Christmas Truth
by Uncovering the Disinformation

Christmas Truth can lead you back to who you really are and you can know the one truth.  Anything from that point of pure consciousness can then evolve humanity to become more than it was in the past. 

Let us inquire into the Christmas Lies to uncover the truth of the Christmas Truth.  The Christmas lie is that there is one savior who was a man named Jesus who became self-realized and then was referred to as Christ.  And through Christ we can all be saved from all sins.  Only your own self is needed to be discovered.  Absolute Truth is that there is no sin to be saved from, there's no judgments in the bigger truth.  When you absolutely know who you are, then the flood gates are open to know who has always been the one creating everything.  This brings us to our own sovereignty. 

The realization that “I and the Father are One” is also misinformation.  We must be specific about this to know the truth.  The ONE is not a male or female.  So why is Christ giving credence to a polarity?  When the only truth is not of polarity.  This is a very important and profound inquiry to realize.  Also that we are not one with anything else, we literally are the ONE, though fractualized into physical.  Though in conscious awareness we can perceive the personality we are playing as a god or goddess, as long as we know that it's secondary to the true One we are. 

Celebrating Christmas

What are many religions celebrating?  Roman Catholics and Christians celebrate Christmas as christ’s birth day.  You can read more about the discrepencies of Dec 25th being the birth date of Jesus.   Any celebrating of Christmas that doesn’t turn the celebration back to your own divine self is taking you down a detouring path. 

Even though all paths will eventually in some time, or some lifetime, lead you eventually to “who you are” and the Real Truth.  Celebrating Christmas should be a celebration of knowing who everyone is, not just a birthday celebration for Christ.

I would be all for the celebration of Christ if the teaching would be leading you back to the One, which is who you, we really are.  There seems to be some misleading people with disinformation through religions in this sense.  Christ is being used as a medium instead of the correct role model to follow.  Though Christ teachings of unconditional love, unlimited supply and infinite abilities and so forth would be the correct role modeling.

Using a Medium

Let us look deeper into using a medium as Christ to save all from sins.  This gives everyone permission to do anything they want, and then ask for forgiveness through Christ.  That’s okay and good if it still led you back to your true self, but it doesn’t.  It's actually dis empowering. 

Let’s use parents as an example.  Let’s say Jesus is a sibling,  a brother.  And God is the father.  In life would you ask your brother to talk to your father every time you wanted to talk to your father?  Absolutely not.  You would talk to your father directly, without a medium. 

Also keeping in mind that God is not a father, not a male or a female.  Actually God has gained way too many dogmatic rubbish attachments to even use the word now.  Pure Consciousness, or the Divine, or the Infinite is more in alignment with the One.  I would not be writing this if I didn’t know this truth.  Only you can know also when you truly meet the One that's really the true self.  In the constantly changing worlds of personalities, there is really only one truth that never changes.

Christmas Truth

Christmas Truth is celebrating the One that You Are, the creator.  Celebrating the sovereignty with compassionate love for all regardless what the ego recordings of the past dictates.  Christmas Truth is NOT to awaken the Christ consciousness in you, but awaken the Real You in You.  From there all the greatness and pure love will flow into experiencing the greatest christmas season and celebrations.

So go on and celebrate Christmas Truth to your hearts content, knowing you are the one that has always been worthy to know who you really are.   The ONE that's always been there behind all the veils of conditioning's and programmings.  All you're really doing is unmasking the masks that was covering the real you.

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