Being the Master

Being the Master is knowing you are the Source, the One that always shows up in reality, dreams, in everything.  Nothing can be without You being there and being aware that you are always the one showing up in everything you experience.

This is one thing that is so profound to realize, that we do show up in everything we experience.  And this always brings ourselves back to ourselves.

Being the Master Claims all of Our Power back to Ourselves

Being the Master is owning Yourself because when you know that everything really is up to you, then you not only pull all of your power back to you, you become Sovereign Consciously and take all your responsibility back too.

If you are experiencing anything in any way, it is you who is encountering everything, people, situations etc...  And if there is anything you do not prefer to be experiencing, it really is up to yourself to respond and return all responses back to love, which is the true being we all are behind all these character personalities we are playing.

The Truth... We are Creators
and Always Have Been...

In the journey of this life game we came in, or logged in to play with denser energy of information of the so called appearing physical matter, deliberately forgetting who we really are to play the game to experience adventure, emotions, outer senses, time etc... with other players, characters of the fragmented ONE SOURCE that we are, for the experience of a different dimensional realities.

Bit by bit for most of us we followed our paths to unveil in the remembering of more and more of what is really going on, and who we really are.  Obviously this game would not of been very fun or adventurous if we came in remembering.  That would of taken all the fun and adventure out of it. 

When we finally do get to the part of the game of remembering, now even more adventure and fun begins as we learn to own our true power and play with it in this dense plane of existence, similar to forming pottery, shaping reality into our preferences.  

Would You Watch Your Own Life Movie

My son asked me this a few years ago if my life was a movie, would I watch it.  Absolutely I would be watching it with such emotional intensities of everything that goes on, and what will happen next.  There has been allot of adventure throughout this life game and to even watch the profound persistence while going through so many big challenges, and how I did use so many teachings and intuitive ideas too that did get me through so much.

Just as any of you reading this would probably feel the same too.  The true self that we are is doing the same thing, watching and enjoying all the experiences through us the characters that are playing out all of these adventures, negative or positive.

This is great synchronicity that I came across a video of Tom Kearin using the analogy of life being similar to a movie.

Believing we Need
to Do Something to Create Reality

Most teachings taught we had to do something to manifest or create reality.  I always was curious and contemplated that information because, if we always have been and continue to create reality because we are Creators, then why would we have do anything when we have been creating all along, but just forgetting that we were. 

It just seems it is part of the game until we do get to this point of realizing that everything is just reality tools in playing the game, but we can drop all the tools and just create from the Source We Are.  

Though I do realize now that it does seem that I had to go through whatever teachings I did go through to get to this level in the game.  Which I am still realizing the importance of instant creating that does take being so responsible for what we are thinking, speaking, doing that seems to unfold reality creations.  It just may be the reason we learned in the levels we learned and to remember who we really are too.  This all seems to go with living from love versus ego, because being a true unconditional love being unfolds the best reality to experience without any effort.

After going through many different levels of unveiling the truths before really realizing that there is nothing to do but be Consciously Aware of what I am putting my attention upon or Being.

Creating is a natural ability to a Creator, but to play through the game it seems it was all part of the life game to remembering.  

Nothing to Do but BE

In the video below Tom Kearin specifically says it all ...  We do not have to be worthy, deserving, or earn, or work for it, or even feel it to create reality.  This is so profound when we really get it!

It is like Of Course, we are the Creator, the One Source that never judges or does anything but observes through what the characters are doing. 

It is Not what you Do, It is What You Think about What You Do

In 7:12 of the video below Joseph Murphy shares about people in Russia that eat and drink whatever they want and live over 155 years old, proving it is not what you eat or drink that creates reality, it is the meaning, the thoughts, the beliefs ( which are only ideas)  that create the reality we experience. 

It is not what we do that is the key, it is what we think about what we are doing.  When we have the attitude that everything is good, loving etc... for ourselves, then anything we do will always be the best that we experience.

Without the Belief we have to Do Something Just Commanding Would Do It

I have this Tom Campbell video on another page but really felt it is worth putting on this page too because he says the same thing.  I also wrote about it on the reality tools page and reality shifting tools too.

Tom Campbell describes it at approx  21.50 in the video below, that if we had no beliefs to get in the way of how we create our experiences, we'd just say, HEAL, and the healing would instantly happen

Also at 1.06.30 right near the end of the video is very important as he speaks about tools, even using religious beings give our power away too as tools.  When the truth is we not only have the power, We Are the Power, when we realize and know IT IS our Self that is modifying our reality by our Wishes. 

Dropping It All that No Longer Serves Us

Continue to contemplating about dropping it all.  Dropping all beliefs and ideas that say we have to do something, especially when we have been creating all along just unaware until we remember and are aware.  And really understanding that is the way it does work.

So it does take being the master, being consciously aware through it all to realize that so many beliefs can now fall away, or be deleted, realizing also that it does not have to take any time or effort either.

When we know that only the best comes out of everything we go through, and everything can also be the greatest opportunity to use our natural power of the Creator we already are to create, and recreate whatever we prefer in any moment.  Not even timing has to be in the way.  As Seth said there is no processing or timing to changes in matter, that matter only has 2 properties, instantaneous and spontaneous.  And that it is all for Value Fulfillment. More Seth quotes

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