The Right Now Power Habit

The Right Now power habit will begin to eliminate timing of desires manifesting.  Instead of using all the tools of manifesting as processes, imagining, feeling it real, or any other ritual or technique you have used in the past, you can drop them all and just be in the power of your present moment.

Right now is where all the power is.  In this moment and the next moment and all moments is really right now.  It may take some acceptance and practicing to use the power of the right now creation.  Once you do begin to use it more and more daily throughout your day, you will be amazed at how powerful the present moment really is.

No More Leaking Power away to
Anyone or Anything &
Taking All of Our Power Back

Just think back to everything we have leaked our power away to.  Other people and their ideas and opinions that so much of the collective put their belief in instead of their own sovereignty.  It has always been up to ourselves, but we just had to get this far in the game to remember.  Once we remember, now we can create ideas to go with what we want it to play out.

When we take all of our power back from everything and create our own stories and meanings to everything, we are taking our power back.  And then we can even own our power to the point of the right now power habit.  Just by reminding ourselves that the power is right now, and continually saying Right Now!!!  Right Now!!!  And practicing it with everything throughout the day.

Forming the Right Now Power Habit
You Will want to Do It More and More as You See Proof of it for Yourself 

I am listing a few of my right now experiences and they will continue to become more of a habit the more I do it, the more you do it too.  You make that firm decision and you just stick to it because you know that is exactly what you want.  It also shows us how powerful a thought with an intense emotion does create almost immediate reality as Seth and Neville Goddard have mentioned many times in their teachings.

Big Toe back to Normal                                                                              A couple of nights ago I banged my right big toe and the next day it was swollen and starting to bruise.  I knew I had to go out and do some errands and had to be able to wear shoes.  So I continually said Right Now toe you are back to  normal.  Reminding myself that this memory can be changed right now to be perfectly fine.  Within a few minutes I could feel my toe feeling more normal.  So I put on my shoes and went to do errands and as I felt my toe in my runner, I could feel it was normal again and has been every since.

 Best Christmas ever                                                                               I continually said right now Best Christmas Ever ...                                 And it became the best Christmas ever.  Not only that, everyone continually told me it was the best Christmas ever.  We had a friend play Santa and he we so perfect for the part.  There was the most abundance of food, fun, laughter, gifts. I invited family over two more times to eat the left overs, as there was so much food.

Wanting more Christmas Lights                                                                              I said to my partner that I needed more Christmas lights and that I would have to buy some next time I went out.  Two hours later he found a bag full of xmas lights.  The next day he found a brand new package of xmas lights and two days later another bag of xmas lights.  OMG abundance of xmas lights kept appearing for him to find.

Waiting on Phone for a representive to Answer                                                                      This just happened the other day when my significant other had called to get two different fax numbers.  I could hear music playing while he was on hold for over 20 minutes.  So I called with my cell phone a different number that was also listed for the same company thinking maybe it will go through faster.  Different music playing but again now 10 minutes went by and still no answering from anyone.  

I became frustrated (and what comes to mind in this type of frustration is the part in the movie of Bewitched when she gets so frustrated when trying to hook up the cable wires and reverts angrily to magic that you can watch at 0.32 in the video below)

I yelled at the phone ANSWER THE PHONE Right NOW!!!  And within less than 5 seconds a rep answers, can I help you.  My partner and I just looked at ourselves bewildered when it happened.   So I was able to get the first fax number but then the rep put me on hold again (same music playing) to the other dept that we needed the other fax number for.  Again music playing over 5 minutes and I looked at my partner and then again yelled at the phone, ANSWER THE PHONE RIGHT NOW!!!  And less than a couple seconds a male rep says, how can I help you.  Again my partner looked at me bewildered that it just could not be a coincidence.  

In the past I have used the technique while on hold to just imagine a voice answering (I would also pick either a female or male to answer) and say, how can I help you.  After a few minutes of imagining that, sure enough someone would answer and usually it was either a female if that was what I imagined or a male if that was who I imagined the voice answering as.  But this time because I have been experimenting much more on Right Now manifesting, I just did what came to me to do with the emotion of frustration I was feeling in the moment, and Walla!

Life can Become more Bewitching

The right now power habit reminds me of the Bewitched series that they just accepted their inherent abilities as normal for them, especially Endora and Samantha.   Just as we have remembered and now accepting our inherent Divine Source being and abilities including miracle money too.   

The right now power habit will eventually lead us to being more of a consciously aware responsible creator, and also to be able to manifest instantly and spontaneously. 

Reminder that Seth said, matter is instantaneous and spontaneous, always popping in and out of reality.  Seth also said that Any Intense Emotional thought can have immediate results.  Neville Goddard said, Any Intense Emotion we will experience in our world.

So getting into the fun activity of right now manifesting, changing reality to our preferences through right now present moment power.  

Share Your Experiences of Using the Right Now Power

You can share your experiences with us of how you use the Right Now Power into change and manifesting what you prefer. And also if it has become more of a habit to use during the day.

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