Remote Viewing was used by the Government

The Government used remote viewing, referred to as Project Stargate for over 25 yrs. Many of the participants who were the founders of Stargate are teaching it to the public now. I am sure that you have heard many of the names of the participants or maybe you have even taken their courses. You can read a long list of individuals who were involved in psychic research projects starting in the 1970’s including RV through this link.

Ingo Swann coined Remote Viewing, you can read all about RV through this link, the history, and any other questions you may have about Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing and You

My purpose for writing this page on remote viewing is in sharing my experiences with it. If you are already a RV’er then you already know how amazing it is. Doing your own practicing of RV for yourself is the only way for you to know how profound the experience is. Even if you have some misses the first few times, continue the process as you will experience great accuracy when you don't give up.

How to Remote View

The best and greatest experiences all seem to start within, and that is how you start your practicing with RV. By getting into a meditative state which is quieting your mind through focusing on one thought, getting yourself into a relaxed state of mind with one intention. Whatever way works best for you is the way to go, either by deep breathing, for myself I get myself into a bliss state, that’s what relaxes me. If you do allot of visualizing then it will be easy for you to get into that relaxed meditative state. Then it’s keeping the focus on your target and at first you can start with something simple.

RV and Infinite Dimensional Realities

Quote by Ingo Swann, “What the body would feel if the body was at the location” so what we feel actually is our guide through our inner traveling. We can also travel with our focused intention into infinite dimensions of parallel worlds. Dimensions of infinite past realities, present and future that are all existing at once. So we can see multiple possible realities of our future and choose the one we want by entertaining it the most.

My First RV Experience

My first remote viewing experience occurred as I was listening to News for The Soul with Nicole Whitney talking with Tom Campbell. I tuned into the program that was aired 4 days previously to when I was listening to it. Tom and Nichole decided to do an experiment between them with remote viewing and of course the listeners could also join in.

Nicole picked an object and focused on the data mentally and all Tom needed to do was tune into the data of information that Nicole was focusing on. While I listened intensely I was actually remote viewing too without even realizing it. Just from intense focusing on what they were saying, that tuned me in, and at the same time I was doodling, I do that allot while I am sitting. Then when it came time for Tom to describe the data he had tuned into, which he did, then Nicole described what she sent him.

I had doodled the exact thing Nicole had then described. Wow I was so amazed, but what amazed me even more was what occurred next. Tom then picked something he had drawn and became the sender in the remote viewing experiments and mentally focused on it. Then Nicole was the receiver to pick up the information or data, and when Tom said what he drew, it was exactly what I already had drawn in the object the first time I was doodling when Nicole was mentally sending. So I had drawn exactly what Nicole had mentally focused upon and also what Tom had focused on too. Even before Tom had chosen his object as I was listening to the show. Now that is incredible.

I will not tell you what it is, just in case you want to do this experiment yourself, but it was exactly what Nicole picked and also what Tom had picked. I was amazed how simple it was to remote view. Just by focusing which is zooming in on the information field and my unconscious picked up the information. Because I was so focused intensely on what they were talking about and doing, I easily was able to tune into the information regardless of time.

Time Dissolves

Well I was beside myself really because I realized that I had tuned in on the frame reality of their 4 days past, yet of their future, my present, that was 4 days later then the original airing of the show. So it was another experience about remote viewing that showed me that when we are in that spacious present moment in consciousness, time dissolves, evaporates into everything occurring at once. Linear past, present and future are all merged depending on our own participation in the infinite now and parallel infinite dimensional worlds. What we are really doing in RV is altering our state of consciousness and tapping or tuning into data of information in other frames of realities where the information already exists.

Experiment to Start Your RV Experience

This is a great beginning for an experiment for RV if you have not experimented and experienced RV yet. This audio is from January 10, 2010 show, it’s the 3rd spot up from the bottom of the page and listen intently. When it comes to Nicole picking an object to focus on for Tom to tune into, pause the show and draw what comes into your awareness.

Experimenting with a Friend

I had not heard from a good friend for a couple of years and we reconnected through email. She had moved to another city and we had both continued to expand and learn about the nature of reality, so it was something we both wanted to experiment with remote viewing. I brought myself to an quiet focused state and put my intention on where she lived, all I knew was the city, I had no idea about anything else as the house she lived in ect.

So I followed where my mind was taking me and seen myself standing on a long street filled with houses and I seen myself walking down the street to the middle of it and then stopped at a house. I seen a front and side entrance, but followed where my mind was taking me which was to the side of the house entrance and knocked on the door and seen her answer it. I was observing what I saw and what she was wearing of clothing and her daughter too. I walked around her rooms too.

If felt so real and also felt like I was in another dimension, which I was, for a long time. After mentally visiting a while I walked out of the home back onto the street and then opened my eyes and I came back to the reality before I began the remote viewing.

Later Review with Many Confirmations

Since we were still communicating through email, I had emailed her what had occurred in my remote viewing state, describing everything I had seen in detail. She did live on a long street and in the center of it, she did use the side entrance, it is actually the only entrance she uses to her place. The rooms I had described were all similar and the clothing I had described of her and her daughter was right on except was a color shade of a top was off by a bit, it was the same color but a shade off. The clothes I seen and described were the clothes she had on when we emailed each other about the descriptions and confirmations. Again I was so amazed and exhilarated by the confirmations and the experience itself.

We reversed it and she did the remote viewing on me. She also observed so many right on things about my home, my office, and some of my clothes too, even to my color and type of slippers I was wearing.

I did try it for the lottery numbers to see in advance, but somehow though I’d get close, never right on. Whether it’s my limiting beliefs still getting in the way? Then I heard this video, Lyn Buchanan explaining about the lottery with Associative RV.

With Greater ExtraOrdinary Abilities comes Integrity of Responsibilities Too

Though my friend and I were so excited about our remote viewing experiences, we also realized that we would never peak unintentionally on anyone without their consent, including each other.

I firmly only do what I would want done onto myself, and I totally believe what we put out we get back, so I would never be a RV stalker. I know that all these advanced extraordinary abilities come with us having major integrity of responsibility. Which I do honor as part of the package with using these great abilities. As we evolve we begin to learn more and more on how to use these abilities in the most honorable ways that I believe will eventually become our future reality we will eventually be living.

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