Time the Made Up Construct

Time the made up construct that is needed to play in this game of life to be able to navigate the world and how it operates.  Without time we would not be able to have a structured guidance system to plan, schedule, meet up, and do almost everything that is needed to live in this dimension.  

Realizing that time is needed as a framework to get around and live our lives with others is a necessity and a very profound amazing tool that was designed to use through our lives.  So we can really appreciate how time is necessary and absolutely useful, helpful and gives us the framework needed to arrange our lives socially, for work etc... without time everything would probably be quite chaotic to live in the world the way it is now.  

Breaking Through the Illusion of Time

Once we breakthrough the illusion of time to be able to see how time the made up construct is needed, we can then see through to what really is behind time.  Or what life is like when we experience enough time lapses and in flow states when we are doing something we love and enjoy, there seems to be no time.  It may seem as if 5 minutes only passed and we look at the clock to realize two hours of clock time passed.

Or when we drive to a destination that usually takes a one hour drive to get to it, takes only half hour.  Now that is even more in depth to contemplate through those experiences because it is so out of the norm, it is a new experience.  That profoundness and out of the ordinary experience gives us the opportunity to contemplate more about reality and time. 

I have experienced many of these time lapses years ago and once in awhile presently when driving and being in flow, just as so many others, probably including yourself have had too.  It really takes noticing and contemplating to expand our minds to accepting that time the made up construct is really just that, a made up construct framework to use in this dimension.

Accepting and Enjoying
the Deconstructing of Time

After going through some reorientation from having another illusion broken through, or the veil lifted, we then come to the realization exactly that time the made up construct is just that, made up for this dimension of reality. 

We appreciate the great tool time is and then we can really enjoy when we do not need to use time the norm way, and we can enjoy all the time lapses or no time as we are so immersed in our enjoyment.

Delayed Choice Experiments

Many experiments have now been done which is referred to with different names.  Either delayed choice, or retro-causality, or changing the past.  It is all the same experiments with different referring names and have really puzzled and give whoever is doing the experiments something to contemplate upon what they are seeing.

Henry Stapp may be the original one to do the experiment.  Though that is not absolute as other names have also come up, but it really does not matter who originally did the experiment, the most amazing thing is that the experiment shows the actual proof of the past information being changed.

It has also been done without scientists in labs and now done with just people focusing and imagining to change things like a lazar light  to different directions, which they were able to do.  And then had another set of people do the same thing.  The difference was the second group we told the same as the first groups instructions, they did not know that they were actually watching a video of the first group doing it.  And they changed the direction in the actual video. 

In the video below at 27.46 you can hear Grand Master Wolf explain it. 

Another experiment was a group of people to change past written information in an envelope, to the new written info people were given, and it did change the past info to the new info in the envelope.  

Is the Past Really Being Changed

As I contemplated upon this question if it is really the past being changed.  With the information from Seth and experiences of my own experiments with the nature of reality, I think it may be that it may look as though we have changed the past, but it just may be that we are RECREATING in the moment which gives the illusion that the past was changed.

This is a very subtle thing because when we really weigh out the most information and wisdom known to this dimension from the best teachers as Seth, mastered yogi's etc... all points to the power is in the present (as seth taught) and the power being all that we really can literally experience and see the proof of for ourselves.

It is the present moment that everything seems to be experienced.  We can go back and forth ect... through memories (programs) but it is always still in the now that we are always doing it.  It seems we just cannot escape the NOW in any situations or experiences, other than through memories which we are still doing in the NOW.  That sure is something to continue to contemplate.

In the video below Justin goes in depth about movement of space and time.  

Take Notice of what You Really Enjoy

Now once noticing and accepting that time the made up construct is just that, then you can really relax in the enjoyment of whatever you love doing.  Take more notice of what you really enjoy doing and how there is no time when you are doing what you love.  Also keep in mind this is also a form of meditation too being so focused and immersed in what you are doing.  These are some of the things I love and enjoy doing that suspends me in no time, or timelessness.

I love writing, contemplating, being immersed in my desires as already fulfilled.  I love making my own recorded videos and audios to listen to whenever I want a power boost. 

I love cooking and love eating too.  I love now that since I changed my memory of any past fears with food, I now love and enjoy everything that I eat, and my body accepts it that way now as nutritional (no matter what it is) satisfying, enjoyable, fun and fulfilling all simultaneously.

I love interacting with others and taking notice how I have changed and actually enjoy all interactions in all ways because I now interact without judgments, opinions and just enjoy whoever I am with either on the phone or in person.  Now this is most of the time.  There are slip ups now and then but the difference is that I can catch myself so fast now and shift and change my attitude and perception and see the divine in them quicker than ever.

Since I have changed my interpretations of all challenges as big opportunities to challenge myself to do something out of the norm way, and do it the Divine Love ways that will expand my abilities to do more extraordinary abilities. 

These are just a few of my love and enjoyments that allow me to be more timeless, unless I do have planned or scheduled time things.

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