency of matter" that particles have frequencies. I know we know that already, that's why being in the frequency state of being we prefer is prime for deliberate creating or shifting realities. So it's just more confirmation of how science again is catching up.

9 billion times or transitions a second is what the existing atomic clocks measure. If we perceive that in transitions defining shifts in realities, the physicists are discovering transitions a second are even faster.

The Hottest Systems in the World

Atoms at negative absolute temperature are the hottest systems in the world, as stated from this article of physicists research. Totally makes sense considering when we ourselves are in pure focus of our intentions we are also in zero state. The most powerful state for creating, hot enough that it formulates and implodes reality shifts and manifestations.

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