The Power of I Am Vortex
Creating Manifestations

I Am Vortex is the most powerful state of being you can be in for creating everything and anything that you could ever desire to experience. In your mind right now imagine that you are watching your bathtub that’s filled with water and you pull the drain plug and watch the water tunnel through the drain as it empties the water in the tub. If the drain is clogged you will notice the flow of water draining slowly, but if the drain is clear and clean it’s like a vortex funneling so fast and in no time the bathtub is emptied of water.

The I Am state is similar and so powerful in manifesting what you desire and the most important part of it is keeping it clear and free of any doubts so that the energy is so pure of debris to keep it generating energy into your desires manifested.

If You Want it, Be It in the I AM Vortex
State of Being

Anything you want takes being what you want first. Anything you are experiencing right now has come from being in that state of the I AM Vortex even if you never noticed the process of how it’s been working. We are always creating reality and our manifestations from the state of being from moment to moment, even if we don’t believe we are, we are, that’s how creating reality works. It so easily goes unnoticed if we are not aware, yet The I AM state of being is creating everything we don’t want and do want. When we are aware of this we make the greatest leaps in deliberately using the powerful I AM creating state so we perpetually create all day our preferences.

So think of everything you want as the powerful seed and using I AM to flourish those seeds into manifestation, knowing all power is in the I AM Vortex state of being.

In this video it's so interesting, Gregg Braden explains how he actually subconsciously created cancer in himself without realizing he was doing it. A manifested result became created in him from showing the video of a lady being cured in minutes without medicine, just by the power of focus intention as the cancer already gone, shifted the reality of the cancer disappear, in minutes. As Gregg excitedly showed that video for years and talked about the bladder cancer actually created it in his body, the same type of cancer as the lady. This shows how powerful being in the I Am state can be in creating. He also shares how he used his experience as an opportunity to heal himself, focusing for 2 weeks, but when doubt came into his focus he needed confirmation. So listen to the video with the observance of how easily we create reality just by what we are thinking, talking about that keeps us in the I am state. Awareness is always the key.

I AM Vortex State Of Being
Synchronized Coherently with Our
Heart, Body and Spirit in Bliss is the Ultimate Power of Creating

When we synchronize our heart, brain and spirit while in the state or feeling of bliss as our desire already manifested, that powerful vortex is the most powerful state to be in for the quickest way desires become manifested.

Let’s ponder for a bit, if we want coffee, you need all the ingredients. If we only have the water it won’t create the coffee, if we only have the coffee grains, it won’t make the coffee, if we only have the filters it won’t make the coffee either. It takes having all the ingredients together to make a cup of coffee. This is the same with our desires. We have a desire, without all the ingredients that desire will stay dormant, but if we add all the ingredients to our desire, just like the coffee, we will then experience the desire manifested. Gregg Braden refers to this as our Inner Technology for Creating, which is the I Am Vortex state of being.

When we have and use all ingredients and use it properly as an instruction manual, we experience the results. I AM is like gathering all the ingredients, energy to become a vortex like a vacuum pulling it all together, wala, manifestation.

How Does I AM Vortex Feel?
Reveals What We are Creating

Being in the I Am Vortex state of being and bringing yourself into a blissful state, in whatever thoughts you need to use to get you into that bliss state, with all your awareness, attention focused imagining in your mind as a visual movie with coherent heartfelt feeling.

Do this right now, pick a desire you have presently and use it with the I AM feeling. I will use the example of money and prosperity, say out loud to yourself, ‘I want to be rich’ and notice how it feels? There doesn’t seem to be very much excitement energy in it because that statement generates to be something in the future with a variety of memories that lack having it now.

Now say out loud to yourself, ‘I Am rich’, what does that feel like? If you have many old past beliefs that pop into your mind that are negative about being rich and you feel a drop in your mood? That’s okay because it let’s you know what is blocking the energy flow. Emotional memories that are stored that are like a dam blocking the rich flow.

It also means that you must do some work on this and it’s great work because you know when you do it, is when your reality will change. So you now are aware that being in the I AM state of lack and doubt is what has been created reality so far, so we are going to use that I AM state to make the changes. At first it will feel uncomfortable until more and more self love deserving states are replacing the old states.

Replacing the Old with the New
I Am Vortex State

So if you did notice any uncomfortable feelings when saying, ‘I Am rich’ or 'I am well' or 'I am peace; that’s the biggest revelation, now we take that knowledge and transform it into powerful wisdom to experience. It will start with Imagining repetitiously, and saying often enough, I AM whatever it is you desire to be, until the new imaging of I AM feels more comfortable until it gets to a point of actually feeling bliss for the new reality of your desired beingness.

This is the Process I Use and Do it for at least 10 Minutes

1. Sit undisturbed and relaxed. Getting into a blissful state has many powerful benefits of faster manifestations with a flow of unaltered reality unfolding in the mix too. Because our heart loves feeling blissful and is in it’s highest powerful energy state. Now put your focus on something that creates the stimulation of blissful feelings. It can be a past memory or present or future memory doesn’t matter. What’s important is picking some time or experience in your life when you felt so much love & bliss and focus on it for awhile until you are smiling and feeling the joy of it in your heart. Now that you are in a blissful state, think about what you desire and insert it into your focused attention.

2. This is the part of the process of working on old beliefs that are no longer of any service to you in manifesting what you want by thinking to feel from the end result. Imagine what it feels like to have a specific amount of money already in your possession. If it’s not money you desire, maybe it’s health, use whatever it is you desire to manifest. Each time an uncomfortable thought pops up replace it with the good feeling of already having what you want.

This is taking old beliefs of stored emotional memories that are surfacing and pulling them out as a weed from its root until all the root belief memories are pulled, or no longer being triggered as a reaction. The more comfortable you become with the new thoughts felt of your desire manifested is how you will know that you have uprooted the old beliefs, or deactivated the stimula of reacting to it.

Now you were in the I AM Vortex state of Being of Powerful Bliss, by continuing to feel with your heart as if what you desire is already manifested. Playing it in your mind as a interactive video with those heartfelt feelings, eventually that reality becomes so real, you just expect it so naturally. Then let it go with absolute trust, knowing your are deserving.

In this video, Peter, Mt. Shasta's interview explains it all so deeply how it's our divine birth rite to connect with the Divine in our self by being in the I Am Presence.

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