Halloween Conjure's the Paranormal

Paranormal Experiences at Work

Halloween conjures up much more paranormal energy around its celebration compared to the rest of the year, opening the doors for many to experience out of the norm experiences. I worked for 11 years in a government building and experienced so many unexplained paranormal experiences that at the time really spooked me out of my comfort zone.

It had only been a few months working at City Hall as a dispatcher and at the time a couple decades ago and many security legal enforcements were quite different back then, one situation being that employees worked alone, which I did for the first year at my job. The building has 8 floors and I sat on the first floor, ground level to the front entrance and could also see the back entrance too. The first few months I experienced so many weird things but because I was so passionately committed in my studies of the nature of reality that lead into the paranormal I did take everything I experienced as guidance to walk through my fears. Everything was for one divine expanding reason or another which allowed me to continue working at this building for the next 11 years even after all these paranormal experiences and not be so spooked about the things that went on in that building.

Working Night Shifts and Things that Go Bang in the Night

It was 11pm and the security guard was done his shift and that left me all alone in the building. I had the radio always playing trying to block out weird creaks and noises that silence magnifies when the imagination gets to out of control. Work was consistently busy for over 4 hours, I hardly had time to think except for doing my work. It was now after 3am and the calls and work began to get less and less and it actually became really quiet for quite awhile. I felt comfort hearing the radio announcer speak in between songs, it gave me a comfort that others were awake in the night. Then I heard a big bang upstairs and I could see the stairs as they were right in front of the closed in glass area that I worked. But all the lights were off except in my small area, the remainder of the building had night lights, very dim lights just enough to create shadowy figures everywhere. It was rare for me to go away from my desk, not only for being spooked in the dark night around the building but also because the phone could ring for a work call at anytime, so I had to stay close to the desk area.

The bang I heard startled me so much I actually felt myself lift off my chair and my heart was pounding as I wondered what it was? Then I heard another loud bang and then another. It sounded like something was falling to the ground. I was too scared to go upstairs and check, so I called the night shift foreman who I knew was at the yard, but it was a 10 minute drive to the building from the yard. I called him anyway and not caring if I seemed like a spooked victim, he was very nice and compassionate and said he’d drive right over. Wow! Those 10 minutes were the longest spookiest and seemed like I was waiting an hour. Finally I seen the foreman at the back entrance glass door and he buzzed and I quickly pressed the button that unlocks the door. We turned on the big bright lights upstairs and walked up the stairs and what we found was a large board with many cardboard strips containing information for a future event. Well some of the cardboard strips had fallen off the board onto the floor. Ok, that seemed to explain what seemed unexplained or paranormal to an extent, but still didn’t make sense to me how they fell off the board? The foreman stayed for a bit but then got a call and had to go but mentioned to call if there were any other concerns I had, so I thanked him and went back to my desk but left the big lights on upstairs.

It wasn’t even 10 minutes later and I heard the banging again, this time because the lights were so bright I slowly walked up the stairs and seen more of the cardboard strips had fallen leaving the board blank. I didn’t even look around, instead I ran down the stairs and went back to my desk. Then I could hear creaking on the stairs, as if someone was actually walking down them, again my heart started beating, I turned off the radio so I could hear the noises clearer. The creaking went on for quite awhile, so I turned the radio up louder to drown out the creaking noise. I was literally sweating, feeling so scared, I tried reading a book but I just couldn’t keep my mind off those stairs and upstairs. One time I looked up and seen a shadowing figure and looked away and when I looked back it was gone.

Thankfully it became busy again creating the remaining hours to go by quickly and the sun was just starting to rise and the calls stopped coming in. It still amazes me how the dark of the night can be so much more scarier compared to daylight. Bit by bit it was becoming brighter outside and the sun shining through the windows. Just as I was feeling comforted by the daylight I heard the elevator door open and then close, it did it 4 times. I walked over to the elevator and no one was around and I knew all the doors were locked and assumed maybe it was just a malfunction or quirk of the elevator. Security came in shortly after and everyone was coming into the building for work and I thought to myself how they have no idea of the night I just went through. I left and was quite nervous to go back the next night for my shift but reminded myself that maybe I will learn a lot through this journey of working the night shift and I did have many paranormal experiences. It sure was an adventurous 11 years working at the building on nights.

Spirits in the Night

The next night after the one I explained above I went to work 2 hours earlier to cover for a guy who went home early. I spoke to a few of the maintenance employees that I became great friends with for years. They told me about a manager who worked in the building for many years and loved his job and he was close to retiring but died of a heart attack right on those stairs that I look at from my desk area. That information explained a lot for me, I thought of course maybe he was just trying to make himself known and believe it or not I felt more comfortable knowing that I am just sharing time in this multidimensional space of reality through the paranormal.

Whenever I heard strange things I simple walked through all my fears and acknowledged the paranormal, that there may be spirits around just as I am around doing my thing working, they’re doing what they need to do too. I did experience quite a bit of what I perceived as paranormal telepathy when I felt some presence and all of it was always good things. Believe it or not that building and my shifts felt just as at home as I did in my real home, it did become to be my home away from home and opened me to up to understanding more of the paranormal that I might not have without those years working in that building on night shift.

On the Road Spiritual Paranormal Guidance Alert

We were driving to Florida for a vacation and my boyfriend at the time was too tired to drive any further so I took over the wheel. My two sons were in the back of the vehicle sound asleep, it was in the middle of the night, though there was still quite a bit of traffic on the road. I was driving for awhile and my boyfriend fell asleep too. I felt myself become tired to the point where my eyes were getting so drowsy and I tried so hard to keep them open. I even opened the window for some fresh air and had the radio on too. But the drowsiness continued to take me over and I thought about pulling over soon knowing it’s not worth risking our lives if I fell asleep at the wheel. But as I continued driving I did fall asleep at the wheel because all I remember is a loud horn blaring and I opened my eyes and was disoriented wondering where and what I was doing to realize I feel asleep at the wheel and had drove into the other lane and heading towards the ditch. Then again for the second time I heard the same loud sound of a horn blowing and I looked around and there were no vehicles around at all, not even in the distance. I quickly straightened the steering wheel so that I was driving straight again in the lane, then my boyfriend woke up and the my sons too and wondering what was going on with all the jerking motion of the vehicle. No matter what the explanations of the blowing of the horn, for it to be at the moment of saving us is what I found so amazing of an experience.

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