Doing without Thinking

I have contemplated about this doing without thinking off and on for a long time.  I always notice whenever I do do something without thinking that it gets done, and everything works out great too.  It actually is a habit to think about things we do, and it does take some practice and repetition to just do things without thinking.

Becoming Aware
of Doing without Thinking

The more I am present and consciously aware I do notice how it is a habit to letting thoughts come in and detour or procrastinate in doing something we want or need to do.  This seems relative with mundane things, activities and with big things too.

I noticed the difference years ago with my sons that do things and do not think and just do.  Many times while observing them do things I also realized that if they were to think too much about some of the things they do, they probably would not get those things done.

For example one of my sons is always moving big machines onto his truck and without ramps, or not the right ramps, by placing his truck on a hill and driving a big grass mowing machine off or on.  It is very challenging to describe, but he does so many things that I actually am too afraid to watch him do, because fear thoughts of what could happen with just some wrong moves.  However, he told me a long time ago that if he thought about what he does, he would not do it out of fear, so he just does it with the confidence it will work safely.

Doing without Thinking
Stops Procrastination

Many years ago I was so curious about procrastination and wanted to stop procrastinating.  So I began to make it a habit by noticing that with anything I did not want to do, when I should be doing it, many mundane things, and when I just did it, it was done.  Just from doing that for a few months stop so much procrastination, that many times it used to bother my partner and he would say to me, you can do that later.  I would respond, yes I could, but I am consciously making the choice to do it now, then it gets done right in the moment I needed to do whatever it was to do.

I noticed when I did procrastinate I would hear the voice or thoughts, do it later, you are too tired, it does not matter when you do it, etc...  you know that voice of thoughts.  But instead through so much repetition of watching or observing thoughts it became more of my awareness to watch thoughts about everything, including the reason for procrastination.

A New Habit of Doing without Thinking

So whether it is mundane tasks, or big tasks, or desires to be fulfilled, doing without thinking makes a big difference and is so transformational.   The more we do it, it becomes a natural habit that we then just live that way.

Even take notice whenever you are eating, especially if you subconsciously created a program to being sensitive or allergic to food.  I found that within a short time I was able to change that just from reminding myself that whatever I eat, it no longer matters what it is, is eaten in love and enjoyment, so of course it is always the best for my body and nutritional just because that is how I want it to be.  Now I just eat without thinking and my body just enjoys it with no negative symptoms.  That became immediate as soon as did not think about eating, and just ate.

I do the same thing with doing the dishes, do not think about it, and just do them right after eating, and walla!  Done and not something I need to do later or let pile up and have much longer and dread to do later.  

Many things actually become more fun too instead of dreading to do things or leaving it till later.  There now is a satisfaction with just doing.

It has become that way with so many things now.  I also realized that people who would be able to twists spoons immediately with only saying BEND or TWIST, versus the way I did it with imagining because so many thoughts continually got in the way distracting me from being able to do it immediately.

Also I realize in the example of spoon twisting that the end goal is the same, it is just the path was different and took different time lengths to get to the same goal or wish fulfilled.  Since life now has primed us to expect things quicker and instantly, in a way it has led us to also be more spontaneous and do things much faster than before.

Doing without Thinking
is Being Spontaneous and Instant

Integrating what Seth channeled through Jane Roberts said that matter is spontaneous and instantaneous makes more and more sense the more I remind myself of it.  Doing without thinking is spontaneous and instantaneous by ignoring any negative chattering thoughts that try to detour anything we desire to do, and just trusting ourselves, and just do.  

When we really ponder upon the so many things we can just do instead of letting thoughts get in the way, it opens the door to so many things in so many supernatural ways too.

Being spontaneous and expecting instantly is much more fun and enjoying and inspires us to even new levels.  Grandmaster Wolf actually explains in detail about the thought processes that get in the way of doing what we can naturally do that is should not be referred to as paranormal but normal, when we stop implying we are separate from whatever is going on or that we are doing.  By being whole as the Awareness we are is the key.  You can read more about this and Grandmaster Wolf explain it in his video on the Supernatural to Natural page.

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