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2015 Blog archives of inspiring videos and information that I came across to share on the website.

Magical Christmas ... Let Neville Goddard's Testimonies Inspire You

I share my Christmas greetings to you the day after the "norm" celebrates it because it's so important to keep that magical energy of perpetual momentum infinitely. Give yourself the best gift of all! Completely unwrapping your Infinite Self of Infinite Possibilities that can manifest any desires that you have, just by imagining with feelings your desires already fulfilled.

You are the Powerful Gift! Knowing this for yourself and using your INFINITE POWERFUL BEING that you ARE. It's all you ever need to experience everything that is joyful, blissful, is the love you've been seeking and will overflow from inner to outer.

Remind yourself by reading through the link, or listening to the youtube audio of Neville Goddard's book "Law and the Promise" A book of testimonies of others who successfully manifested their desires by imagining with feelings their wishes fulfilled.  May every day in every way forward be the magical life you are living because that's what you came here to consciously do. Everyone has always been creating their lives through this process but unaware that they're doing it.

So the only difference is that we've always been manifesting, now we're aware of what we were unconsciously doing. That's the nature of reality. Now you are the aware dynamic conscious creators, and we're finally owning our power now and forever. Use your Power in every single way because this way you'll never let automatic programming manifest. By constantly re-correcting what you don't want as soon as you notice you are doing it, re-correcting it with imagining with feelings of your preferred reality to experience with absolutely everything.

Research Discoveries on Multiply Personalities

Finally new research is discovered about multiple personality disorder from observing the brain through personality switching.                                        

Neville Goddard's First Teacher

Cynthia Sue Larson Shifting Realities

Cynthia shares her experience about being in 2 places at one time in the middle of the video.

Legs Regenerated

Read the "look inside" introduction in David Cho's book, he was very skeptical until he experienced seeing Peter Wagner regenerate legs for a man.

Manifesting Money

Fast forwarding the video to half way through to hear Peter explain that the money appeared in his pocket when he was asleep. 1000's of dollars which was exactly what he needed and prayed for before he went to sleep that night.

Peter Cabrera Jr. Documentary

I came across Peter's video the other day and putting all the religious part of it aside and seeing it as all being from the Infinite, it's fabulous to see all the things he has done healing others, manifesting money, filling teeth, new teeth growth, legs growing, all in real time.

The Power of I Am

This video is a great reminder of the Power of I AM. Joel Osteen fabulously reminds us to take notice to realize what we may be unconsciously thinking or saying after "I AM" as it's always inviting those experiences into our lives. We are One with the Infinite Source of Power and we're always using that power in all our experiences in our life. The most important thing is using the "I AM Power" consciously throughout the day in everything in every way.

In Memory of Wayne Dyer

I am sure that you are also as shocked as I was of Wayne Dyer's passing. As he has been the most wonderful teacher that has guided many of us throughout the years. With his warm heart and humor, he made expanding in consciousness so much fun and enjoyable. Words can't describe how much he will be so greatly missed.

Vibrational Frequencies

This is a great in depth article written by Ari Lakakis describing Vibrational Frequencies and guided steps of 21 ways to raise your vibrational frequency to mastering it.

Dr. John Hagelin on the Unified Field

The dynamics of the the unified field and transcendental meditation at a conference in India, Veda and Physics: The Science and Technology of the Unified Field

Reality Shifting Affirmation

Very interesting interview with JZ Knight that channels Ramtha. JZ discusses how she used the affirmations "I have always been" as it is more effective in rewiring the brain for what Ramtha refers to as "the new neighborhood" in our brain that eventually shifts reality to our desires fulfilled.

You can also read more about it if you missed it on the webpage, reality shifting tools through the video below.

Updates on Stranger at the Pentagon

Great interview with Craig Campobasso who was a close friend of Dr. Frank Strangers who met Valiant Thor who is an angelic alien being. Presently Thor and his crew are still around and over looking the planet helping and guiding us with the planet's rising in consciousness. Craig is a film maker who had originally made the short film of Stranger at the Pentagon. Now in the works is his making of the film in a longer version as a big theatre movie about Frank Stanger and Valiant Thor.

Using 100 Percent of Our Brain

Bruce Lipton explains using 100% of our brain and simple things to do with our body to sync the two hemispheres of our brain.

Being Hungry Makes for Better Decisions

"It's a common belief that hunger can exemplify a bad mood, spark irrational behavior and cause great distress. But this new study that was published in the journal PLOS One (Public Library of Science) seems to disagree. In fact, it's the first of a kind to say that people make better decisions when they are hungry."

No One to Change but Ourself

Neville Goddard not only goes in depth to explain interpreting the bible in the clearest way that melts many illusions of past interpretations. He also describes when we change our inner in regards to "others" does change our perception of the other.

If we are Already Free

Tobias Lars wonderfully guides us to contemplate our future now in imagining that we are already free from old limitations.

Paradigm Shifts

Bob Proctor beautifully talks about how to develop our mind for new paradigm shifts.

Books that May be of Interest to You

In the past couple of months I read some interesting books that I wanted to share with you that were very inspirational as well as insightful too. It's the first list of books at the beginning of the webpage.

Interviews of lottery winners who used Law of Attraction is a great confirmation if you do have that as a desire. And the Gene Keys is also great on your path of awakening as it gave me a clearer perceptive and actually effects DNA as you read it. Enjoy.

Nature of Perception

The Power

This is the best way to start each day and throughout the day to re-correct anything that is not of Love or positivity.

Realizing that every single thought, feeling, reaction and so on...is a boomerang of energy of what we put out we get back. Inspiring our sovereignty by being an instrument for the Powerful Force/Source of Love.

Loving Empowering Holiday

Wishing everyone a very loving empowering Holiday, and most importantly, keep shining your infinite love.

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