Focus on the Oil Spill Healing
Healed & Resolved

The oil spill healing just as any desire to manifest must be by focusing our intention on what we prefer. I know it is a challenge to not become emotionally torn if you are watching the media as it shows all the damage and harm to the water and the wild life.

We know how important and critical it is too not put all the emotional focus on the damages, especially when our empathetic senses are so sensitive.

We know that we must keep the focus on what we prefer and the oil spill resolved. So we must keep our intention pure, aligned in high vibration and visualize the water healed and clean and the problem resolved. This must be where our focus and attention has to be on to energize the vibration to manifest our desire.

Together we Can Heal the Water and Create the Resolution we Desire

Together we can create the energy and bring it to a higher vibration for the healing and water to become clean again. We must also forgive BP Company if there is any negative or judgments in our thoughts and hearts. This forgiveness is not only important for our own selves but also to bring the flow of love to any others who are stuck in blame, hate or any other lower vibrations of judgments.

We know of all the experiments, that the oil spill healing can work, as the experiments prove that we and everything is ONE and connected. One by One as each of us puts our intentions and focus on the water already healed, already cleaned, the resolution already manifested, our intention and focus will energize the manifestation. Know it and feel it in your hearts.

Throughout the day whenever any mention of the oil spill come up or on the television or radio, remember to SHIFT your thoughts to the love of our intention to the already healed clean water resolved. The more we do this anytime the oil spill pops up in our thoughts or we encounter it in anyway throughout our day we can do the Ho'oponopono clearing

If you are not familiar with Ho'oponopono, you can listen free to a program with Joe Vitale & Dr. Len on News for the Soul that explains Ho'oponopon healing in detail.

Here is a video with the Ho'oponopono cleansing and healing statements for the oil spill healing.

This is a beautiful video of the water with affirmations to use for your focus and visualization for the oil spill healing.

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