Manifesting Awareness

I found it interesting to take a closer look at manifesting awareness through different process levels that I have formulated as I become more expanded in awareness.

As we expand through our continuous learning while simultaneously expanding in consciousness to be able to perceive more of how the nature of reality comes about into our experiences, more becomes clearer.  I have been noticing and through hindsight that we may go through different levels of awareness of how we are actually manifesting reality.

This is only a short version of manifesting awareness levels as you all can fill in the rest of the picture because most of you have already gone through many of these levels.  Keeping in mind these are just my insights and awareness as I see it, everyone truly does have their own paths, however if it resonates then it may be a helpful way to view the processes of manifesting.

Manifesting Awareness Levels

Level One …
Struggles of Survival

I am referring to the linear process of spirit/soul being born into a physical body.  Though there are many others ways of coming into physical bodies through “walk Ins” and “cloning” and probably in the future robotic ways.

The First Level of Manifesting Awareness is disguised in the conditioning that everything happens to us and we have to navigate to change things from the external from doing things externally.  Whatever happens we must deal with it and usually up until we actually expand in awakening to see more of the true nature of reality, we are mostly in reactive mode.  Reacting to our outer circumstances with lower emotional ranges of fear and so on... 

The majority range in this stage is usually from birth until late 20’s or 30’s or 40’s and upward in age.  Though there are some exceptions of earlier awakening in earlier ages or from birth, they have been the exception, except in the last few decades.

All along these levels of manifesting awareness into realization of the mechanisms of how reality works.  We are still manifesting reality, the difference being it's unknown in our awareness and believe that we don't have much control unless we do things externally to change things. 

Level Two …
Knowledge Comes to You
Experimenting Begins, We Look for Proof
Thoughts Do Become Things

At this level usually something begins to stir in us and either by books or other people mentioning certain subjects about reality stirs in us a curiosity to delve deeper into knowledge about reality.  We are trying to make more sense out of life, and our purpose in life, while also wondering who are we really?   As we expand in our curiosity we begin to become passionately involved in wanting to know more, and it’s usually the time that we begin reading, searching obsessively to find out more?

We begin to experiment with the knowledge we come upon to see for ourselves if it is true, and continue to experiment and once we see enough proof for ourselves it becomes the new way of life.  We begin to use our beliefs, thoughts and choose our thoughts in the way we desire our experiences to unfold.  This process is usually quite lengthy as we are experimenting with almost everything and then we come to a realization that life can become much easier than level one because we are no longer using the external to change our desires and experiences, we are now training ourselves to go inwardly to make changes.

Level Three … 
Physical Symptoms from Inner Changes … Consciously adding Emotions to the Thoughts

At this level of manifesting awareness we have become quite good at our experimenting with our thoughts and reality and have had many great consistent results that has proven to us that yes we are manifesting our reality dependent on what we entertain as we imagine or think as our most dominant thoughts.  Usually the bigger desires though haven’t manifested yet for the majority because it’s the big desires that we care the most about and that seems to play teeter totter for us.  Through synchronicity we come upon the knowledge that our e-motions swirl our feelings as the force that vortex’s the thought and emotions together through our heart of the best way of manifesting.  Even if we naturally used our emotions with our thoughts, it's now being confirmed to us. 

Many old conditioned beliefs that carried us in life up until this point start to become so obvious to us that they are no longer of service in the new manifesting awareness as we continue to expand in our awareness of reality. 

As those old beliefs surface, some of us go through DNA symptoms as we must now take a deep look to accept them and also be able to let them go, however for most of us it became a painful turbulent process of experiences when we finally let them go to be free in our new awareness of reality.  We have such an intense force of passion because these ideas are coming from our infinite sources and keep us so committed to keep going forward in our expansion to remember more than we did through each processing levels.  We must continually remind ourselves and celebrate ourselves for our courage and determination to get through all these initiations of challenges of changes.  Our personality, mind, soul and body are all going through strange experiences as we perpetually change.

Level Four ...
Reality Always Worked this way, We are now Aware of It
Imagination is One of Our Senses

We come to the realization from manifesting awareness levels of enough knowledge and our own experiences that reality has manifested our experiences this way since we were born, and the only difference is we didn’t know it.  Now we have expanded our awareness and know this is the way it works.

We absolutely have become wise to the essential role of imagination.  Imagination is just or even more important as our other SENSES, and we practice imagining and working from the inside out instead of the other way around.  We are gaining more and more wisdom from our experiences and we are now working on our biggest desires, along with other infinite downloads of insights to follow along the way so that we can experience more of what’s unknown.  Most past non serving beliefs continue to just dissolve while new expanded beliefs form.

We are manifesting awareness through imagining with our thoughts and emotions and seem to be living more in our inner than our outer.  We have learned through our experiences that the more we ignore any present environment that’s just an echoing of the past residue, and continue to trust with faith that as long as we stay focused in entertaining only the thoughts with emotions of what we want, the reality will shift and change to our desires manifested.

Level Five…
Trust, Infinite Intuition becomes Clear to Follow and We Become More Peaceful …
Slowly Merging of
Ego, Soul, Body and Infinite Spirit

By this level of manifesting awareness we have come a long way.  We now know that our manifesting awareness has expanded through all our proven experiences and we have become more habitually natural to be in ease and play in our imagination in the way we desire life to unfold for us.  As a result of our own memories of experiences that we do manifest from imagining we become to trust the process and have absolute faith that our desires will manifest if they have not already.  The intense anxiety around timing even relaxes as we come to realize that everything is for an exuberant reason and we now can trust that more than we ever have and this unfold the peacefulness about it all.

We have learned and practiced to lovingly embrace our ego personality that everything is okay, that it is expanding a long with us.  We also realize that this once scared ego personality is also us that is still calming down the survival instincts to expand into the creative creating instincts of becoming now a conscious creative manifestor.  As all parts of us that seemed separate in the beginning process levels are uniting and merging with our Infinite Self.

We may have not mastered manifesting to perfection, however compared to the first level, we can easily perceive that we are closer than we realized we are, everything is progressing amazingly and it’s up to us to really celebrate that for ourselves.  We now know how to manifest reality by keeping focused inwardly until it manifests seeming outwardly.   

Level Six …
Learning and Practicing Responsibility

As a result of the other levels of manifesting awareness we have learned that we do manifest our reality and more of how we manifest, and as we continue to experience more of it, we also come to the realization that we must also become more responsible too.  We have no choice because we clearly see when we are negative or positive our energy of combined dominant thoughts and feelings do manifest.  The timing actually becomes shorter too, especially for the mundane type of thoughts, though the bigger ones may still take more time, we’re okay with it too.

This level is so important and essential as we learn and practice to become so in tune with ourselves and monitoring and constantly changing all negative to positive to eventually loving because no matter what we put out, we now know through our own experiences that it always comes back to us in some way.  Also realizing that it’s all opportunities for our expansion into more.   So learning to become responsible is a major process we need to master eventually.  As everything else the more we do it, the more it becomes a natural infinite habitual way to live and manifest.

Useful Techniques and Tools

Throughout all these processing levels of manifesting awareness many tools and techniques have become available and useful to use.  Whether we put our energy into objects as lucky charms or created sacred rooms in our home or in our imagination and or both.  Tools of holographic universe, reality shifting, prayer, focus, way too many too mention, the importance is in realizing that these really are all tools that are useful and fun for us to use as we continue in our mastery of manifesting awareness. 

When we get to the point where we are just using our own inner self is when we can let go of anything seeming externally to help us.  Though if it's fun and enjoyable using the tools we can do that too because it really is up to ourselves to decide. 

Level Seven …
Deeper Awareness of Manifesting Reality … Through Projection

As we become more naturally comfortable with the other levels we go through of manifesting awareness, we may desire to contemplate another level of manifesting awareness or expanding into insights of perceiving manifested reality.

Tibetans do what they refer to as the “dance of chod” and if you listen to Michael Talbot explain it in his video below, the Tibetans masters practice to master their thought to come into forms of physical  projections of reality.  It begins where the audience asks Michael questions, (near the last 3/4 end of the video) the first question is a girl asking about being wide awake and seeing horses.  From that part of the video I found it the most interesting information.  (For anyone who is reading this and is already able to perform projections this way then this will of course not be of any interest to you)

So I will not go into specifics about their dance of chod as you will hear it in the video.  My insight is revealing to me that we may be already manifesting reality this way, however we just don’t realize it yet.  We are still assuming we are attracting reality, or manifesting reality in the way we presumed we did, when in truth the next level may be the realization that we actually project our thoughts and feelings and it all simultaneously comes together as an experience. 

Also be alert to not miss the discussion about Charles Tarts experiments with two hypnotherapists that experience the same reality yet the audience or Tart doesn’t hear or see anything that is going on in their reality.  Tom Campbell and his friend have also experienced this when they were experimenting with OOB with Bob Monroe.

Dance of Chod and "Tulpa"  are the same concept using concentrated visualization and literally constructing a physical being.  You can read more about it through the link.

More interesting information that Michael Talbot explains that in our dream state when subjects are monitored of heart rate, blood pressure and all the reading that are taken, there are fluctuations of changes in the readings compared to our waking state.  But in hypnosis, when reading as such are done, there is no changes from waking state and hypnotic state which implies that hypnosis is more real than we believed originally. 

My Possible Projection Experience

After contemplating this information and I had a two hour drive, as I was driving it was early morning and still very dark.  I had my high beams on and driving fast, just a bit over the normal speed limit, and then  what seemed right out of the blue a thought surfaced, to slow right down because a bunch of deer are ahead.  I didn’t pause to even think about what the voice said, I slowed right down, and my partner asked me why I was slowing down, and before I could answer him I came to a stop.  Five deer were running across the road.  Whew!  We both settled into a deep thanks goodness breath.

While I continued driving I contemplated to know what really occurred?  Did I think about that just previously (and I did) of deer’s crossing, and with no resistance whatsoever that projected out into my reality almost instantaneously?  Since my partner seems to also be closely tied into telepathy with me, and we do have a consensual subconscious agreement, he also experienced it too. 

Now if I were at an earlier level of manifesting awareness, I would of assumed to believe that I predicted my reality with the deer.  At another reality level of awareness I would of assumed that higher guides may have alerted me to forewarn me of the deer.  But because I have been deeply contemplating what Michael Talbot described about the Tibetans and projection, it seemed that now I came upon the realization that I projected a seeming linear previous thought minutes before and then projected the outcome into my physical reality for the experience to have confirmation of my previous contemplating of projecting reality.

Throughout the next couple of days I began to really observe to notice if I was projecting everything and also observing to notice what I expected about everything.  What do I expect before I come upon a traffic light, or a slow driver in front of me, or a fast driver behind me?  Or when I have conversations with certain people?  On and on it continues that I am now observing to notice how my expectations are actually manifesting my experiences in alignment into actual projected manifested realities, even moment by moment.  Keeping in mind that I am still trying to perceive this from a slanted linear view because I am still working on comprehending and stepping more into nonlinear as much as I can.  This brings us back to level seven.

Continue of Level Seven

If we accept this manifesting awareness level of reality we absolutely know that we must become so sovereign, so responsible for where our attention goes on our thoughts, and for many “others” this may be a level that they may choose to not even go any further.  Because of the responsibility involved, however the other side of this level is the wonderful abilities that would unfold once we move past the fear of taking on this responsibility. 

We would become more of what ascended masters have maybe gone through and now are able to use incredible remarkable abilities to be or service for humanity while simultaneously evolving themselves as they expand into more of the infinite realms.

I am taking it all at a slow pace so that I don’t become too disoriented with it all.  For myself, I have noticed through different levels of manifesting awareness or awakenings that if I don’t keep myself comfortably grounded I become more anxious.  Which is also a part of releasing more fear.  I continually keep myself grounded by lovingly appreciating my body and others that also have a great way of keeping grounded so that I can take it a comfortable step at a time.  I feel as if I am just peaking into the doorway of the infinite with one foot still behind the door until my comfort level adjusts accordingly.  

I also feel another Manifesting Awareness Level coming to the surface, once I comprehend it more, I will also share it with you all too.

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