is the
Most Powerful Tool We Have

Without imagination we would not be able to see past the doorway of social consciousness which is memories of past realities.  If it’s already known, been done before, then it’s the past lower vibration that we are constantly choosing to pick our thoughts from, and that keeps us spinning in the same recycled reality.

Let’s use the analogy of a town filled with hundreds upon hundreds of streets, and any of those streets can take anyone to many of the same or different destinations.  Some streets have the ability to take us out of the town all together into another city or town.  When we imagine something that has not been done yet in physical reality, or only a limited few have experienced, it is newer territory then the past.  Just as traveling a street that leads you into a new town or city you have never been to before.

Imagining is the Door to Infinite Realities ...
Infinite Worlds

Imagining is our inner tool, inner fuel that can open the door to infinite consciousness.  Infinite realities of worlds not discovered yet by normal or limited thinking.  It does take expanding into newer unknown territories to discover the most amazing, fantastic ideas and realities.

Think of it to be similar to the cool temperature of water in a pool.  You have many choices, to jump right in, or step in bit by bit to allow your body temperature to become more comfortable with the water temperature.  Just as we can do with imagination, either jump right in, or take it bit by bit to new and unknown realities that are there waiting for us to discover and experience.

All new inventions and discoveries are realized through imagination because IT’S the doorway to all unlimited consciousness, where all unknown is stored for us to wonder upon and to experience.

What's interesting to be aware of for yourself, is how many times you become unfocused to what is being said from the distractions.  It's a great practice to stay focused without automatically becoming distracted from everything else that's going on.  Similar when we are imagining and focusing on our desires and how and what distracts us.

Sit For 10 Minutes and Imagine a Desire

Many teachings have said that it only takes ten minutes a day to begin a future memory by imagining a scene that you desire, and to imagine it as it is already done.  Throughout the ten minutes if other thoughts begin to distract you from your already done imagining, just stop and refocus on the desired scene. 

Once done, let it go.  An important key is throughout the day if the desire pops up, just see it as you did originally and know it is blooming.  You can use the video below to relax and stare into the globe to bring you into a relaxed trance state, and then get into your desired already done scene.  

A great scene from the film, What the Bleep Do We Know

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