Impossible to Possible
SuperNatural to Natural

Impossible to Possible Supernatural to Natural is using more of what has been referred to as supernatural abilities to becoming eventually natural abilities that most are not even aware of that can be done. 

Once we are aware that we ourselves can do anything that seems not possible to the norm collective, then we become more comfortable and in the acceptance of supernatural being our natural abilities.    

No matter what the idea is that comes to us, it could not pop in as an idea if it was not a possible choice, it exists in the field of possibilities because it is something that can be experienced.

Staying in the Natural Flow of Change
Not Letting Fear Block New Changes

Everything in life changes, nothing ever stays the same very long.  For some things we really do have to be courageous to allow and be in the flow of changes so that we can progressively go with the changes.  We also need to be courageous enough when many new ideas present themselves to us, and not hide from not being open minded enough to learn more to accepting those new ideas, especially when there is lots of evidential proof that goes along with it.

By being too scared to look more deeply into whatever it is may only be because we would have to drop so many old beliefs that we have been conditioned into accepting and believing. 

Many times I have experienced myself that when I am letting go of old beliefs, especially when I had them for decades, or even throughout my life, it feels disoriented, as if the foundation has been pulled from underneath me.  However, now it has become more exciting then ever whenever I experience or come across anything that shows impossible to possible supernatural to natural, I find it so much more easier and uplifting and of value fulfillment (as seth refers to) the more things I experience and come across that is still out of the norm of collective beliefs.

Some Impossible to Possible
Supernatural to Natural Abilities 

Our body along with all species has a natural biological program, body system that has always been designed to keep us organisms, humans surviving and alive.  It seems that it may be part of the life game to get to another level to be open and ready for more and more natural ways and abilities, along our way to being our own authority of sovereignty.

We always heard of many mammals that regenerate different parts of their body.  Now it is becoming quite natural for us too.

Beverly regenerated a thyroid as you will hear near the end of the video.

Shay also regenerated a thyroid too

Grandmaster Wolf

In this video Grandmaster Wolf supernatural abilities have become just natural to him in what he can do.  As he speaks you can watch on the right side of the video showing his abilities.  

At 28:13 in the video Grandmaster Wolf goes into explaining how doing without thought is how we can use more of our natural ONE MIND, ONE SOURCE abilities.

Also at 51:41 in the video he explains more about it.  When we stop thoughts, no thoughts at all, anything and everything is possible when you do it without thinking the thoughts that say you are separate from whatever it is you want to experience.

Experimenting from the Source of 
Infinite Possibilities ...
Will Create Mundane Days to be
Fun & Exciting ...

Every day in every way can be filled with fun and excitement when we go beyond the norm possibilities into the Source Field of Infinite Possibilities ... where new ideas can be experimented with to experience.  To go beyond and remember what many masterful yogi's and ascended masters have role modeled for us to continue to follow.  

Also reminding ourselves that if we can think it, then it is possible and truly our life experiences can become more seemingly bewitching.  Also using the power of the present moment with picking a thought with an emotion to see how quickly it can manifest too, which is removing any time barriers or old beliefs the more we experiment with new ideas.  

Not to disregard thoughts or ideas that seem to farfetched because that is only another block to not stretch beyond the norm ideas.  New beyond the norm ideas of what is possible creates days filled with more possible challenges too as we work on them through practicing or experimenting with the new ideas, until we see our own proof.  Once we do see the proof for ourselves then it does become creatively adventurous.

Then every day can become awakened with a new day that becomes less mundane and more fun and exciting to be working on abilities that are still dormant, until we work on them and we do experience the proof inspires us to go even more beyond into more wonderful adventurous ideas.   

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