Observer Effect Consciously

Being the Observer Effect Consciously, means the ability to be consciously aware to observe so that we’re affecting reality as we want, instead of what we don’t want to be experiencing.  If we’re not aware and paying attention, we will be affecting reality from the past default programming.  

We are able to start right now, or any moment in time, and practice being the conscious aware observer, in other words, observer effect consciously affecting our reality.  This is the most profound wisdom in being a conscious creator creating, where creator and creation are as one whole, no divisions of separations, which also means staying identified as the ONE, the Real Self. 

If we’re observing from the personality, then we are limiting ourselves as the observer that is always affecting reality anyway.  This is page two, an update of the observer effect.  As I wrote an observer effect webpage in 2011, and since much more experience has become wisdom, I wanted to update and share a new webpage on the observer effect.

The Observer Effect Consciously
without Ego

Consciousness awareness is ourselves as the observer effecting reality.  It’s of our greatest potential by being present without ego (ego is a service to fear and separation) and staying focused on what we are BEING, and doing, moment to moment.  This takes being aware, present and self-correcting whenever we notice that we’ve fallen back into to the ego, and re-doing to BE unconditional love. 

When we are observing as unconditional love, our true being, our experiences continually unfolds with more of the same.  We, the observer are always affecting all that we observe, but to be the observer effect consciously, means being aware so that we can effect reality the way we want, instead of how we don’t want it to be.  And be and stay consciously aware of what and how we are doing it.  

The observer effect is the proof from the measurement experiments that shows the observer does affect reality.  The old classical science showed through beliefs that there’s only the objective, deterministic view, that there’s nothing other than mechanical objective materialistic reality.  The measurement experiment showed evidence that a conscious observer is affecting reality, just by the way a consciousness observes.  Since knowing this, now we can become the observer effect consciously without leaving anything to old defaults. 

The Observer Effect

In our daily living we are affecting our reality every moment, we can’t escape it.  Though we can be unaware that we are affecting our reality, in other words, we just don’t realize that we are affecting reality all the time. 

The observer effect is a natural state of consciousness creation.  We are not separate from creation creating realities.  When we're not being aware and present of our preferences, then we're affecting reality to be what we didn't want.  Though we grow and learn from many of these unwanted experiences.

The observer effect is constructing reality all the time and reconstructing from the way we are in our true being.  Our true being consists of either unconscious programming, or conscious aware present momentum when we no longer allow unconscious memories to detour us from our conscious aware perceptions. 

How Long can You Stay Focused
on One Thing?

Being consciously aware and present allows us to keep our focus so that we can be affecting reality as our preferred outcomes, or just naturally be in the flow of creation without ego.  

How long can you stay focused on what you are actually BEING and doing moment to moment?  This is a profound and an essential contemplative question to be aware of, so that we can master more of the skill of the observer effect to our best potential ability, and to eventually master it.  And be the observer effect consciously. 

Research has shown that 95% of people can’t hold their focus (attention) on one thing for more than 8 seconds without the mind wandering.  It takes consistent practice so that the mind can stay focused on one thing for longer time intervals for the observer (our own conscious awareness) to be able to use the mind and body with less constraints and limitations.

Joe Dispenza, “If we are not present, we are running a program”  This event Joe speaks about changing the way we see ourselves & instead see ourselves as we prefer.

Uncovering the Subconscious

We are either consciously working by practicing to stay focused in the present with our awareness of how we are being.  Or we are subconsciously (without being aware) automatically reacting from learned conditioning that was programmed into the subconscious.

The simplest way to know what’s in our subconscious is to be noticing how we feel and react to everyone and everything we encounter in our day to day lives.  And if our reaction is of ego, in service to fear (anything negative) then we re-correct it to love. 

That’s really all we have to do moment to moment. With enough practice and time, we eventually and naturally keep dropping the ego and react from love.  Love is the highest value and appreciates by lowering entropy towards evolution.  Fear (negativity) depreciates, raising entropy towards devolving.

When we find ourselves having no more trigger reactions of ego, then love becomes who we are as a personality, and the subconscious and conscious minds merge with the heart.  Our true being that was always unconditional love (without ego) is unveiled from the great consistent work we’ve done, and there’s nothing left hidden (subconsciously) of ourselves. 

Service to Others is also Mastering the
Observer Effect Consciously

When my own ego had more leverage, whenever I heard service to others, of course I would ask, what about me?  At the time I sincerely believed that if I was to be totally in service to others, then that would mean I would lose my identity and my wants.  The ironic thing is, that’s what happened.  The identity that was all about me (the ego) actually is dissolving more and more.  Though there were many traumatic dark nights of the mind and soul, it was worth all I had to go through to understand and make the transformation.  Which I know is the case with many of you reading this too.

Though I would always try to be as helpful as I could throughout my life, now through hindsight I can see there was still ego involved.  Now there’s much less ego involved, the difference is like night and day, and genuine from my being, not from my intellect.  Literally, when we remove ego, any negativity from our service, we are the divine being in action. 

There’s no separation in the enjoyment of what we are doing for others because what we do for others, we are also doing for ourselves out of our being of love.  It just feels so whole heartedly when doing for others without any ego involved.  There’s no ego in there to judge anything, all we do becomes the enjoyment.  The two sides of I and the other becomes one energy movement flowing so naturally. 

How Does Life Really Happen when
We Surrender to It?

I have often wondered about the best way to do life?  Should I just surrender as Mooji and many others do?  Or do I continue to do what Neville Goddard and many others point to as consciously creating?  And what’s the real true difference?

We are Either Surrendering to Life or
Consciously Creating It

Have you wondered which way is the way to go?  To either focus to create the reality you want, or surrender, and let the reality just unfold and you deal with it.  Actually since we can’t seem to be removed from the observer effect, simply because WE ARE THE OBSERVER, either we're aware that we are, or not aware that we are.  By choosing to be the observe effect consciously of love is actually Being Awareness.  

Some individuals choose to just surrender and allow everything to unfold, yet others, as many of us enjoy doing the work of focusing and imagining.  But are there any differences between the Mooji’s or the Neville Goddard’s? 

Is there really any difference in surrendering to life or being a conscious creator of life?  And does it make any difference if we choose certain desires/wants?  Or is it all pre-planned or determined by higher beings.  Who really has the total say about anything we do?  Because of free will, it will depend upon who we identify with, the true self or the limited personality that's always getting in the way with old default negative programming.

Who are we Identifying with? 
The Personality or the
Infinite True Self?

Depending on the “identity” we “identify” with, and depending on the information we are observing and living from as fear/ego, or unified love gives us different perspectives and different outcomes.  If we are living life identified with the constrained, limited personality, then we will get a different perspective, and experiences of life compared to identifying as the Infinite One, or highest self.  Why?  Because the viewing is much more clearer from the highest point like a mountain top than a valley, which the personality is seeing life from the valley. 

So surrendering works great if we're pure love without fear.  If we still have allot of negativity, then best to be consciously creating instead of surrendering because the observer effect will create in a negative flow.

From our infinite self we see and understand much more than the limited constrained personality.  Though the personality does also have free will, it is so constrained and limited for the Infinite Self to work with.  But that’s the greatest challenge of enjoyment.  We as the highest or infinite self entered into the game of life as personalities to express, experience, learn and grow to expand our consciousness and remember who we really are. 

To become so immersed as the personality in this life game, and find our way back to remembering who we are in this physical game we refer to as life.  Life changes in the way we observe it to be, the observer is always affecting reality.  Our main purpose is to practice through the power of awareness being the observer effect consciously of love.  When we are that, then our desires naturally unfold.  When we are the personality mostly, then we teeter back and forth, and have to work hard at our desires.  When the personality is out of the way, natural desires just unfold along our path naturally through surrendering. 

It’s all About Evolution
A Built In Mechanism of Mastering the Observer Effect Consciously

It sure does seem that consciousness is all about evolution. Continually expanding the unknown to keep experiencing and knowing more unknown.  As a built in natural mechanism, the observer effect is what perpetually creates reality, we can’t escape it.  We can pretend to get so immersed in the personality playing such a serious game, that we forget the deeper truth that is… how we observe is what we create in our experiences.   Before remembering that, we believe life just happens, and we have to deal with it. 

We seem to be using our intentions, whether we’re aware of it or not.  Many of the choices we make are a result of our intentions (as Tom Campbell says) from our being level.  It’s WHO and HOW (by our intentions) we are observing that is essential to know?  The personality or the conscious infinite one?  Is when we get some great traction in this part of the game which seems to be based on evolution.  But evolution of what?

If we are One with All, deeply under all the masquerades of the personalities that are fragmented from the One, then we must be evolving to be like the ONE.  And what is that?  Love ... but not limited love that has been the programming of the ego of fear and separation conditioned in the subconscious.  It is unconditional love of our Being through the observer effect consciously and consistently affecting reality.

We Can’t Escape the Observer Effect
We Can Become Consciously Aware of How
We Are Observing for Our Best Results

Since we can’t escape the Observer Effect because it seems to be the nature of reality, it’s really just a choice to either surrender to life, or to imagine our life.  Consciously imagining takes consciously mastering the observer effect, the other way (surrendering) is a more relaxed way of observing, and we just experience the effect.   

So actually there is no difference in how the observer effect works, or which way we choose to do it, by either surrendering to life, or imagining it the way we want it to be.  The only difference is HOW WE ARE OBSERVING that is going to make any difference in the reality we experience.  And then how much do we want to evolve our mind and our realities, and how sovereign do we want to be?  A 100% or less?

If we choose to stay identified as the personality, then we will be limited and not be experiencing the bigger picture.  If we choose to identify with the true one we are, aware consciousness, then we become to realize and know that the personality is just a character role.  And we can do so much more with that personality when we’re not immersed in just believing we are the personality.

How are You Observing Everything?
I Mean Specifically?

I am having a cigarette.  How am I observing?  It’s just a smoke, it’s neutral, I put meaning to it.  The meaning I put to it, is going to be what the result is.  I am drinking coffee with a donut.  Aha!  Good catch.  What was your first thoughts?  Come on, be honest with yourself, that’s how you continue to grow.  If you noticed your first thoughts as negative, good!  Now you just became consciously aware of some subconscious fear programming.  Do you enjoy what the outcome will be as a result of that meaning? Probably not if it was negative. 

This is where YOU as the POWER of AWARENESS and BEING the conscious chooser of the meaning you get to put to it.  Now drop the old meaning and assign a new meaning.  But wait, the work isn’t done yet. 

You must remind yourself each time until the new meaning takes hold, then you can enjoy your coffee and doughnut in the most loving, conscious way, instead of the subconscious unaware way of old automatic meaning and reactions.  Then it actually is so enjoyable to now be able to enjoy a smoke, coffee and doughnut consciously in love and without ego/fear.  The results will be different in fear, because fear conjures up more past programming of negativity compared to enjoyment of love which has a positive effect on the body.  This is how the observer is effecting reality all the time.

Going with Less Resistance or
Bigger Challenges

I am not advocating that being a smoker and eating junk food is the way to go.  I am just pointing to a truth that we ourselves get to decide instead of leaving it up to any other authority or media conditioning to decide.  You can go with what’s of less resistance for yourself.  If eating the right food etc … is what you’re already doing then continue to do it.  That’s what I am doing, going with less resistance to what I am already doing and enjoying.  In other words, if you are not going to give up junk food, then why would you still eat it with negative poisonous commands to what you are eating?  You either give it up, or eat it with loving appreciative enjoyable thoughts, blessing your food with love not fear. 

It’s similar to what Tom Campbell explains, that Bob Monroe naturally had no resistance to what he ate, and just ate what he loved and it was all good for his body.  He also had no beliefs about germs or anything, Monroe was one with everything in his life.  Tom Campbell worked better with the “norm” conditioning of what we eat affects the body was less resistant for him, so he works out and doesn’t eat junk food or sugar.  This is two different conscious choices of interpretations giving meaning to food and interactions with external life.  How we observe (give meaning) is going to be the results we experience.  

All I am pointing to is to be aware of what you are doing and that you are the authority, not anyone else, especially the subconscious of the past programming.  When we do anything from point zero or pure consciousness, we are doing it without any other chatter going on but the Infinite Source of neutrality, and creating from that point.  When it’s all unconditional love with no chatter, its pure infinite force of creation, creator and creation is one.  Then we are the observer effect consciously.

Sounds too Simplistic or Unreal?

If this sounds too simplistic or unreal, then take your own challenge of doing it with everything.  Don’t let anything go by without questioning by being aware of what you have subconsciously going on with all that you do. 

When you are not doing this with everything, you are a slave to the subconscious unaware still programming of recordings of info.  But when you do it with conscious awareness, as the observer effect consciously, and your own conscious choice, you get to be the parent, the dictator, the CONSCIOUS ONE who chooses now.  

We’re all growing up to our fuller potential as an aware creator, one with creation by knowing our observations are creating our reality the way we now prefer, and lovingly enjoying it.  And when we’re lovingly enjoying whatever we are doing, we are lowering entropy which is increasing value of appreciation with everything into more evolution.

Try Being a Observer Effect Consciously
Try it with Everything

Imagine now doing this with every single thing, being the observer effect consciously.  With all food, with all others, with absolutely everything.  Imagine also how much more evolved and creative we can be with everything when we are the ONE giving everything the most potential meanings.  Everything is our own choice of  preferences when we are the observer effect consciously. 

You want to be thin and healthy, just insert it into a meaning before everything you eat, that's being the observer effect consciously.  Just say something like, everything I eat is healthy for ME, and keeps me thin, healthy and strong.  You get to make up the creative potential meaning, blessing, or chant before you eat anything.  This is what I do.  Give it a few weeks, and you will be so amazed at the power you’ve always had but left it unconsciously up to the automatic subconscious to dictate. 

Observer Effect Consciously is
Truly Taking All of Our Power Back

We are now taking all our power back.  When we are presently conscious while doing what we do, we are the observer effect consciously. And we will no longer have a subconscious because we are consciously aware of all we do.   Bit by bit what happens is that all the old limited and outdated subconscious (that you had no idea was controlling you) comes to the surface, so you can be aware of it. 

You look at whatever it is, and now consciously choose what to do with it.  Change it or drop it.  Whatever it is, it is up to you now, no one else because you are the aware conscious creator creating.  You are Creator/Creation in motion consistently unfolding the reality you are experiencing through the observer effect consciously. 

Eventually what happens is that there’s no longer a subconscious program because you now know, all of the time what you are doing consciously.  The aware observer affect consciously is affecting everything in your life.  It’s actually no longer seen as your life, instead you become life, you become love, you become all that you prefer to become consciously. 

Through practice and mastering the skill of the observer effect consciously, you consciously as awareness mold it all through your own perceptions, not anyone else's dictatorship.  Now that’s liberating, and also blissfully enjoying life and everything to its fullest.

Can Other Beings Visible or Invisible
Influence Us?

Yes, absolutely they can.  This is the reason we must stay consciously presently aware of what we are choosing to focus upon.  If it is fear/ego based, drop it immediately.  If it’s truly loving, then it can only become more of that infinite love. 

 There’s no way of getting away from influences because there’s infinite dimensional realities and thoughts going on infinitely.  So influences are there from this reality and other realities too.   The only thing we can do as evolved beings is be aware, and naturally when we are just unconditional love, nothing can ever influence us negatively in any way.  As the observer effect consciously, we know that the best is always unfolding into our experiences.

Mastering Observer Effect Consciously
should Take on a Whole New
Understanding and Power

If we are sick, we have the power in the moment to observe it in any way we choose to.  If we become so focused in fear, then we will unfold more fear and sickness to experience.  If it is continued without some intervention, then it can even lead to death.  But if we focus on we’re not that bad, we are actually getting better every moment, then that will be our outcome. 

Reminding ourselves often that we are the observer affect consciously affecting our experience, whether we agree with it or not, that is what is going on and is the nature of reality.  We put the negative or positive power into the situation that we are experiencing, and whatever we are experiencing is a result from inside us originally. 

It only takes being a observer effect consciously, a conscious productive moment (less than a fraction of a second) to change our mind to make it what we prefer it to be.  And this is continuing to BE mastering the observer effect consciously until it becomes the most natural infinite habit.

When We Create from Our Own
Infinite Source
there’s No Breakage Of Power
We're the Observer Effect Consciously

When we remove all mediums, anything that gets in the way of realizing that it is only truly our own self that is making all choices, we secure our power.  But when we open it up to doubt and beliefs that some other source (no matter what it is) is influencing us, then our power weakens, and it shows us that we have identified with the constrained personality instead of the pure powerful love conscious being that we really are. 

It takes being aware, or not being aware to know the difference.  When blame is totally gone from our consciousness, then no one other than our own self can or does do anything to affect ourselves.  Then we're being a observer effect consciously.  If we are not at that level of sovereignty yet, that’s okay too.  We're all a great work in progress. 

The important thing is practicing without fear, or continually breaking through the fear until the natural ability is to be mastering observer effect consciously.  To become so efficient that we always know what we are thinking, feeling, doing and being.  All power is embedded into the negative or the positive, we truly really are the ONE that gets to choose.  So choosing consciously with awareness will always be what keeps us evolving, and keeps the observer effect consciously creating of the best.

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