We Are the Observer Affecting Everything in our Reality

We are the observer affecting everything, it is our nature and the nature of reality. Yet do not let the assumption of observing be perceived as non action ability because thinking and observing are so intertwined. It is the thoughts that we use while observing, in quantum mechanics it is labeled the observer effect.  Great quotes/explanations of the observer effect.

Even if we are in a conversation with another and the other person is talking and we are listening, through our listening we are still observing because thoughts are on going.  Especially if we engage in the thoughts and emotions we begin to activate, then the observer as ourself will be the effect on the reality we perceive and creating to be what we experience.

Observing the Hawk

I’d like to share an experience I had this morning as it may also spark your own observer effect too. I took a walk outside and watched a hawk flying in the sky, then the hawk started to circle around in one spot. As I continued to observe the hawk, it took a slow dive down to the ground.

Now this can be important for you too as it was for me. As you read the sentence of the hawk slowly diving to the ground what was your first impression or thought? The more aware we are of what and how we are perceiving, the more aware we become of our unconscious automatic reactions.

Did you think, “it was going down for some food” or “poor mouse or animal on the ground?”
What was your first thought?
Was it from a victim observer thinking? Or maybe you were thinking, what it would be like to be a hawk flying above?

Since we are affecting our reality by how we are observing it, this can be very insightful to knowing how we are observing so we can change it.

The hawk could have been diving down for a hamburger someone threw away, or something other then a live prey.

What the hawk did is not as important as how our first thoughts were in interpreting the situation we observed.

This is how easily we can get into practicing the observer effect throughout our day, first by noticing and being self aware. And then to changing our thoughts when we do take notice.

Letting Go of Self Judgments

It is really powerful to keep in mind that it is not wise to judge our self because the observer is still affecting our reality. If your first impression was perceived as victim thoughts, do not judge yourself in any negative way. That will only lead to perpetual fear thoughts, yes into more victimizing of your self.

It is noticing the first thoughts of impression that is empowering because that will lead into becoming an aware observer. It is by noticing and then working on changing the choices of thoughts for the next time, and the next time. Until it becomes habitual to be aware and changing it to a non victim perception instead of the automatic thinking that usually takes over without any noticing. It is that automatic thinking that continuously creates our day and life to be either what we want, or what we don’t want. The way we observe everything will always be up to our own self.

Remember the observer effect is going on all the time and we can change everything when we practice observing deliberately by noticing our thoughts. The thoughts we put the most attention on becomes what we believe about everything.

Just as quantum experiments show the proof that we are collapsing the wave of potential possibilities by the way we observe. It will be the affect as the wave collapses into a physical particle of reality, the reality we then experience.

When Everything Starts to Fall Apart Get Excited! Why?
We’re under Construction

Knowing ourselves as the observer affecting our reality changes everything when we realize what is going on behind the illusions of everything falling apart in our lives.

No matter what area it is in your life or every area of you life, remind yourself that everything needs to fall apart before it can restructure itself back together again. We, the observer are affecting reality by how we perceive everything that falls apart.

It reminds me of the nursery rhyme,
“Humpty dumpty sat on a wall
Humpy dumpty had a great fall
All the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men
Couldn’t put humpty together again."

When we perceive it through wisdom of our own experiences, it can have a powerful shift in what goes on when our life seems to fall apart!

My interpretation of the rhyme is humpty dumpty is similar to our old beliefs falling apart for the new beliefs to take form. When we desire to create a new reality, of course the old beliefs are not going to be what creates the new reality. It could be the reasoning that all the kings men could not put humpty back together again. As our old beliefs are falling apart, it makes sense that everything in our lives will also fall apart too.

Let's use an example of my job becoming redundant after 19 years of working at it. I had new desires but I didn’t take any action to allow my new desires to manifest because I didn’t take action to leave with my own free will. Though I did give attention of my thoughts about not working at my job quite often. At the time it was my fear beliefs that stopped me in taking any action, but my thoughts of not working was already in the process of manifesting, as it did manifest. I was still hanging on to my desire simultaneously and without taking any action my desire did become manifested. It appeared as an illusion that I had nothing to do with it, however I had everything to do with it. I was the observer affecting my own reality by how I was observing through my thought process.

No longer having a job was a very big structure for my life at that time. The income and job really became my life’s priority and webbed out into everything else in my life. This was the reason I stayed at my job longer, and in the fear mode without taking physical action myself.

During a couple of years when I had the desire to quit work but did not quit, I did become sick with migraines and had frequent colds and illnesses. Even at the time I knew what was going on in my body and mind connection. I allowed the fear thoughts to take over and blocked the energy for my desire to manifest quicker. It was the fear that created my immune system to start to break down by not taking action. It was more proof for me to realize how I was affecting my life and body. Also how detrimental fear can be on our body and our life if we do not change our fear thoughts to love (potential) thoughts.

It also appears that it can be the most depressing, out of control experience that can happen to someone, yet behind the illusion of random occurrences, I knew what was going on. I could see where it was all heading if I did not change my choice of thoughts, so I did!

Knowing that I do create all of my reality and that the observer effect is always going on, I perceived it as a celebration of excitement instead of in fear. This did change everything because my migraines disappeared and so did the colds and illness. It was a double win experience because letting go of the fear and instead choosing better thoughts allowed my body to respond back to its natural well being. And my new life could also now unfold. I know that if I did not change my thoughts then the little illnesses would transform into disease at some point. This is what self healing is all about.

In this video, Abraham explains our feelings as an indicator to be aware to change our thoughts, so that our reality can then change. By observing we are affecting our lives.

Receiving a Gift is More Exciting
when We Open It

So we can see the reason that everything does have to fall apart before it comes back together in another new way for our desire to be fulfilled into manifestation.

We could use an analogy of receiving a gift and the gift being our reality of our life that is under construction. We can guess and assume but until we actually open the wrapped gift is when we know what is inside of it.

So that is the reason it's of our most powerful benefit to perceive all experiences in our life that may seem so disastrous or appearing as random situations to be perceived with awareness and excitement. As it will leads us to continue to create our life the quantum way by paying attention how we as the observer are affecting our lives by the THOUGHTS we choose to use, making then infinite thoughts lead to an empowering life.

In this video Abraham is explaining about signs that show us how we are creating from how we observe and expect from our beliefs.

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