Transforming Happiness to Bliss

Bliss in not being happy because happy still has dual polarity in the energy source that fluctuates depending on a reason for our happiness.  Which means if we are happy, it won’t be too long before something will trigger us to become the opposite of happy, such as feeling sad and feeling down. So being happy is coming from our head and not our hearts, that means we have entertained a focusing on feeling happy depending on something external.   When we are in a state of infinite-bliss we are feeling the whole transmuting through our hearts that comes without any conditions, a full flowing connection harmonized with genuine unconditional non judgmental love.

If we experience something negative and respond of the high vibration of peaceful love-bliss instead of the old way of reacting negatively, and do this often enough, those experiences will be enough to show you how different the feelings feel.  Infinite-bliss will always be the most beneficial way to respond from now on, or at least work on making it a new habit of responding.

Infinite-Bliss is Who We are as Our True Being

Infinite-Bliss is loving yourself unconditionally first so it will flow into everyone and everything and flow into loving what you do all the time.  You will always feel blissful love when you are connected to your Infinite Self and this is the ultimate state to be in for creating since we are creating all the time.  Practicing staying heart centered with compassion is love bliss, the ultimate way to respond to everything. The benefits affect everything. Though it took me a long time to create it to be a habit, and took so many times of falling back into negative contrast opposite of bliss enough times of experiencing the affects of the creations I experienced became finally enough to realize and know, infinite-bliss will always be the state to stay in no matter what is going on.

Getting into Bliss Feelings and Keeping the Momentum as Your State of Being

Creating yourself to get into the Infinite-Blissful State changes your State of Being that you are in, which is what is creating everything moment to moment in your life.  If you are in a negative state, all it takes is being aware to notice it and pick infinite-blissful thoughts to feel better in any moment, even when you believe it’s too challenging, that’s only a result from being so emotionally addicted to the old emotions for so long.  You can do it.  All it takes is some aware consistent work until you become more addicted to bliss than the other old emotions you have been habitually entertaining for too long.  Just by immersing your thoughts to anything that you can think of that will create you to feel so good, so uplifted, whether it’s a past experience or a future one doesn’t matter, all that matters is getting yourself into that great feeling place long enough to keep the momentum going to sustain it.

It does take bringing ourselves into that ecstatic-bliss state over and over until it really does become a infinite habitual way of responding to everything in our lives.  When done repetitiously until we hardwire the new habit of peaceful love-bliss until it becomes so easy and our new way of being.

Bliss Cures all Disease

All diseases, illnesses, discomfort, pain, depression, hopeless, doubt, lack are all a result of being in a state absent of infinite-bliss, referred to as out of harmony, out of love with our true love self.  To be healthy and stay in the sustained momentum of health is to stay in bliss, which is to stay in pure heartfelt love through everything with no conditions at all.  That is a pure peaceful-blissful loving flow that our body cells then create the bodily flowing dance of infinite love, inner and without.

Infinite-Bliss is the Answer to All Your Questions
and Expands to More Possibilities

Think of any question you have? Whatever surfaces first will usually be from your head not our heart, unless you have mastered peaceful love-bliss.  Now ask the same questions, and instead answer it from bliss.  You will find that every question answered by infinite-bliss will be the infinite most powerful genuine answer that will continue to direct you back to the flow of bliss.

Try it right now, ask any questions and answer the questions with bliss that’s entangled with yes to get the flow of it for yourself.  I am going to use a most expanding maybe even seeming outrageous example to really get the point to expand our minds.

Example, can I fly? If your first reaction was to say no, all that means is you were thinking from your head, limited from judgments of past memories. Now answer it with entangled bliss with yes. and the answer is Yes we can fly, and this will conjure up many memories from the past as, we can fly with a plane, parachute, glider and so on.  But do we really have the ability to fly with out body literally? 

On the Infinite Evidence page you can listen to a video of Michael Grosso talk about his research of St. Joseph.  In deep rapture St. Joseph would levitate and then fly.  Experiencing levitation long enough as a small few already have on our planet, all we have to do is expand deeper to realize that levitation may be the first step to the ability of flying.  And teleportation may be the advance stages of levitation. Though it may sound too far fetched presently to a limited mind filled with limited ideas that judge physical flying, we need to push the envelop or push our minds past the edge to even be able to comprehend the notion of physical flying, when we do we really can amaze ourselves.

Answering from infinite-bliss entangled with yes is what allows us to expand and think out of the norm box of old recycled conscious memories of thinking. Bringing us into so many infinite possibilities that is the flow of evolving. Creating it to be a habit to answer every question you will ever have, and answer it with infinite-bliss and yes will keep you on the leading edge of discovery and experiencing the most powerful experiences.

Getting into the Bliss State when
Imagining for Manifesting

Being in the Bliss state for manifesting is so important because if you are imagining from a dual vibration, your manifestation will also be mixed with the same vibration of the dual mix too.  By dual I mean the vibration of negative and positive mixed. This is the reason it’s so important to bring yourself into bliss first, and then do your imagining in the bliss state. Not only for the reason that bliss is a high manifesting energy vibration to begin with and adds a much more powerful alignment of energy.  Bliss is from pure heart and that is pure instant manifesting without any negative mixing in the manifestation.

The disadvantages of creating with dual energy is that your manifestation has dual experiences.  For example when I imagined living in the home we are in now, I was in a dual vibrations off and on when it came to thoughts along the way of creating my desire to purchase and live in this home.  Some of my thoughts in regards to living in this home were so pure and blissful, however, when challenges came up along the weeks of the final manifestations, dome of my reactions were negative of fear and doubt that got mixed up in the creation mix.  It became a rocky road even once we were living in the home for awhile. 

If I knew what I know now, I would of worked totally on responding blissfully with trust and faith, instead of doubt in some imagining and reacting intervals of my manifestation.  Instead, my old emotional addiction reactions took me over for awhile and that actually became energized into the creation of the mix.  So I experienced the creation of my future reality mixed with both blissful and some negative experiences after my home manifested.  It wasn’t until I really pondered and looked back to see all of this and connect the dots.  As usual hindsight is a valuable tool this way for our own feedback that can lead us to notice and then make the necessary improvements.

So bliss is beneficial in all ways of manifesting and we must practice and work on sustaining our bliss for it to become as habitual as the old emotions we automatically react so effortlessly too. 

Infinite-Bliss from Your Heart is the Pure Flow of Love and Will Transform Everything in
Your Life in Every Way

Think from your heart, not from your head is the most amazing guidance we can live our lives to our fullest potentials as we evolve into the high peaceful-bliss reality.

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