Mirrors of Ourself
is Similar
to a Mirror Maze

Mirrors of ourself can appear as a maze, similar to the experiences of walking through a mirror maze and seeing reflections everywhere we move can have great insights. It’s quite the surreal feeling to experience bumping into the actual mirrors and trying to find our way through the maze to exit. If we go deeper this can be a great analogy we can use for birthing into physical reality and take a look at some possibilities. When we birth into our physical body could we have spiritual amnesia of the true nature of reality? If reflections of ourselves are literally everywhere and in everything we experience with people, places, things, interactions, literally in everything, then a mirror maze becomes very interesting.

I found it amazing as I listened to the middle part of the video, and perceived the describing of the mirror maze by replacing it through the perception of our infinite spiritual self before we birthed into physical reality. Just as we dared ourselves to journey upon physical reality but this time to remember a main purpose of our journey into this plane of existence. To go beyond and evolve through the exit to be of even deeper depths to experience infinite dimensional realities to know more of what’s still unknown.

The Crystal Caves in Niagara Falls now the Mirror Maze

Lost in the Reflection of OurSelf Maze

In this video it’s so interesting how Scaldy, the male in the video found the entrance 3 or more times. This reminds me of a comparison that maybe it’s similar to continuous rebirthing of reincarnation as our perpetual entrancing into physical reality until we finally remember. The maze of mirrors reminds me of life and all the mirrors of ourself we feel or bump into as others, situations and everything in our interactions.

When we question all the bumps of interactions through the knowledge of going beyond rational beliefs into perceiving them as triggers to reflect back to ourselves. This way we can know more and more by using everything as mirrors of ourself and the data or memories of our beliefs. It's those beliefs that can keep us constantly bumping into our reflections until we use everything to know more about ourselves while evolving our spiritual growth in physical embodiment and reality.

Also take notice how Scaldy is keeping a sense of humor about it all, this reminds me of the different ways in which we can be emotional in life when we don’t take all our challenges so seriously. Instead relax with wisdom knowing it’s all part of our journey. Everything we experience also has the learning seeds which we will find when we keep it fun instead of reacting in fear to create drams and horror of our lives. Either way it’s always for the exuberant experience to learn and grow.

Falling in Love can Reveal the Hidden
Meaning in the Words

I wondered about the hidden meaning 'falling in love' can reveal to us about the nature of our whole infinite self and the nature of reality. I was so curious about the labeling of falling in love because falling does describe a descent from above. At the time I was also reading “A Course in Miracles” explaining that everything in our world is actually completely opposite of how it should be. And then sync lead me to more confirmation when I came upon Gregg Braden's Essene teachings.

It became to make more and more sense that when we fall in love with another or with anything we are actually descending from ourselves. And we can also learn from descending when we take the wisdom that all we see is a reflection in some way of our own self. The mirrors of ourself is another stage of evolving in spiritual growth.

Gregg Braden explains mirroring in his seminar Walking Between Worlds and the Essene Teachings.

Falling in love can be very helpful as long as we don’t get stuck in reacting from beliefs of our ego data and instead use falling in love as a open window instead of a locked closed door. We use whatever relationship we are in with the wisdom of mirrors of our-self literally so that we can eventually become whole by going through the stages from falling in love to rising in love from all that we learn from our mirrors of our-self to fill what we once believed was missing that we attracted or found in another.

Falling out of Love with Someone Is Evolving in Rising in Love with Ourself

As Gregg Braden describes in the video’s, when we fall out of love with someone it can be the greatest realization. Instead of old conditioning beliefs that define falling out of love as a reason to judge it as negative or even discontinue the relationship.

Falling out of love is an evolving experience because it reveals that we have actually finally owned parts of ourselves that we believed were missing. Those pieces were needed to be recognized as a trigger from others as our mirrors to be owned in ourselves to become whole. Piece by piece as we become whole consciously we then can enjoy our relationship with another and to everything else joyfully, with acceptance, unconditionally because our mirrors of ourself is reflecting that wholeness of projection expanding into everything.

Gregg Braden-Essene Mysteries

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