The Amazing Experience of
Fire Walking

Have You Attended a Firewalk Seminar?

A firewalk experience really can change your limiting beliefs as it did for my brother and I. We were on a new journey in our lives and we wanted to discover more about ourselves and our desire to know about possibilities that were yet unknown for us to experience. We were excited as we drove to the city in Toronto to a seminar of teachers that were guided by Anthony Robbin's.

The energy in the room was so uplifting and words are really a challenge to describe the feeling of it, so I will do what I explain on my web page about infinite words. The energy in the room was incaptuallypassionlysatious, wow that felt good to feel and then create the descriptive word that expresses how it felt for me. The memory of the experience is still so fresh when I bring it back into my focus. Everyone was so pumped up and excited to experience whatever the seminar had in store for us. All my brother and I cared about was the fire walk, anything else was an added bonus.

The firewalk was the last discipline of the day, first we were guiding into a meditative state and I had my first aware full out of body experience.

The whole day consisted of disciplines and different exercises, one was to break an arrow with our throat and other disciplines and different exercises. The instructors guided and explained information about many expanding ideas and beliefs. Information letting us know that if one person can do something that may seem impossible, then another person can too.

Doing a Fire Walk Will Dissolve your Doubts about Many Beliefs
You May have thought Impossible

When it was time for the firewalk we did another meditation or focus first, seeing our self successfully walking the hot burning coals. Then we stood in line and watched others go before us, one at a time one individual would walk the hot coals as we all cheered them on. Only a few individuals had a slight burn but everyone did it successfully.

It was my brother’s turn and he stood there for a moment taking in deep breaths, I knew he was visualizing himself already successfully done the firewalk in his mind with those deep breaths, and then he went. As I watched him walk the whole way, he just glided through it. As I continued to observe the hot burning coals that were so red and hot I tried to not be intimidated by it and I knew if I continued to perceive it that way I would scare myself from doing it. So I stopped myself in those mid fearful thoughts and continued to tell myself, I can do this, I will do this, then visualized doing it in my mind again successfully.

It was my turn, I could feel my stomach starting to swirl around like that butterfly feeling inside and I continued to focus on already walking the firewalk, as if I already did it successfully. Then my focus went back to hearing the crowd of students cheering me on. What a support group, I felt such a love energy from them all, a bonding that grew from spending the day accomplishing such unknown experiences together.

That was it, it is now or never I thought to myself and I took in a couple deep breaths as I visualized one more time already successfully walking the firewalk of hot burning coals, seeing myself become one with them, loving them. At first I walked slowly. Then I felt some fear thoughts creeping in and I felt a tiny burn. I reminded myself within in second, no don’t panic and quickly focused my thoughts back to focusing on as if I already did it, I did it, I did it, I continued to say in my mind. Taking my thoughts beyond into already accomplishing the firewalk, and then walked the remainder of the coals so easily.

We did not even think to bring a camera but this video shows the excitement and empowerment of the seminar.

What a rush feeling of accomplishment. As I felt my feet on the cool ground and jumped up and down with that clenching YES feeling with my hands. Wow! Talk about the natural feeling of being so high and uplifted! As the crowd of students cheered the next individual on, I checked my feet and found only one tiny little burn, which was probably from that one little doubt feeling when I first started to walk the hot burning coals, just enough to prove to me that thoughts really do matter. Not only for the firewalk but for everything else in my life, in every way.

As my brother and I drove home we talked the whole way home about empowerment and everything we learned and experienced through the day. That was over twenty years ago and it changed my life completely, it changed the way I perceived everything in the most empowering ways. Oh except for one other experience I had that was actually my first major experienced that took me on the journey that lead me to my divorce and then to the firewalk seminar which was the boating trip.

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