Hidden Meanings in Words

Do You ever Notice Hidden Meanings in Words we Use?

"He looked at his own soul with a telescope
What seemed all irregular he saw and shewed to be beautiful constellations
And he added to the consciousness hidden words with in worlds."
Sammuel Taylor Coleridge

Many of the words we use have hidden meanings that probably go unnoticed because we use them so automatically. We use words everyday to communicate to others when we verbally speak. I found it fun and interesting in revealing some words that simply do reveal hidden definitions to their true meanings.

These are only a few words however the hidden meanings is placed in the words when deciphered. I think it’s fascinating and probably whoever originally created certain words did it with the meanings intertwined in the words. Just like reading between the lines when we read and seeing the exuberant meaning in movies too.

Hidden Meanings in Words

Belief ... inside the word there is a root word LIE, I find that amazing as it shows us the hidden meanings of what belief really defines. In a positive perception we can realize it as beliefs are fluid, flexible and changeable ... when we create new experiences that become true for ourselves, then an old belief changes to a new one that supports our new experience.

Belief ... If we add a 'D' infront of the letter 'ie' and remove the 'bel&f' in the word belief the word becomes 'DIE' ...which can gives us a definition of die, or put to death, to put an END to all false beliefs, old limiting thoughts, ideas that hinder our empowerment, our Creator Esteem. Transformation to real truth, no more lies, the death of ignorance into the rebirth of knowledge transformed to wisdom through our own experiences. Because belief is a lie and changes, the die part is the death, end of the many old beliefs that no longer support our new experiences that we KNOW to be true for us.

Christmas ... has Christ and Mass in the word, Christ who is a symbol of our brothern, sibling, same DNA as us. As in Jesus is God’s son, which makes us sons and daughters of God or the Creator too! Christ in mass population may mean that we activate the same Christ/god DNA in our bodies as Christ did, then eventually it will become in mass reality through evolving when it becomes a mass valued belief into knowing. That we are also are inherited with God and Christ DNA heritage in our own selves.

Coincident ... coin is the word in the beginning of the word coin-cident, meaning it is one object which has two sides to it ... negative/positive ... and also has the word 'I' coinci“I”dent in the centre of the word, hidden meanings of I, our own self has two parts of a whole, the altered ego personality and our higher self, the 2 merged together allows us to become powerful evolved knowing beings.

Compassion ... remove the last 3 letters of the word then it reads compass which means to use as a direction...compassion may be the energy of direction we need to use everyday to transform any negative to a positive.
the last 3 letters by removing the first 7 letters read 'ion' which is the is an "atom or molecule in which the total number of electrons is not equal to the total number of protons, giving it a net positive or negative electrical charge".

Disease ... die, in the hidden word in the beginning of the whole word is DIE, yes a disease can create death. It is disconnecting from the ease of harmony that the body cells naturally function, how it was created to function in ease that is also in the word disease when we remove the 'dis' to spell 'ease' ...'dis-ease' and flow naturally of higher vibrational thoughts and feelings. When it functions in opposite of EASE, then the harmonious ease flow is blocked, tension results and closes the natural flow to become blocked and stressed upon thus created the dis-ease-ment.

DNA ... spelt backwards spells AND ….which means to extend, add to ...

Earth... when we take the last letter of the word "h" and move it to the beginning of the word it spells Heart. Showing us the hidden meaning to reveal that we are connected through our hearts to our earth in amazing ways.

Ego...e-go ... can be looked at if 'e' and the 'go' symbolized energy, then energy that can guide us away like to eGO, 'e-go' from our higher self, but if we transform our eGO to merge itself with our higher self or spirit, transforms, merging with god, love of what our true potential is to become.

Emotion ... by removing the "e' in the beginning letter of the word it becomes ...'e-motion ... the word motion is in the word emotions shows us that motion is a moving energy ... 'E' can symbolize energy, energy in motion, and is exactly what our thoughts are made of, energy. Emotions are scattered throughout our body, when we funnel it through focus, the scattered emotions become genuinely heart felt feelings, the most powerful in creating reality. We must also be aware that we are addicted to our emotions and that can prevent us from creating the reality we prefer.

Evil ... spelt backward is live, and if we add a “d” infront of the word it becomes devil, may mean, to live by the de-evil-ish ego personality that can be destructive, create dis-ease in the body and the planet by separation and judgment of life from love that heals and is a powerful vibration.

Evolve ... rearrange some of the letters to spell ... love ... the way to evolve into god-like beings is to love, and to activate the god gene in our dna.

Fantasy ... spells santa from the word 'fantasy' when we rearrange the letters, which symbolizes gifts, giving, being of service,happiness, joy, excitement, sharing...
tasy also has the word 'fan' in it to symbolize movement, we could find the hidden meaning to be in movement of a santa, christmassy spirit in our daily life. And the word fantastic to just add a few letters to the word and remove the 'y' of fantasy, which reality is becoming to be more fantastic from fiction to non fiction.

God ... add another 'O' to God to become good, GOoD ... the best feelings that can extend to all...

Good-bye ... the hidden meaning could be saying good-bye to the hellish way of greeting anything or anyone 'hell-o ... first four letters can show how things can be HELLish when we greet individuals or life with a negative, judgmental ego perception.

Health ... when we remove the first letter 'H' and replace it with the letter 'W' it spells 'Wealth'. Being healthy and or wealthy is all dependent on what we believe, everything is energy and dependent on what we choose to put our attention and focused energy upon that creates us to be in the state we will be in.

Heaven ... the word heave by removing the letter 'n' at the end of the word, heave-n, is to push or pull together, just as what we are doing in creating the new world of heaven on earth ... and both heaven and earth have 'EA' in the words.
If we add the 'H' from heaven to earth we get H-earth ... we get a hidden meaning of fire, warmth, a fuel ingredient when we are creating, the fueling of the feelings in the heart-h ... when we take the word 'hearth' and remove the 'h' from it we get heart.

Inspiration...The beginning of the word has IN, meaning to be IN, inward that we don't see as invisible. IN-spir, then add it, it becomes spirit, the unseen world that is felt and known. To be INSPIRED, is to be inspirit with invisible guides, infinite self of the invisible world.

Jesus ... the last two letters can show US, meanings of unite, unity all parts of one, parts of US, and that we are like 'Jes-us', we have the abilities and empowerment within us to even do more than he did.

Know... is a very powerful word with 5 hidden meanings of words from the one word.
Know remove the 'K' letter in the beginning of the word know and we get NOW
Reverse the letters in 'NOW' backwards to spell and become 'WON'
Rearrange the letters in 'WON' to become 'OWN'
Then remove the letter 'W' in W-on to become 'ON'
Know, now, won, own, on. To know that the power of creation is in the poweful present now, we become to own the knowledge and we won by being right on.

The hidden meanings of how to K-now is to create consciously with awareness and powerful energy as it is knowing and creating in the powerful NOW, the present. To 'KNOW' is to be in the powerful state of 'NOW', and knowing that is empowerment. To know is to never mislead ourselves because it comes from a heart felt feeling that we just know to be our own truth. Once we experience something that was unknown to us previous to it being unknown, we then just know it, we own it.

Law ...spelt backwards and removing the end letter 'L' becomes WAL, we know that a 'wal'l is a thing to divide, separate. Laws are always changing and laws are motivated to control, which limits any type or freedom or sovereignty.
Removing the letter 'W' from the beginning of the word for it to become AL 'al' to add another 'L' would become for ALL, which law does intend all to follow.

Life...the if ... 2 letters in the middle of the word life can show us that 'if' is filled with possibilities. And can be a hidden meanings perception for quantum physics, of everything in life being a probability, possibility, which it is until though our focus of attention, whether aware of doing it or not (it is the mechanics of creating) bringing all possibilities into solidity of physical form. The particle /wave duality.

Menopause ... by removing the 'meno' in the beginning of the word then spells to become pause, to pause, contemplate in life to merge the female & male, ying & yang, into emergence of two polarities into ONE.

Money ... inside the word MONEY is the word "ONE" which can show us a sign to be one with money to energize money like a magnet.

Now ... spelt backwards Won, meaning to truly really win in anything, is to be in the powerful NOW. When one stays in the powerful present state of NOW, it is a winning of the greatest power. What we think and how we think in the present of NOW alters our past and is also creating our future. Simple as that!

Peace ...spelling the word peace as it sounds changes the 'c' to a 's' sound, P-ease, shows the hidden meaning of ease, which is to be in harmony, in ease, easy flow with the flow of ease.

Rebel ... has the spelling of 'bel' at the end of the word and bell has an attachment for many of a ringing, which is a pleasurable sound. To rebel against a man made law in gods world would be a positive god like quality of no conditions or judgments.

Secret ... rearrange some letters to become secrete, allow to flow outwardly, would also be to dissolve the secret to SHARE with others, secret could mean to be kept in greediness the opposite of sharing and trusting,

Self ... remove the 's' in the word S-elf to spell elf, the hidden meaning of what we are, magical, powerful in our own selves when we expand ourselves to experiences to know it. To add the 'S' back into the beginning of the word shows us S-elf our powerful self.

Similar ...put a “I” into the end of the word, it becomes LIAR , in meaning, things may appear to be in likeness, sameness, when in truth there is so much uniqueness webbed throughout. When we unite the similarity we can then unite, which transforms the lie to truth by shifting our perception of it.

Your ... removing the 'Y' spells our, our is a unified meaning, and your is meaning another ... a hidden meanings of connections.

These are only a few words that have hidden meanings, for deeper hidden meanings in everything Bill's website is truly amazing of the depth he puts into his research.

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