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2014 Blog of what's new in 2014 of topics that inspire, educate and expand your mind with reminders that every day is an empowering exciting day of learning new knowledge that's evolving your consciousness.

Loving Empowering Holiday

Wishing everyone a very loving empowering Holiday, and most importantly, keep shining your infinite love and expand the christmas spirit of love, joy and laughter all year.

The Secret Santa Documentary

If you didn't see The Secret Santa Documentary that aired the other night on channel TLC, you may want to check it out Thursday Dec18th at 4pm or Friday Dec 19th at 12pm. Let's us know what you think by submitting to this blog by clicking on the left "Blog Sharing" after you watch it.

Ascension Symptoms

If you are still going through DNA changes/ascension symptoms, this article will be very helpful. 


GaiamTv has the most interesting and spiritual evolving shows with many guest you may already be familiar with, and many new one's too. You can check it out by registering for a free 10 day membership with a credit card.

Stranger at the Pentagon

A new movie to be released December 2014, Stranger at the Pentagon. All true facts created into a movie by director, Craig Campobasso who also became friends with Dr. Frank Strangers. Frank was in contact with Variant Thor, a being that came to earth decades ago to help us. Thor and other crew mates are still around now.

There's a short clip of an interview Craig had with Regina Meredith from her open minds show/Gaiamtv.

Powerful Benefits of Releasing Judgments

A great reminder in this Ramtha article of the importance and most powerful benefits for letting go of judgments. Especially in regards to the article on telepathic emails experiment below.

By releasing judgments we get out of our own way to just receive the pure information and we know this also works so purely to for manifesting our desires too because judgments block, cancels out or detours focused energy. Also keeping in mind that releasing judgments creates our states of being experiences of bliss and peace, while learning to trust ourselves of our wholeness.

Sending Emails Telepathically

We already know from the Seth Information that our world is generated naturally through telepathy, and many of our own experiences are our own proof of it. So it's interesting and confirming to see it in an experiment with two individuals 5000 miles away, and how it will eventually integrate into our future.

Inspirational Video about Ascended Masters

Peter Mt. Shasta shares his enlightenment experiences along with how Saint Germain and other ascended masters became interactive in his life. He also explains how the I AM teachings came about.

Possible Scams

I have been doing some research as a result of receiving submissions on the invitation pages and through facebook on some of my webpages of testimonies from people concerning spell casters.

So do be cautious because it does seem that these "so called" people may be computer generated submissions for their own marketing. There is no website that I can find, only references and links for different emails and different names to contact these "supposed" spell casters. If you do come across any other information regarding this issue, do share it with us.

Just a reminder that on this sovereignty path we're on, everything is feedback for ourselves to learn more. And truly our own manifestation experiences will always be the one's we can depend on infinitely.

Conversations with the Universe

How actively have you been communicating, paying attention and staying aware of all the messages and signs that the Universe, your infinite self and guides are constantly giving you?

It brings us deeper into realizing just how connected, unified we really are to everything, including objects. For decades I have also experienced it too.Have you?

Whether it's my vehicles, appliances, anything externally would act up, it always has something to do with my inner overflowed outwardly.

Simran Singh explains beautifully some of her messages from the universe and her experiences in this interview. Click the link it will take you to the books page, go to bottom of page, 2014 Books Headline for the video.

You are the Placebo

What a fabulous book of the greatest reminders. Joe Dispenza's new book, "You are the Placebo" is filled with all the reminders of how powerful we really are and that it's all up to ourselves.

Though we already know that it's not about anything else example what we eat, drink ... it's all about our own THOUGHTS about everything that creates whatever we experience. Have you been doing this with absolutely everything?

Click the link and go to the bottom of the Books page, headline 2014 Books for the video.

Who and What's Still Pushing your Buttons?

The information in this video can be used for anyone that triggers a negative reaction, or any situation. Keep the love transforming ongoing because your health/well being and sovereignty evolution surely depends on it.

Crystals make Active Camouflage Possible

"Controlling special chameleon crystals with light and chemistry could lead to the development of products that can change colour at the flip of a switch."

Power of Manifestation and PK

Are you really truly genuinely using everyone and every situation you encounter in the most highest potential way for your spiritual growth?

This is a fantastic reminder interview with Joe Gallenberger and his successful casino workshops. And his experiences of opening our heart to allow PK, telekinesis work for us, instead of against us. All feedback can show us the state of being we are at any time and continue to integrate it in every way every day into our lives.

The New Human's

Fantastic video presented by Mary Rodwell and you will probably recognize many names from different authors and teachings throughout it. Though it's directed as referring to higher beings as aliens, labels really are not important, what's important is the evidence of higher beings that we all uniquely refer and label through our own cultural way of higher beings to be either alien, ascended masters, saints or whatever we choose to refer to them.

All the children and teenagers she mentions are going through so many experiences similar to our own, very enlightening, inspiring and insightful video.

Weird Weather?

Are you experiencing weird weather? For southern Ontario and other parts of the province we had a warm weekend, Sunday and Monday actually went above 20 degrees, over 70 degrees fahrenheit with lots of rain yesterday and into the night. This morning we woke up to snow and 5 more cm of it to come.

Everyone is talking about it, and find it to be so out of the ordinary, however I find it to be so fun and interesting. showing me how much more quantum we are becoming. That we can see dramatic shifts from one day to another, in many ways including weather. Everyone I know was so happy to see warmer than spring like weather, yet because I do love winter, I actually quite enjoyed again the fresh fallen snow.

Staying in peak awareness allows us to keep noticing many quantum changes and shifts occurring day to day in our reality. It's even more insightful when we are noticing instant shifts, moment to moment. It really makes reality so fresh, new and so exciting.

The Voynich Manuscript

Stuart Davis talks with Professor Stephen Bax on his efforts in deciphering the legendary Voynich Manuscript.

A New Creative Artistic Langauge "Is"

Stuart Davis created a new language "IS" and we know that contemplating anything new stimulates evolving consciousness. It's a great exercise for not only our brain and body system to think in new ways and then say new words. Really wakes up our body cells from the mundane and automatic way we think and speak. Check it out.

Asking Evolving Questions Creates New Brain Connections

In case you missed this article link from Ramtha's newsletter, I included it here for you to check out. As we are always asking questions, whether pondering silently to ourselves, or discussing it verbally with others, and the questions seem to be a stimulator for neurons in the brain to fire new connections.

I know we already knew that from placidity of the brain research and that's why we keep doing our focusing work. Also considering that we have already experienced so many results of our own proof from doing it.

Over half way through the article they also discuss more about the "quantum zeno effect" which is also more proof for science on focused attentive intentions creating results.

So we'll keep asking the leading edge kind of questions that rewires us to tune into our amazing reality timeline futures to shift us to experience more of it now.

Along with the article, there's two short videos of Dr. Henry Statt discussing it.

Shifting into the Reality for Finger Regrowth

Ramtha taught regenerating body parts in 1992. One of his students was able to practice and tested it for himself through a subconsciously created accident that gave him the opportunity to regrow the end of his finger in 3 months.

Using Ramtha's teaching of Blue Body, knowing everything is a fragment of a holographic whole, including ourselves. Anything we desire to experience is already available for us, and to switch to the reality timeline we prefer, is to stay consistently focused 'that it already is our reality' long enough until we do experience it.

Get Your Universe Note

What a great inspirational way to start your day with a universe note to you. Keeping in mind that the note you receive is a synchronization of your tuned vibration of your energy state of being at the moment you receive it. You can either subscribe or just sample your universe note. This is from Mike Dooley's website.

This is so Cute

Baby polar bear's first introduction to snow. I'm just curious, what were the first thoughts that came to your mind when watching the video? This awareness can be a great reminder and great insight into knowing ourselves more. To give us a great way to start our day into peak awareness of our first thoughts about everything we come across.

Was it, ah, so cute but not another snowy day to tread upon? Or great another snow day to another adventure? Remembering that peak awareness allows us the great choices we choose every moment throughout our day to create it to be the most joyful, or negative, we always get to choose. I love and appreciate that everything is really neutral, we get to transform everything every moment into a wave of love.

Remember you can share you comments by clicking the link at the right side, Blog Sharing.

Consciousness and the Universe

This David Wilcox video is a great review of many reminders to keep our focus and responses of and in love. Being a love being and love transformer through every experience we encounter so that we are experiencing the best and highest reality.

If we experience any pain or discomfort still, it's a sign we still are creating blocked energy in our body, and are going through some actual DNA ascension body changes. If that's the case then read this article in the link below the video. It describes that our body organs and bones do go through changes and change as a result.

Now more than ever is the time to release fear once and for all by taking all of our power back by being a love transformer constantly. This will removes all energy blockages allowing the highest free flowing love energy. As a natural result our psychic abilities will become more and more a normal part of our life.

This is the most responsive responsibility, knowing it's up to our own selves of the reality we are creating and experiencing to be this love being tuner. And it only gets better and better and more exciting from here forward.

Great Way to Start Your New Year

Keeping yourself empowered starting right now with some great reminders from Ramtha on staying focused to change our DNA to our preferences. Continuing our journey for the most exciting experiences yet for us.

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