What State of Being are You in?

You can always know the state of being you are in by how you are feeling at any time. Firstly it will take awareness which means you must take the powerful time to notice what state you are in? If you are in a downer or negative state then it’s quite easy to reflect to know that state will create more negative experience to come your way. To change your state from negative to positive at first will take some work to pick empowering thoughts to continue to feel that will change your state of negativity to positivity or to happier memories or thoughts to create the feeling that will ignite the better state to be in.

The State of Being you are in is creating your day, your night, actually everything all of the time. So being aware of the state you are in is so important and powerful to creating your life of preferences instead of creating the opposite which is what you do not want.

We all seem to be so good at creating many experiences we do not want because it seems easier because we are continuously in the state of old programs, habits and memories and continue to relive them over and over. Awareness can break the pattern cycle by using every moment as the precious powerful moment to create the momentum of preferences. Even though we know that the contrast of creating what we do not want is a great way to view to know what we do want, this can be so habitual until we break the repetitious cycle.

Most of us do know what we do want. Yet until we become aware of the state we are in at any time throughout our days so that we can reinforce to continue to create the state of being we prefer to be in so that it can perpetuate that state, so we can be in the flow of our desire manifested. When we do we see our reflection of our reality also mirror our changes as we continue to experience more and more of what we do want.

Putting ourselves into the state of being we want takes awareness so that we notice the states we are in so that we can create the changes needed to create the new states that are better for our manifestations we prefer.

Listen to Dr. Joseph Dispenza explain how to override and memorize the new belief to become the new state of being we prefer. Since emotions are the end result as he says to our past experiences, we need to create the new memories in our brain now for our future to become as we desire. Our brain and body must sync for the new state of being to be active.

Powerful Tools to Change Your State of Being

These tools are ways to create changes that will be a benefit by changing the energy of your thoughts that create you to feel a certain way.

1. Being and keeping yourself aware of the state of being you are in as much as you can is a very powerful way of allowing the creating process to manifest what you want to experience. To get into that state of being you must be aware of how you are feeling about your desire? So how do you feel about your desire? If you write down your desire and then write down what comes to mind about your desire you will know if you are resisting your desire or energizing it with love and trust. If any negative doubts come up then you are in a resistant state and you must think allowing, trusting thoughts with feelings with your desire repetitiously until whenever you think of your desire the new feelings are of trust and knowing. Do not give up until you really feel the absolute knowing it will manifest.

The way to do it is to create thoughts to become a natural habit that whenever you think of your desire the first thoughts that pop up are of absolute trust. Then you know you are in the powerful state of being that will be building up the energy to manifest what you want. So that your state of being is pure and no longer altered with doubt anymore, you are in a pure state of receiving. You can always check your state of being by noticing how you are feeling at any moment as that will be the state of being you are in.

2. Doing everything different to break out of habitual routines is another powerful way to break the old patterns. I was reminded of this from listening to BTO and Greg Simmons sharing a Ramtha teaching about changing routines to change our being state. If you do the same routine every day, think about when you awake? For most of us it’s probably the same routine every single day. That means you don’t even have to think, it’s more like being robotic which is just doing from automatic programming. This keeps your state of being in many of the old beliefs with all its associates and attached thoughts that can still limit your attracting force of manifesting what you want.

So by changing your routine bit by bit until each day becomes less automatic and more aware creates a different state of being of awareness and vibrational energy to be frequenized with that also creates more expectation of surprises too. Taking different roads when you drive, brushing your teeth at different times that you usually do, drinking your coffee or tea with you left hand, walk the stairs if you usually take an elevator, think about it with everything you do and change as much as you can. You will notice that you are more aware as ever and you are staying more in the present moment too.

3. Triggers on your body is another powerful amazing way to remind yourself and I have been doing this off and on for years. You’d be amazed how often you touch yourself and probably don’t even realize that you do. Start to notice when you do and create those spots as triggers to manifesting your desires. If and whenever you touch your hair, create and associate a manifested desire to imagine each time you touch your hair. Maybe you’d like to experience thicker hair, or thinner hair, or whatever it is you desire to experience with your hair. If you notice you touch a spot on your face often, create a trigger of a reminder for something else or maybe you touch your leg throughout the day, well there’s another trigger spot to create something with. Again being aware of this and creating aware triggers whenever you touch as a habitual spot so that you create an anchoring associative trigger to remind yourself to focus on a desire manifested.

Another example may be a desire to reverse the aging process, create an associative emotional trigger that each time you touch your face it reminds you to think the thoughts of youth and the age you prefer your appearance to be. Remind yourself that your body is responding to create from your thoughts. Or any time you touch your eyes remind yourself of how you see so perfectly if your presently do not. Or any time you touch a paper or pen it’s a reminder of another of your desires manifested, example a reminder to imagine unlimited prosperity. Or any time you touch your forehead could be a reminder to release judgments. You can become very creative with triggers and you will be amazed that by creating many trigger points with your body and things you use every day is a powerful way to create it as an anchoring association trigger. Then you will notice how it becomes an automatic habit whenever you touch a certain spot or thing now with the new thought you have added to associate will be creating many desires to be manifested. And what a fantastic habit to create!

So you have 3 very powerful ways to create your state of being during each day that will bring you into the frequency of manifesting your desires. Remember that these 3 powerful ways is to be used with imagination of your desire as already the way you want it to be, so that it no longer keeps the energy of manifesting in the future. You want to be in the state of being of receiving not keeping it in the future that keeps the blooming of your desire from the present to experience. Whenever you think to feel about your desire must be in the state of being of it already manifested, as if it is already yours, that is BEING ONE with it.

In this video Abraham explains how to stay in a high state of solution vibration in our being instead of in the reactive problem state of being.

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