New Ideas to Experience

New Ideas to experience can leap us beyond all the normal ideas that so many have bought into.  There are so many new possibilities that we can adapt into our lives, and with new ideas to experience is much more exciting and interesting than the mundane ideas that have kept us at a standstill for too long.  It is also more in alignment with ascended master role modeling's and guidance.

It really is jumping so ahead of the mundane, the norm, and it really is time to bring these new ideas to experience out so that we can experience much more exciting new experiences and new abilities in our lives.  Many of the new ideas are also so much more in sync with the true Source of who we are.  Breaking all old paradigms that are filled with so many prehistoric ideas that are no longer of any service to ourselves, and leap into new paradigms of new ideas to experiences.

Some New Ideas to Experience

You will find some videos that I have put on other webpages on this page because it does still seem that repetition, at least for me still seems the way that needs to be done for the new ideas to experience to put more focus on to happen.  When we just hear something once, sometimes it just takes hold, but for many of the new ideas to experience may take a bit of practice to really become naturally comfortable with accepting, and then to eventually experience.

So if this webpage seems like a repetition of other pages it is because of this reason, that for many new ideas to experience we need repetition to allow it to really sink in to accept it as the new reality we can begin to experience.

When I came across Dr. Hamers information it did not take even a spit second for me to totally accept his information.  It made so much sense that all old beliefs and ideas of medical myths no longer had any value or stance, or meaning in my reality. 

It may be also from self healing for decades that I have already in advance prepared myself and fit in alignment with what Dr. Hamer said in the 1980s, and he had proof of how the biological survival that the body already has as its default program of naturally bringing the body to healing and health when we get out of the way with all the character conflicts. I still find it wild to even consider that his information began in 1980s, though I just came across it a month or so ago. 

Really Getting
that Everything Is Just an Idea

Everything we once believed from the past were just ideas from others that continued the pattern to keep the ideas of beliefs going.  But once we really get it that everything is just an idea, we can make great leaps into so many new ideas that will form into new patterns that will unfold in our expanded abilities and experiences.

Idea of Illness instead of health                                                                                              The idea that illness is just an idea we bought into.  Do we really have to become unhealthy and experience a body of a lower quality once we have had enough experiences of not feeling well.  Even take a look at the last sentence, not feeling well seems to show that to be ill is a lowering from simply feelings that come from thoughts.  Once we break that patterned idea that illness was just an idea, we can drop that idea and just keep the idea that the body is healthy no matter what thoughts we go through.

Idea of Lack instead of abundance                                                                                      The breakthrough realization that lack is just another idea we bought into.   Especially if we look around all we see is abundance in nature and even in so much convenience and variety all around us.  So how can lack even be a truth unless we realize we bought into that idea that we can experience lack of health, lack of body youth, lack of money.  It is all from old ideas, patterns and past ideas that formed into beliefs.

Ideas of Aging & Deterioration of the Body instead of Youthful Vitality                              Also that the idea of aging is just another idea too.  Taking on the idea that the body can literally reverse and become youthful and so energetic instead.

Take a look at all the ideas throughout the day that you follow so unconsciously that keep old patterns of the past that you live from.  And continue to notice and consciously tell yourself that those ideas that already formed either your own beliefs, or and the collective beliefs are not even true.  They all came from others ideas that formed into the collective beliefs everyone then followed.

Some Ideas that Seem New to Many

It is a very familiar kind of feeling or knowing that whenever I now come across new ideas that actually are like a AHA feeling as I have thought of many of these ideas in the past, but let them go because I was working on other things I felt were of more priority.  

It feels like we can never have enough of great profound thing we come across, especially when we have had the idea in the past and now hear it from others or another.  Which I feel is happening allot lately.  So I already mentioned the medical myths which breaks through so many old ideas everyone bought into.

Self-healing seems to becoming a normal and natural thing compared to even a couple decades ago.  There is more and more proof from so many different avenues of people of their own self healing.  Then it has expanded into healing others too. 

Heal a person that is going to die                                                                       Another new idea to experience that I resonate with is what Tom Campbell expressed in the video below at  5.51 in the video.  That a person who is on their death bed, ready to pass over that can even be in extreme disease etc...and actually do a healing on them and in a couple days more or less, they become healthy and are released back into their life.

Growing in New Organs
as a New Idea to Experience

The first time I came across this was actually from a Ramtha student that through imagining regrew, regenerated a thumb.  Then I came across Clarice Fluitt which I mentioned on the webpage Infinite Evidence that her daughter regenerated a finger after losing it, and her son healed from acid burns in 15 minutes. 

Which again brings me to more new ideas to experience of the 3 Practioners that did healings for patients that were deemed incurable by the medical system in under 3 minutes healed patients and dissolved cancer cells, which you can find more about on the already done webpage.  Which also has a video of Tom Campbell explaining that if we did not have a belief that we need to do something, we would just say HEAL, and whatever the condition is would heal.  That is the new ideas to experience that we can ride upon to drop so many old limiting beliefs to experience new experiences.

On the Now Power Moment page there is a video Joe Dispenza testimonial of Justin talking about how he had hernia surgery and a mesh put in to keep his hernia in tact.   After mediating and imagining he went back for x-rays and the x-rays showed no surgical mesh or hernia and also no scar tissue.  There are numerous testimonials on Dr. Joe Dispenzas youtube site of all kinds of self healings from many seeming incurable diseases you can watch.

There are two videos of two females or more so far that Thyroids that were removed  regenerated, grew back on the impossible to possible webpage. 

Marek grew back his top jaw bone in his mouth.

More New Ideas to Experience

I have only come across a few people who actually grew in new teeth naturally.  One is a male described by Dan Brule from the What if movie, and he said that the inmate just thought it was natural and normal that when we lose a tooth, it grows back.  And another person a female who had dentures, through her belief of the mandala effect that all her teeth grew back in. 

Living hundreds of years in a physical body.  This is just a clip from the what if movie of Kenneth L Cavanaugh  from the Maharishi Institute speaking briefly about it.  You can check out more of Siddhis abilities from Vincent J. Daczynski website.  

Watch a video of Vincent Daczynski at 78 years young when he did this on a plane in 2019.

I also created a webpage on some of recent advances of reverse aging.

A video link to reverse aging and living longer from Vincent D. youtube channel.

Remembering Dr. Len and His Abilities 

Dr. Len who healed the worse criminal inmates one at a time and each one was eventually released because of the changes in them.  Not by seeing each one of them in person, but by taking each of their files and spending as much time as he needed to see the error in them as a reflection within himself, and re-correcting, or as he said, cleaning up their errors. 

All of these things of experiences show us the power that we really are, and what is available of our power to use and change things up with new ideas to experience, instead of continuing to live the same old ideas and patterns.

Stylianos Atteshlis Daskalos

Daskalos was a spiritual healer who had incredible extraordinary abilities as you will hear Robert Gilbert speak about at 1:03:33 in the video interview below.  He would dematerialize a body part of the person he was working on and rematerialize that body part in a completely healed form. 

I am reading the book that was written by Kyriacos C. Markides professor that spent 10 years with Daskalos, titled The Magus of Stovolos, The extraordinary world of spiritual healer.

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