Choosing jewelry is fun. The benefits of purchasing inexpensive jewelry is that you can wear something different every day. Whatever you choose can be used as a potential reminder too. Choosing what you wear as triggers by creating an associations of thoughts that whenever you look at the jewelry you are wearing it will become a reminder to keep your thoughts focused on certain ways or desires or things that can be beneficial to your vibration of the reality you prefer to be creating.



A braclet you choose can be a reminder for you to keep your focus on the desires you want to manifest each time you look at it. Just think how many new habitual triggers of new thoughts you will expand into your day and your memories that will automatically trigger uplifiting feelings.

Necklaces, Pendants

You can do the same with necklaces or pendents you are wearing, everytime you touch it can be a reminder to be aware of the thoughts you are choosing. Using anything as a reminder even jewelry is an object you can attach thought energy to and is always beneficial as you are creating reality all the time.


Jewelry Holders

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