Mind Streaming Great to Amazing

Mind streaming great to amazing is taking notice throughout each day to observe where you mind takes you so automatically on a streaming of thoughts of the negative to worse scenario's, or to the best and even better scenario's.

We are streaming thoughts that produce images and feelings throughout the day so unconsciously if we are not aware of what is actually going on minutely throughout the day.  It seems the times we notice it is when we begin to feel depressed or hopeless, or that things are not going the way we want them to be.  All because we are not consciously aware enough to observe throughout the day of the mind that is constantly streaming thoughts that do trigger feelings that we then notice.  It really does take becoming more consciously aware to notice the train of thoughts, or mind streaming that is going on before we feel so negatively.

What Thoughts are You Streaming?

If we are not consciously aware enough to be observing to notice when we begin to think a bunch of negative thoughts before the spiral into more negative thoughts until we then feel fearful or doubtful or what is the use, we will be stuck in a loop.  Then that loop triggers feelings and images usually of the worse scenario's that are mostly negative until something positive snaps us out of it.  

Staying consciously aware and noticing when it begins to occur with a negative thought or negative reaction we can then turn it around, think differently and start mind streaming great to amazing instead of doubt, lack, frustration etc... before the spiraling continues to unfold.

As an example something seems to happen that we do not like and we react negatively, and then a stream of thoughts continue to unfold taking us into feeling angry, or fearful or doubtful etc...  Stopping it before it escalates into more negativity to be experienced.

Stopping the Negative and Replacing with Love Thoughts and Feelings

Stopping the negative and replacing with Love thoughts and feelings may seem like starting from square one again.  However, if you are still feeling many negative feelings throughout the day, then there is more playful work to be done.  Just by being aware and noticing and replacing (referred to as Self Regulating) you break the pattern and the loop pattern in its tracks.

Love thoughts trigger lovely feelings of fun, playfulness, joy, happy, excited, amazing, ecstatic, bliss etc...  We all love those feelings, but if you were to really take notice throughout the day and each week etc... how often do you actually feel these love feelings?  And how often are you feeling all the negative patterned automatic low feelings of doubt, fear etc...?

First it does take being consciously aware and stopping it as soon as you notice the negative thoughts before they begin to create more streaming of more negative.  

Being Aware Enough to Measure
the Mind Streaming 

If you were able to measure in some way in percentages each day from 0 to 100 how much of your day is streaming negative to worse scenarios.  And how much of your day is streaming loving positive scenarios.  Negative to worse and love to better and better thoughts and feelings and scenarios. 

An example I do not have enough money when I receive my paycheck.  Now the mind begins streaming of lack, worry, concern and all kinds of images and feelings are going on, and for how long.  

Now imagine going the opposite way.  I do not have enough money to do all I need to do when I get my paycheck.  Aha!  Notice and stop it right there and replace with what if scenarios ... of what if all my debts were paid in full?  What if I won a big amount of money?  What if I increased my income?  Or think of something you did accomplish, or something that creates and stirs up great images and feelings from memories.

You can conjure up many what ifs to get your mind streaming in a different direction so you not only start feeling better, more great ideas will come up to create a different mind streaming to not only think better, but also feel better and better.  Getting the mind streaming to great to amazing.

Remembering that We are also Creating Memories when We are
Mind Streaming Great to Amazing

It is breaking the patterns of mind streaming unconsciously to mind streaming consciously for awhile until the new Infinite Divine Habit becomes natural with no effort.  You will automatically mind stream better and better and more amazing and exciting while simultaneously creating new memories to remember and live from, and then the life you are creating and living from becomes so exciting and fun.  Especially when you remember and have more memories of successfully creating and using more and more abilities along the way as stated in the Siddhis.

I came upon this video of Michael Singer talking about the mind and this is what inspired me to write this webpage about it.  Though Singer enjoys to just live from the present moment and let life unfold and not giving any references or importance to desires.  He has mentioned in other videos that it is absolutely essential to observe our thinking because it is creating our reality experiences all the time. 

So it is a matter of preference in regard to consciously creating using desires, or just allowing reality to unfold from being gracefully in the present moment momentum.  We get to decide that for ourselves in how we want to play the life game.

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