Luck or Creation?

Did Your Aha Moment Become Sour?
As Teachers Answered Questions
Concerning Creating Reality and the Lotteries?

Luck or creation?  You have probably thought the same thing as I did when you first came upon the knowledge of Creating Your Reality, Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics.  How could we not wonder more deeply into all this fantastic information of knowledge that states we are the one creating all the experiences in our lives, of what we do like and don’t like. For many individuals who have came upon this great knowledge we wanted to know how does it fit into the winning of contests, lotteries or anything that appears to have luck or chance.

Finally when the question was asked to many of the teachers, the answer we received were not what we expected, or were they? We wanted it to be easier if we have struggled a long time with money.  We wanted the teachers to just come out and say, yes we can because when it comes to luck or creation, luck is an illusion and then came the information again about our personal beliefs.

Lucky and Unlucky Beliefs

When we take a deeper look at our own past we will find we can seem lucky in some things, and unlucky with other things.  Again that's an illusion. Whatever we seem lucky with is because we have strong beliefs that create what appears for us to be lucky at.

If there are things we seem to be unlucky, again that's from strong beliefs too, just creating the opposite affects.  We can change anything when we notice what appears as unlucky, just by creating new beliefs to support being lucky instead.

When we do that long enough we changed the belief, and it will support a luckier new reality so that anything that seemed unlucky will become now lucky.  So whenever we think about luck or creation, we uncover the illusion that creates lucky or unlucky experiences that gives the illusion that we have nothing to do with it.  We then see we have everything to do with it.  We create the luck energy just as we create everything else in our reality.  So luck or creation reveals that creation is what is always going on.

Luck Or Creation in Action?

Defining Luck

Luck defined from Wikipedia in short, “Luck or fortunity is good fortune which occurs beyond one's control, without regard to one's will, intention, or desired result.”

The majority seem to agree with this definition that luck has nothing to do with our own control of what happens to us.  If we have good luck or bad luck.  For others luck may have to do with religion sources of how one is endowed with good fortune, or lucky, or unlucky experiences.

So the conclusion is that luck is defined to describe experiences that are out of one’s control, that it’s by chance, gamble, against the odds or fate. That leaves us feeling from believing we have no power in reality, it’s up to some other source other then ourselves. It’s the old way of believing before we came upon knowing we create our own reality.  By now you’ve already probably gave up on the old defined belief.

Defining Creation

Creation is the knowledge of information that has led us to experiencing the amazing wisdom that what we focus upon with our thoughts, and fuel them with emotions, bonds them through our heart feelings.  As if we are already experiencing the desired reality in our inner consistently, until it become outer. This seems to be the best process of creating from all the teachings and from my own experiences.  How about you?  Is this the process you use?  Maybe you have found a different process, however, it really all comes down to the same thing, creating inner to outer for our experience.

Defining creation more deeply as science discovered everything including ourselves. and the universe is made out of atoms, and atoms contains mostly antimatter which was said to be empty space.  Then they discovered that the empty space is actually smaller properties of even a more powerful force compared to mass of particles.  Then they discovered that atoms are actually energy and all energy is information.  They also discovered that thoughts are actually things that create matter and we can accelerate the spin of energy by mixing emotions by feeling it in our heart.  This speeds up the manifestation of the thoughts we use to merge with the feelings that creates whatever we focus upon, consciously or unconsciously.

Conclusion, Luck or Creation?
Creation Wins Out

With all we have learned about the nature of reality, and whenever we think about luck or creation and how we as the observer are collapsing the wave into particles, and vise versa is that we are the one who is creating our own reality.  When we go a step further into infinite realities it doesn’t change anything about our own responsibility, it only enhances more empowerment for ourselves. 

So for the individual who doesn’t have the beliefs of expanded consciousness believe that luck has nothing to do with themselves, and that life’s experiences also just happen to them, they have little control.  Now isn’t that a fairy tale to one who already knows about creation?

Luck is the illusion giving the appearance that an individual has no control, and creation is seeing through the illusion that we have total control, and we use our beliefs to create all of our experiences.

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