being everyone?

by Gemma
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I dunno if this counts because this question isn't about being psychic or telepathic or anything and I might just be weird or something but... lately I've been feeling sort of.. like I am everyone.
Like.. I feel like I've been everyone before, or am everyone. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong era or am tuned into peoples thoughts from older times. I know this might sound stupid but for some reason I feel really connected to certain people or cultures that have nothing to do with me. Like.. when I look at someone I feel like I know their sort of.. lifestyle. This also sometimes happens with animals.
Y'know how you get used to how you live so it's just normal to you? Like.. the smell of your house, only other people can smell it but you can't because you're used to it. I feel like I know peoples sort of.. uhhm.. way of how they live and how they feel.
I remember you before saying that you can tune into other peoples thoughts that's why I have been having ideas at the same time as other people but I don't get how that can apply to people who are already dead.
For example, I feel connected somehow to egyptian pharaohs which probably sounds really stupid, but I do.. This also happens with sort of medieval-ish villagers but mainly with the pharaohs.
I'm not sure if this is anything but.. yeah...

Anna's reply

Thanks so much for asking the question because it’s a very important part of discovery about our real selves and the nature of reality too which is also another part of evolving your consciousness. I think you are in the exact right era, it may be part of your evolving nature, life theme. The reason you may think its not could still be becoming more comfortable with it, which I think you will, the more you evolve. I believe we all choose this era for great reasons, to evolve, tune into to knowing more and finally seeing through many of the illusions of what reality really is.

Firstly it really is ALL related to ESP or psychic abilities because telepathy is really what our planet’s main functioning process is, however most not realizing it because they’re just not aware to even notice! So congrat’s to you for being aware to notice, it’s really a great opening on your path of evolving in consciousness. Because of your awareness you have raised your vibration and the affects of that is feeling and seeing others energy and also into their other dimensions that you may have also been in other lifetimes or if you have not then you are seeing other individuals lifetimes or dimensions, this is also labeled, “remote viewing.” In linear perception it’s perceived in slow down motion in lifetimes, one after the other but the higher you raise your consciousness you then see it simultaneously, more of the all at once, in the now.

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I know that to created your reality its like drawing a pictures. the problem is i keep draw the same one but a bit better. instead of drawing a new picture the way i want it. how do i draw a new picture. I used to have super powers you could say. i would create my day before it began. almost ever thing would happen but with a little twist or simply think of something and it would happen. but some were i lost believe in doing it. i told to many people and there disbelieve affected me. how do i gain back my super powers? thanx for reading i tons of cool ideas i really like the pictures one there more to it but i have hard time trying to put my thoughts into writing

Anna's reply

Hi and another great question or wondering! You can never loose what you already know and have experienced, all that has occurred is you dropped yourself to a lower vibration by allowing a belief that others can affect you and all the attached memories are what you are working from. All it will take is remembering this and focusing yourself back into the memories of your empowerment. Once you keep yourself focused on how you were before, you will tune back into your powers and become even stronger in them. Once you successfully use your powerful ability and have done it consistently it is recorded, wired in your brain and affected your DNA too. That is the reason it’s never lost. The only thing that is lost is your focus and retrieving those great memories that ARE stored and working from them forward by continued practice. It will all come back and more will be experienced in more empowering ways to experience. This is the difference in the flexibility in believing compared to the absoluteness in knowing, you know they are still all there, all you have to do is get back up to speed with your focusing thoughts upon them long enough to retrieve it all. Like Abraham says, get back into the vortex where your power is.

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Good morning, "for some reasons" I just found my way to your site and wanted to thank you for sharing all this valuable information. I look forward to putting it to practice right away and watch the magic happen. I just had one
question though.. have you won the jackpot? Just curious, because it seems like you are winning everything else :) Thanks again

Anna's reply

Thank you for enjoying my sharing of info and your comments too! You could only find my site because of the energy of attraction through similarity and curiosity of knowing more, so that’s a great sign to be noticing. And I am so glad you asked the question because you are right, I have manifested and experienced so much and for me the lottery is just like the icing on the cake. I never want to pretend either that I am not what I am and am honest always throughout my sharing of abilities and personal info. I still have more to add to the website, one is affecting or creating weather that I have experienced numerous times and still in the experimenting stages. Though this is another subject which I will eventually write about too because it’s just so empowering and amazing and shows how we really are connected to everything. Back to the lottery and if I have won the big one?

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