Arrow Breaking was just as Empowering as Firewalking

Breaking an arrow with the softest part of my throat was done
at the same Toronto seminar that we did the firewalk.

The discipline was a couple hours before we did the firewalk and after we karate chopped a thick board with our hand, which was another amazing experience for me.

First though I must tell you a short story about my son when he was young even before I attended the seminar, just out of the blue he was playing in the backyard and tried to chop a board with his hand. I ran out to the backyard because I heard him scream and crying for me. When I seen what he tried to do and his hand started swelling I took him to the hospital (back then I was not a self healer) the result was that he sprained his hand.

Now back to the seminar

Before I did the chopping of the board at the seminar years later my memory of my son came back so clear, just as the memory of a song comes back within a second of listening to a few notes. So again I quickly had to drop that memory thought and focus on the end result of the board being broken and then walla it did break in half.

It really was a most powerful one day seminar. I understand now the reasoning for all of the disciplines one after another as I have said before and you may already know that the brain rewires new connections whenever we do something that we have not done before. The more we do the unknown it becomes hardwired in our brain to be able to perform it again and again if we so desire to. In the seminar the more fears we break through and experience the easier each next thing does become.

For the arrow breaking discipline we were split into small groups and again went through visualizing the end result. I could hear the excited screams of others in the room as with our own group as everyone was accomplishing breaking their arrow. I was one of the last to do it. I tried it twice and as soon as I would feel the pricking of it against the soft part of my throat while I was pushing the other part of the against the wall I would freeze up. I just couldn’t seem to get my thoughts past the fear and continued to see it puncturing my throat.

Getting Past the Fear is What it Took

The instructor came over to me and guided me on the importance of seeing it already broken, to let go of all fears and keep my focus on it done. The other participants were cheering me on and I finally just told myself I can do this, I will do this. Then I took a deep breath and visualized the arrow already broken like a video in my mind three or four times and then pressed with all my might. Then SNAP it went, broke right in half and my throat did not show any mark of the arrow pressure.

I was so amazed and that is the reason the firewalk seemed easier because the arrow breaking seemed more intense. The empowering feeling afterwards is truly amazing and so empowering.

This video is of Tolly Burkan he not only teaches firewalking, he can also put a large darning needle through his hand and teaches others to do it too. I still have that to experience and it is on my list of disciplines. Tolly also teaches walking on broken glass and many more seeming impossible disciplines that are so empowering.

Doing and experiencing arrow breaking or any of these exercises are our own infinite abilities and you then know how possible it is when you experience it for your own self.

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