Money Reminders

Money is Information?

Money Reminders can be very helpful to keep the focus on having more money than having less.  Money is energy, we’ve all heard it repetitiously, but what is energy really?  Energy may just be a metaphor to describe Information.  So the more advance information we have about something, the more we know about it, and the more we manifest what we put our attention upon. 

So if money is information, and to have more of it, we need helpful money reminders to sustain our focus upon valuing it for the love of it.  All the deservingness of it, and then we'll be like a money magnet from the being level.  It's important to remove all resistance so that it’s a steady flow with no hindrances or old info/programming about money.

Money Reminders is the Key

All teachings whether presently or from the past and from ancients all say the same thing … that we manifest what we are from our being level.  From what we believe or expect.

Our Being Level is the truth of who we are.  All of us have experimented long enough to have all the proof we need that what we truly are deeply seeps out and manifests into our experiences.  The way we observe, the observer effect, which is what we expect and is what we experience. 

With using all different kinds of reality tools, one thing we do know from all our manifesting experiences is all about changing at the being level.  So using any kind of money reminders will be of great benefits for us. 

I am quite sure that you've noticed when there’s no resistance, intentions manifest effortlessly.  But if we have anything that is resistant, we have to work at changing the information of past info to the new info. 

Money and Abundance Error Programming

All programming or information that is not aligned with what we prefer as our destiny will be error programming.  And deservingness is a major big one for most of us, along with money and using money reminders.  Because of the conditioning of not knowing who we truly are and what we are truly deserving of, which is the power that’s always available to us.  

It’s also the reason that awakening is important because it absolutely without a doubt shows us through the experience who we are and how powerful we really are.  Then deservingness or not manifesting what we want is no longer questioned. 

The only process from the profound primal wisdom is unfolding it into our being level.  Psychologically, intellectually, spiritually, and embodying it so at the being level we are all of it.

Helpful Money Reminders

It’s very helpful to use reality tools of money reminders throughout each day.  Things that can remind us to focus upon our preferred money we desire.  And we can manifest money anyway we prefer to, and also in any amounts.  Nothing is out of the question.  If we can think of it, and if another has already experienced it, then it is possible for us too.  But we have to use any kind of money reminders throughout the day to keep the focus on our money preferences, so that all resistance is dissolved.

A dear friend of mine came up with a fabulous idea that can be a helpful reminder about money.  For every “s” in words we write or read, by inserting $ signs instead of the “s” is a great reminder.  To experience it for yourself read the next headline and paragraph to see how easily doing this will be the greatest reminders throughout the day. 

It will become a habit to keep your focus upon money.  Naturally from just a bit of repetition, you’ll notice how easily and effortlessly “s’s” will transform into an infinite habit of $ signs instead.  Eventually and quite quickly, any time you see and “s’ you will then think about your money preference.

Money $ign$

Just in one paragraph reminder$ of money will be popping up within your mind of the preferred money you de$ire by u$ing thi$ technique.  Money will be lightening up in highlight$ like a fla$hlight $hining it$ beam upon everything you read and write. 

Think about it when you are out and about how many “s” tran$formed into “$” $ign$.  The abundance of it will be $o a$toni$hing.  $imilar to the fir$t time I began to really $tay con$ciou$ly aware of “abundance”  everywhere I went.  I noticed infinite abundance everywhere, yet in the past didn’t perceive it as abundance.

When I wrote the two above paragraph$, I had to go back and delete the S’s and in$ert the $ letter$.  At fir$t it wa$ work and my re$i$tant ego of old recording$ popped in to detour me that it was too much work.  $ince I con%ciously caught that “$ervice of info no longer needed” I just deleted tho$e thought$ and replaced it with, it’s fun and worth the effort.

Stop Here for a Moment and
Contemplate On These Money Reminders

Take notice that in the three paragraphs above, how you were reminded of money compared to  this paragraph.  In the s$  paragraphs you couldn’t help but notice, it was so in your face.  But in this paragraph with no conversion of S’s to $ signs, the focused attention of money disappears. 

This is how important it is for us to use any reality tools to help remind us to experience what we prefer versus what we don’t prefer.

Invisible to Visible

All of us on this infinite journey know that ALL that is visible, objective is a result from the subjective, invisible realms.  This is the way it is.  Which reminds me of the Magic Eye pictures that came out in the 1990’s.  Magic Eye picture of a dollar sign. 

This link explains how to see it the hidden image.  The easiest way I found to see the dollar sign image is to take a picture with your phone and stare at it. holding it close to your face/eyes.  The glass glare helps blur which is easiest to see it.

Allow your perception to see what’s invisible at first glance until you focus with the intent to see the picture inside.  It’s similar to the analogy of invisible becoming visible by the observer effect, or imagining until it becomes objectified into physical reality.

What has Held Me Back from
Unlimited Money and the
Reason I Needed Money Reminders

There has been this perpetual voice that was haunting me for decades when I didn’t manifest to experience what I wanted to when it came to money.  And things that seemed way too impossible as Siddhis, that was laced with so many excuses.  But I didn’t realize it fully until I re-read Neville’s Book, The Power of Awareness. 

This is when I realized that the only thing holding me back from infinite money was a deep rooted belief that was so deep that said, maybe there’s something other than me that had control?   Still thinking there’s something else for me than unlimited money or unlimited abilities, that this other knew more than I knew?  I now absolutely know at my being level that is all not true.  But i still needed lots of positive money reminders to build the new programming, or modify the probabilities as Tom Campbell explains. 

Along with other “excuses” thoughts similar of old beliefs that definitely were holding me back.  Now I know that the only thing that holds us back from what we desire is our own self and old beliefs/mind that continue to try to convince us away from persisting.

When Only the True I AM $tep$ Into the Body
All Excu$e$ or Old Programmed Info Di$$olves
to where it Originally Came

Taking all of our power back and not only ignore when tho$e old default thought$ pop up, we must delete them for good.  Knowing with enough per$i$tence they will all di$$olve leaving only the Infinite that I am.  That YOU are too. 

Nothing is impo$$ible to the ONE who de$ire$ whatever it i$.  If we have a de$ire (doe$n’t matter what it i$) that de$ire is from our Infinite $elf, the one who doe$ know the character per$onalitie$ journey.  When we even drop the per$onality and become the ONE I AM that $R reveal$, then nothing can get in our way.

Did you notice, we’re you being aware of enough to notice?  That when reading normal paragraphs, you attention was off money until I inserted the $ signs back into the paragraphs.  It’s a great fabulous tool to use.

Share Your Money Reminders

Share with us what you use to remind yourself of unlimited abundance and unlimited money.

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