Desire has a Different Vibration
then Wanting?

It’s human nature to desire and want things, new experiences, it’s all a part of our natural instinct of change. Even though for many individuals, change is uncomfortable, we always find once we go through a change we feel uplifted and better for whatever change we have gone through. So we realize that desiring and wanting things and new experiences will always be inherit in us on any journey in life we take.

When we want something new in our lives, that wanting comes from our personality ego part of ourselves.   Just think of something you want right now for a few moments and feel where that wanting is coming from? You will notice when you say, “I want” whatever it is you want, that there may not be a lot of fueled emotion with what you want, the reason is because its coming from a shallower part of you.

Now say, “I desire ---------” and fill in the blank, can you feel a deeper emotion compared to when you focused or said it the wanting way? Your higher or infinite self part of you resonates a deeper feeling from your HEART which gives it a different vibration then wanting something. That deeper resonating shows us that what we are desiring is of a greater infinite purpose for us through the experience of the journey of manifesting. When we compare the two, wanting something is ego based and though we always learn from any experiences, wanting may not hold the passion to sustain whatever it is you want. So you will have to keep yourself motivated along the way. Compared to desiring something contains the passion embedded in it and that passion that sustains you on a easy flow of manifesting compared to wanting.

Whether You Desire or Want Something it Does not Matter to Creation

It does not matter to creation of the differences of wanting compared to desiring, because whatever we put a lot of focus on and especially when we add emotion, will manifest. We now know that we have always been creating our realities by what we focus upon long enough. The only difference of course is once we know, we then are more aware and deliberate in our creations.

When we desire something we will also find that it’s something that also sustains us for a long time. Usually the biggest things we want manifested that seem to take us the longest time because its stays with us until we finally manifest it for our experience. Wanting something can be fleeting and may not sustain a long time period and wanting seems to change frequently compared to desiring.

We can realize that whatever we are desiring will keep popping up until we finally give it enough focus of attention until we manifest it for the experiences, and the journey of the manifestation.  We will also find that we will learn the most from our desires along the way to its manifestations too.

Different Energy Embedded in Want
Compared to Desire

Since want is ego based it contains embedded in its energy vibration of limiting beliefs that will change along the way to its manifestation. It will take motivation and some struggle along the way until its created. It will feel like a bumpy road compared to desiring because want contains a lower vibrational energy state with more conditions too. So along the journey of manifesting you will find confuse, frustration, feel like giving up as you struggle along until the manifestation is experienced.

Desire contains or is embedded with a flow of excitement, timelessness, meaning whenever you are along this path, time seems to speed up and go by faster then you realize. Desiring has a higher vibrational frequency embedded in it, so the journey will be of different energies compared to wanting because it is unconditional. In other words, no matter what you have to go through will never alter your desire from its pure love of it to manifest because it will sustain its flow. It also comes from a infinite blueprint that you may have agreed upon even before your birth into physical.

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