The Power of Memories

The Power of Memories is what can change reality from understanding and knowing more about memories and how they are created and can change moment to moment.  Once we know we create reality from memories, we can create the memories to be what we want them to be.

What are Memories

Memories are created from emotions and  mental Images that we either maintain by perpetuating them, or by choosing different mental images from newer ideas of possibilities.  Mental Images are all the perpetual different ideas that we have either accepted and have not changed that continuously creating the reality we are experiencing, or that we learn new knowledge, new ideas that actually change memories to be of a benefit to us.

We turn new information that we learn more about to understand that gives us a mental image.   If we do not learn new information, then we stay similar to a hamster spinning a wheel of the same reality over and over until something new sparks our interest to learn. 

Presently the reference of a framework is that ideas and information comes from a Source Field of All Possibilities to pick from.  It is also important to realize what level of possibilities are we picking from, old recycled or new possibilities?  This takes us to another level if we are picking ideas that are seeming impossible to create them to be possible.

Creating and Activating Memories

Through different information I came across it seems that a memory can be triggered by an certain emotion.  If there is no emotional trigger when the memory pops up, then it no longer has any substance to activate it to bring our attention to it.  It can be seen as gone into the field and eventually just disappears from our awareness.

I will use an example of food sensitivity

Some ideas and negative judgments about certain foods was subconsciously accepted by accepting the idea that certain foods are not healthy for the body.  An emotion became attached with that idea, and through repetition in most times when eating, the memory was formed.  Idea with an emotion and walla, a memory.  Then any time you eat the certain foods there is a negative reaction, now the memory is continuously activated and running.

Whenever you think of certain foods if an emotional feeling comes up then it is a sign to show us that it is still an active memory.  To release that memory is to pick a new idea that all food is healthy for the body and you eat in love and enjoyment of all food, and you feel the enjoyment and pleasure of the food, the old emotional trigger to the old idea fades away and is replaced with the new idea formed into a memory.  Then each time you eat anything the new feelings of enjoyment and pleasure are activated and that is how the body responds with food all being healthy for the body and pleasurable and enjoyable.

This is also done with any traumatic situations or experiences

Drop the emotional triggers to the thoughts (memories of an event) and the memory will have no substance.  Without the emotion a memory is will be vacant and have no energetic (memory) remembrance.  Pick the idea (or story you prefer) and add emotions to that story or idea and you now created a new memory, and that new memory will be activated every time you think of it from the emotion you feel, it is embedded within.  

It is also interesting to know that every time we visit a memory it is altered in some way and is never the same because we have changed since the original memory.  So there really never is a original memory in that sense, it is all being recreated depending upon the ideas and emotions we are having at each time of the revisiting it.  It only looks similar because we are being similar until we consciously change it with different information, ideas and emotions.  You can listen to more about this in the video below of Robert Smith explaining it.

I always keep in mind that for myself I no longer use any techniques as EFT or different reality tools, as I came to realize that I am the power, just as we all are and can decide if we want to use a reality tool or just use focused intent itself as a reality tool from the power Source that we are.

Eventually we will have more elevated emotions that trigger fabulous wishes fulfilled memories that become automatically lived from unfolding from moment to moment. 

Similarities of Dreams and Memories

When I heard Robert explain, similar to what Neville Goddard always said that we are others pushed out. and also what being in pure awareness or Self Realization also shows us. 

Noticing that in dreams others are my versions of others in my dreams, and Robert mentioning also that in memories others are now ourselves in our own memories too.  The memory was formed with an other originally, however after that, our memory is our self and the other now as our self.  

The Power of Memories
and Picking the Ultimate Best Memories

So if memories are created and formed by mental images, then it is of ultimate importance for us to stay consciously aware of the thoughts we are putting our attention on, because they will formulate the mental images that form into memories that we then entertain either consciously or unconsciously.

The power of memories then can be used for our advantage to creating our preferred reality and become just as automatic as the old memories were.  All it takes is staying consciously aware for awhile until the new memories are what we live from.

The Power of Memories and Removing the Beliefs of Memories being Linear

We bought into the idea that memories are only linear.  That memories are from the past and that we only remember memories from the past.  But the power of memories allows us to see that biologically to the brain and body, it does not know the past or future in the sense of memories to have any differences.  

A memory is a memory, and in true reality the present moment is when everything is actually happening, so we either are picking memories from what only seems (is an illusion) to be from the past because we really are picking, or unconsciously using memories that seem past but we are recreating them moment to moment

Whenever we are imagining or daydreaming or entertaining thoughts, and if thoughts trigger emotions, we are picking from memories, and those memories are not linear, they are just what is available to pick from until we create new memories from new mental images that create newer memories.  So we are creating memories all the time depending on the mental images we are occupying or entertaining.  It is just a present moment, and when we experience it in the future when we see it linearly, we are really in the present moment picking memories, not past or future when we truly realize that we are always recreating in the moment. 

Changing Memories
to Be of Our Best Service to Ourselves

Sickness, Illness or Diseases                                                                                             In whatever we label something that does not feel right in the body, we have been given the idea (conditioned or programmed) to believe and associate not feeling well, or different sensations in the body that are not normal to be negative and fearful about.  And the first memories go to something is wrong and we must turn to another authority to figure it out.  This is because of fear and not having enough information that is not of the fear arena.  When we have different more advanced information that can break through false ideas that became memories, then we can create new mental images that create new memories to live from.  

Contemplate and Imagine what it would be like to no longer have mental images of memories of anything being wrong when body sensations occur that are unknown to us.  If we had new information from the field of possibilities that there is nothing wrong or to be fearful about when our body is feeling somethings unknown, and the new information is now of the understanding that the body will never threaten or hurt us.  The body is only doing what it is designed to do to keep us surviving.  Now just that realization changes everything from fear, panic and fight to love and cooperation and trusting the process.  

Now just picture it, you feel something different in your body but you already know that the body is designed to keep us surviving, so then you stay in that loving state because you actually are thankful and trusting because whatever is going on is because the body is protecting and repairing in ITS most divine loving way for ITS ultimate harmony.  The body is cooperating within itself to do whatever it needs to do to survive and bring it back to ultimate harmony.  So now instead of fear and running to some other authority that has no clue of what you know, which I now refer to as medical myths, you relax in love and gratitude and knowing that it is just sensations that no longer need to be seen through the filtering of fear of body sensations.  

Also without going in search for any diagnosis because you no longer need it because you know it is what the body does to naturally and automatically bring itself back into harmony.  It is actually part of the process the body goes through, and anything not known in sensations or unknown body conditions will bring itself back to ITS ultimate performance.  Now the power of memories is being of the best service for ourselves and even more beautiful extraordinary mental images will form from expanding from that divine loving state.  I refer to this a Divine Sense rather than 3D norm sense.

Becoming Younger versus Aging                                                                                        Since everything seems to be from memories, then why would we stay with memories that deplete and degenerate the body as aging eventually does the longer we live in linear time?  We have all had enough of the reality to now see what a memory of aging can do, it is time to see what living longer and better when we create from mental images memories that create our body to be young, filled with zest and vitality as most of us were in our 20s and 30s.  Or whatever age is chosen to maintain until we want to change it.

Just as medical myths were believed in because of memories, becoming younger can be the same way.  Creating mental images that create memories to live by makes even more sense since the body is designed to survive.  It surely must be the next step in evolution or a change to experience in 3D reality because throughout centuries people have considered the idea.  Now there are billionaires that have been working on it for decades too.  So it does seem to make more Divine Sense at this part of the 3d life game.

Dropping Lack for Abundance, Wealth and Unlimited Money                                            This is another prehistoric memory that still so much of the collective is living from that is no longer of service for ourselves that we can use the power of memories to create the best service for ourselves in regards with money.  Especially considering that Dr. Hamers research has shown that living life with limited money actually causes our body to be in disharmony. 

All we have to do is look around in nature to see the unlimited abundance everywhere.  Blades of grass, grains of sand, insects, trees, leaves, abundance of stores with so many varieties of everything and anything you want.  When you really look, you will see unlimited abundance everywhere.  So why would it not be the same with money.  There are more millionaires now than there has ever been.  

Money does not have to come from all the old ways that we have been conditioned to receive it or create it.  Money can come from so many other ways when new information of possibilities are considered, such as supernatural money that just shows up in back accounts or literally anywhere.  I see supernatural money as coming right from divine source without any middle way.   The point is that when we pick from the infinite source of possibilities for information, that information can change our mental images into creating new memories of unlimited money and wealth.

Emotions that are Uplifting                                                                                                     Emotions seem to come from memories too.  It seems whenever we think a thought it automatically triggers an emotion that we feel in our body.  Again when we become consciously aware throughout the day we can easily observe and watch ourselves pick different thoughts and then immediately we experience a feeling.  So when we stop and notice and create new mental images that will create uplifting feelings, the power of memories will be again of the best service for ourselves.  

Especially if we are more familiar with the downer feelings of depression which the range can move from fear etc... to realize that it is all coming from a memory, and knowing we can create new mental images to create uplifting feelings just because we can.  Those uplifting feelings do feel so good that we always want more of them because they feel so good.  Feeling pure love, blissful, happy, enjoyment, appreciation etc... we want more of them because most of our lives was absent of them because of the downer feelings were more automatic from memories that maintained those mental image feelings. 

Tom Kearin goes right into creating memories from our imaginal acts in the video below.

Once we know this we can be our own authority in creating anything we want in our experiences because we know that the power of memories and the power of our true self in the power of the present moment is where creation is being done.

Seth quote, "The intensity of a feeling or thought or mental image is, therefore, the important element in determining its subsequent physical materialization." Session 525, p.66,  from Seth Speaks book.

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