Answers to Many Questions of the Nature Of Reality

Scattered throughout the website there are many answers to questions that have been asked and this page is a combination of the questions gathered together with many different experiences that were shared. If you would like to ask a question, you can do so through contact or the question page, which will then be added to this page as anonymous for anyone who did not want their name mentioned. My reply's are based on my own beliefs and experiences from many great teachings and research. I experimented with it all in my own life to know for my own proof. So take what resonates for you.

I appreciate all of you who have shared your experiences and asked questions, and expand my appreciation into further submissions too. Together we learn and grow through this process, it keeps us all on the leading edge to know more.

Questions and Answers

1. Question
So if you have telekinesis and you are having a bad emotional break down of a day will your mind not meaning to but accidentally break things and you not know that this is happening and also that is it safe to be near one at this state of time and or emotion?

Anna answers
That's a great question, thanks for asking! Once you are able to use your telekinesis abilities naturally, in other words you become to master the ability, yes that's exactly what can occur. I believe that’s happening at some levels already though we are not aware of it when objects around us don't function properly. Emotion is the powerful force that affects reality. It takes learning and being responsible once mastering telekinesis and the reason it takes practice to begin with usually for most individuals. Just as many psychic abilities seem to have a safe guard contained of individual timing through practice before we can experience telekinesis. The same way we presently use our perception and warnings when a stove is hot and not to touch it.

Once you’ve have mastered telekinesis you automatically learn how to also control it by going through experiences of affecting objects. It’s the same as anything else we learn. As for affecting people around us is slightly different because of their beliefs systems which could be perceived as a safe guard. And I am quite sure that once mastering telekinesis you do learn how to control it quickly. However keep in mind that we are always affecting objects and people by our emotions not only by telekinesis. Eventually you learn to control and use it for the highest benefits. If someone does not, then the "law of creation, what we put out comes back" will eventually teach us our lesson.

Not sure if this is what youre talking about but me and my best friend are kinda telepathic.. Not like.. We like the same things but different.. We come up with the same ideas at the same time, once we were on computer chat together and we were both drawing, I had an idea to draw a picture with a quote on it so I started drawing. My friend said if they should do a quote for their's cause they wanted me to help with getting an idea and I said sure after I finished my pic I told her that it was one of my best pictures ever and that it had a quote on the side, she replied 'i'm such a wonderful inspiration' and I was thinking '...what? I came up with the idea?' it took me a while to realise we had both thought the exact same thing =P which was a bit thick of me not to realise earlier.

But it's strange, things like that happen all the time, once we were having this thing where we were just talking about secrets and stuff.. Like girls do.. Except she said something that was just like me.. Exactly, what I'm always thinking about, the whole way of thinking I have, it's hard to explain but it's like we thought in the exact same way or something.. Well.. It's kinda of like a dilemma I'm always thinking of, a worry, I have my own perfect reality, which I aspire and think about, alot. She said the exact same thing and to think that, that part of me was such a big one and that she had it too.. I just started freaking out.. I swear, it can't be a coincidence.. Like i said that was only a few examples.. But the last one made me think... How is it possible for two people to be so much alike...?

Anna answers
Yes, that's exactly what telepathy is and because the 2 of you are best friends, it's so automatic. Distance never matters, it's the 2 of you being on the same channel or frequency in consciousness that the thoughts are being picked up from one another. This is the result, being able to pick up on each others thoughts so automatically. It's great that you notice it because you both are aware so you see the proof. Remote viewing is similar, you will be able to pick up on situations and events too.

I just want to say thank you so much for putting all this up. This is the best site that I've found on this subject. You put it all into perspective and actually manage to sound rational when talking about this stuff unlike most other sites/people who post their opinions. You seem very enlightened. I'm 19, and I have been having I have been having synchronicities/psychic experiences of molding my very reality for the past few years but have not been able to control and cause them consistently. I am learning how to manifest this ability moreso now very recently through accessing my subconscious beliefs consciously. My conscious mind has become very strong and I make things happen several times daily. I got here through movies/youtube videos like What the Bleep Do We Know. The only real problems I'm having are worries that I'm not going to be able to stop myself from thinking something bad into happening and manifesting itself. That is why I hold back a lot of the time from causing things to happen. I'm afraid I won't be able to control myself once I manifest all that power into reality. Basically I guess I'm afraid of becoming schizophrenic. I'm also specifically afraid that I'll cause myself to pass out into the dream state if I cause something to happen that my subconscious mind won't be able to handle and will cause it to run rampant on reality and I will lose control of it; thus either passing out into dream state or causing something bad. I realize it's all about positivity and loving yourself (Buddhism is a great religion). But how do you personally deal with this problem (if you have it) and/or how do you think I should deal with it?
Thank you, P.S. - Thanks so much again for putting up your understanding of it. It really is the best one that I've found out there which makes the most sense.

Anna answers
Thank you so much for your beautiful words of recognition for my website. I do understand what you are going through in regards to creating and experiencing your reality and being concerned about bad or negative things being created. As I have went through the exact thoughts and feeling in the first few years when I became aware of all this powerful knowledge and then experiencing it in my creations. Remind yourself that we have always been creating our reality, the only difference now is that we know that we are, so that takes some of the edge off.

What I found and through my experiences it's a stage we go through and it's the ego mind, the old programs that are surfacing. Kinda like bringing residue of muck up to the surface of clean flowing water. And whenever these thoughts came up for me I would continue to remind myself that they are just old scared thoughts of the ego. And the only way to neutralize and calm down any fear thoughts is by loving them, by accepting them and replacing them with more loving thoughts. Think of these fear thoughts as clouds passing by and also keep reminding yourself that you do have the power to continue to choose to insert the better feeling thoughts everytime the fearful thoughts pop up. When I went through this stage I thought about it as a baby that is scared of it's shadow and how we would comfort and guide the scared thoughts of the child. I realized I wouldn't scare it with more fearful bad thoughts, but instead use love as a way to comfort the baby to loving its shadow. You know what I mean, that kind of transforming of love stuff to your bad thoughts.

It also helped as I would remind myself that this great knowledge we are learning of creating our reality has a built in kind of security system too. Through the stages we go through as we grow, learn and expand our consciousness, our creations do not materialize as quick as we want them to. You may notice that when you desire something that seems really big or something you've wanted for a long time, it takes quite awhile to manifest or experience what you want. This naturally built in system through our stages of growth takes time for what we think and then see in our reality to become physical. So knowing this also neuturalizes these fears too. Also keeping in mind the more we wonder in imagining we are adding more fuel of energy creating to it. So we can use these bad thoughts to STOP in the midsts of them and change them with our awareness.

Also I found taking a bit of a break when fear thoughts seem hard to stop and do something fun so your mind is off the seriousness of it for awhile.

Since it's been over 20 years since I became to know and experience creating reality, from doing all that I mentioned, it has become so habitual to switch or insert loving thoughts whenever fear ones pop up. You will find when you keep replacing the worry, bad or fearful thoughts with the good loving ones, it will become natural for you to insert the good ones, and you will also find you won't be lingering in imagining the bad ones as long. All from reminding yourself and doing it daily, it will become easier.

Being a conscious creator does take responsibility, just as we grow up and go through different stages from a child to adulthood, these bad fear thoughts are just another stage of growth. As you go through the stages, you will look back, as I can now, and realize there was a great reason for it all, its all part of our growth stages of learning to work with this energy.

You have such a great advantage being 19 and evolving and will be a great role model for others as you continue your evolving growth of the nature of reality. You will also find the more you change those bad thoughts to good ones, it becomes more fun then scary. All through practice until it becomes natural and habitual, and it will.

Trust your love self over your worry or fear thoughts, and you will find it will all work greatly for you. And about your dream reality, don't get lost in the worst imagining of it either. What I found works great is before falling asleep always think about loving things, like use that time to imagine the things you do want. After doing this many times, it also becomes a habit before sleep and just let the dreams create from that point without being concerned of it. Believe me, it will all take care of itself when you keep inserting love and desires you want continually, instead of worry about what you don't want.

Remember, going through all you are going through is so normal as you evolve, and you are also helping and adding to collective consciousness too.

Okay.. so I was wondering, I've been having weird psychic moments lately like, recently I was sitting and reading a book and for some reason I had a strange feeling about the thought of whether someone was going to ask me what it was about, a few moments later someone asked me and I already had a blurb composed. This has been happening to me and one of my friends ever since ending last year, except she sees visions in her dreams. She once had one about her grandpa falling down the stairs and then later that week he did and died, just recently she told me that she had a dream about getting kidnapped and got pulled into a car, she said her mum woke her up because she way screaming, about an hour later she said that something like that happened not near from where she lives and that they were killed as well. I was wondering if I could somehow control what I knew was going to happen to maybe help people? Or use it to my advantage?

My visions are nearly as interesting as my friends though, the closest thing I've got was knowing someone was going to trip over and that when me and my friend were selling cookies door to door and I didn't want to go up to one of the houses because I had a bad feeling about it, even though it looked like a normal house, later that month we found out that there was actually a secret drug lab there.. that was the only house we skipped. And that was probably good luck.. I don't have dreams about what's going to happen, I usually know a few moments before hand and rarely an hour. Sometimes me and my friends write together and lately our plots have been coming true also, I was even about to write a book about our plots coming to life! Anyway.. sorry for bombarding you with all this stuff.. I'd love to hear your opinion :)

Anna answers
Your questions are fantastic, it allows others to also make sense of more that is going on in reality to realize, so I thank you for sharing your experiences and asking profound question.

The short answer is, you create all of your reality, ever single bit, all of it. When we no longer deny that wisdom, then we unveil all illusions to dissolve.

I could answer your question through the illusion of predictions, which would be a stage before coming to the realization that though it appears as if we are predicting reality, really in the nature of reality, we are really creating and not predicting. In the early stages of psychic awareness we still may be seeing through illusions that make experiences appear other then what is really going on. Predicting the future defines meaning that we are seeing something in advance through consciousness and then we give it more fueled energy by focusing our attention on it. This is what then creates the result of what we then experience.

So for all that you have mentioned of your experiences and your friends experiences, it really is all of the same thing, visions, dreams, intuition are like tools that allow us to peak into consciousness and other dimensional realities. Since everything that anyone ever has ever thought about becomes recorded into consciousness, then it makes sense that any thought then can also be retrieved too. This is really important wisdom because it breaks down many illusions of what we believe is going on and getting right to the sparks of creating reality.

Your first experience of picking up on intuition of someone asking you something and you following your intuition and then preparing a blurb that someone then asks you about is telepathy, synchronicity and reality being created. If you just seen it as you predicted the experience, then you would be missing out on a big missing piece of how reality naturally works. When we go deeper into the working of reality and creation, we then realize that we are never predicting it, we are creating it. Reality is so fluid that we are continuously changing it all of the time depending on our own beliefs and expectations. Most of this goes unnoticed because of not connecting the dots along the way.

Would your friends vision of her grandfather falling and dying would of become a reality if the vision picked up was changed to a different scenario? The nature of reality answer is Yes! The outcome is changed by how we observe it by the focus of attention we give it, interlinked with beliefs and expectations. This is very important, however never to attach any blame in any experiences, because harsh ego judgments as this only fuels more experiences of negative or fear energy. There is always co-creation going on too. Your friend’s grandfather is creating reality too, whether he was aware of it or not, we can’t escape creating reality because we are doing it all the time and always have. Most individuals just don’t realize what is always going on and don’t have the perception to connect the dots. Her grandfather has many other reasons that we may not even realize that is going on in what he co-created with all others involved that affects the combination of their realities. In other words could there have been another outcome? Yes again depending on your friend’s beliefs and expectations combined with co-creation of her grandfathers too. Most importantly your perception mixed with your beliefs that intermingling create the outcome that will be experienced in your reality.

The most important part for us is to work with this knowledge to be aware of what vision we are picking up and then insert as best as we can to direct our thoughts to what we prefer to be created as a result. It’s in understanding that there are infinite dimensional realities going on simultaneously in consciousness, all the time, and we are the one that is creating by picking through our free will the one we prefer. Though this does take a lot of practice and awareness, while we go through many challenging experiences until we can use our empowering control consciously by choosing thoughts we would prefer, it’s always worth it. While we remind ourselves not to judge any of it either.

In the early stages of psychic awareness, this may seem like a big responsibility. It will depend on how willing and desirous you are to enfold in this responsibility too. However I have found that denying it only delays it for another time to eventually pursue if it's a desire from your heart, or infinite part of yourself.

Writing a book about your experiences I think is a fantastic idea, and when you are ready I know a great company. That way you can share your experiences with others that are also ready to know more, it always helps when we know others that are going through similar things. And in regards to you and your friends noticing of what you write about and your reality seems to be showing how it’s enfolding in your own personal life’s experiences, that’s exactly what does occur.

Again it’s not so subtle when we connect the dots of the puzzle that allows us the realizations of how reality is working and coming together. It is showing you quite simply that creating your personal reality energizes you to similar vibrations. It shows you that the book is really alive in a sense, words you are writing about of the thoughts that you are giving lots of attention too will become what you see reflected around you to realize by showing you the proof that you are creating your reality. It only seems weird or spooky when it’s still unknown of how reality works. Once you know from seeing your own proof, as the two of you are experiencing lately, has always been going on, it’s just now you are questioning it and the proof is being revealed for you to believe it now to know. Showing you the answering to your questions in a real live way.

Knowing everything is energy, which actually energy is information, so the words your write, the thoughts you focus intently on, your emotions, your verbal speaking, everything is energy, information and comes to life literally. This is a major reason it is taught so repetitiously by many master teachers. By being more carefully aware of what you are putting your attention upon, because it will be creating reality. When you are really ready to take this responsibility to heart, then not only will you find more and more of your life will become seeming like magical, you we also learn as you grow and evolve in consciousness to better control it all too.

Hello, thanks a lot for your amazing web-site. I've been reading about reality shifts lately and I need some help. Something tragical happened to me in the last months. Physical injuries, now I know I can change this by means of shift, but I need exact information on how to slide into a parallel world where this didn't happen to me.
Thanks in advance. Best wishes

Anna answers
My partner was in a very bad accident years ago and I understand the impact of a bad accident and injuries that he went through and how I shifted to experiencing the reality of him being not only healed but also alive. You can read the beginning of my experience through this link, our past changes.  From my experience of shifting to the reality that you are healed from your injuries, or for another, and the only way that I have done it is to keep as much of your attention on what you prefer. That means if you are in pain and fear, or whatever your injuries, you must constantly keep your mind focused on being already completely healed.

Now for switching to a reality that the accident didn't occur, I do believe that anything is possible and that we are not going back to the past, we are switching to a reality where the accident did not occur. Now this takes being in such a consistent focus to be in that state of being until the switch occurs. However it does take being such a master of reality because many old programs of beliefs can get in the way which creates it being so challenging to do. So the main most important thing to do right now is keeping yourself focused on what you prefer as much as you can when the present injured reality keeps trying to detour your focus from what you want. This way there may not be as much resistance to the complete shift that the accident didn't occur, but at least you will be continuously shifting to better and better healing realities if the resistance is strong.

When i found out my partner was in a accident and already transferred to a hospital in the city, and called the hospital, they said he didn't make it, he died.  I at first went hysterical, but then stopped and said, no this can't be, they had to make a mistake.  So I literally calmed myself down, and kept repeating he is alive!!!  Because i was an hour drive from the hospital, i told my sons to go, as they were only 5 min away, and I left to drive to it.  all the way driving, i kept repeating and seeing him alive.  Within 20 minutes, i received a call on my cell that he was alive but in bad shape.

When I arrived at the hospital the doctor told me he was in very bad dire conditions, the whole time for days I continued to keep imagining through visualizing only what I wanted to have my mate already healed with no brain damage. Every single time a negative or doubt thought appeared, I quickly imagine what I wanted as a result. It seemed as a miracle happened, meaning, what seemed impossible did become possible. It was so amazing because it was exactly how I kept imagining it, is how it became. Even though I knew it was that I was switching to the reality of how I wanted all of the outcome to already be. I really do think that if I allowed fear to take me over, I would of then been in the reality of the dire results.

I also went from one day of dire conditions when he was in the hospital to changing their diagnosis to what I preferred that he would be perfectly normal and released within a week.  This also took allot of focus until eventually that is what happened.  This just was the most amazing profound experience I have gone through in regards to changing the past or shifting realities.  When you yourself go through testing and proving it to yourself, it is so profound that it totally transforms everything of old beliefs and false truths of reality.

It's the state of being you continue to stay in even when the present reality is showing you what you didn't want. The state of being with your thoughts and emotions being as if you are already healed or as if you never had the accident to begin with. As I said, this last part can be done but it may be your biggest challenge that can be transformed into you most amazing opportunity into experiencing it.

I am wondering, if I'm working on healing but strong doubts that I can’t do it keep coming up, how do I keep the faith?

Anna answers
Especially at first it may be a bit challenging because of the old memories of thoughts that continue to surface when you are trying to focus on already being healed. This is where consistent practice comes in, every time thoughts of whatever you are working on healing come up, just insert the new preferred thoughts of already seeing and feeling as if it is healed. New memories of healing must be recorded in our brain so that eventually it will be easy to retrieve the new memories of being healed. That is the reason to continue to insert the new thoughts of already being healed until it becomes easier and easier to retrieve whenever doubt surfaces. I have found that by doing this for a couple weeks consistently, doubt really does fade and then so easily the new thoughts are replaced every time the unhealed area of doubt thoughts pops up. However, the healing may not have completely changed yet, again that's because of old beliefs. Just by continued repetition of inserting healed thoughts, eventually you will see the proof of the healing take place.

hi ann love your website and cant wait to get your books, my question is this, i love the idea of alternate realities, that when we make a choice in this dimension, that alters the course in our life, another dimension continues on with another choice, so even if we make the wrong choice, we are on the right path in another universe and continue our life, what i want to know is, are the people in the alternate universes still us,,or fragments of us, so that i am living the life i would have lived had i made other choices, or taking it a step further could we be fragments of alternate selves and the original on another universe.

Anna answers

What a fantastic question! You are so right, in my knowledge of wisdom of my experiences, I would agree with you that whatever choices we make, continues in alternative dimensional universes consistently. Whether we judge the choices as right or wrong, in other dimensions they are being lived out, yet from our infinite self, there is no right or wrong, only experiences.

I believe that it’s fragments of ourselves because really everything is a fragment of the whole originally, holographically. The only separation we perceive is depending on our beliefs that give the illusion of separation that define our perception as being separate alternative selves.

I think about it as multi tasking, using the analogy that I can talk on the phone to a friend while doing dishes, and making coffee and change the channel on the radio, feed the animals, think and talk and reply all at the same time. When we compare this analogy to our infinite self that is experiencing alternate realities of dimensional universes similar to how we multi task is like our physical limited perception we perceive all of it as separate, yet its multi creations of experiences simultaneously going on.

In regards to alternate selves and an original self on another universe, this is how I comprehend it to be. In linear time before our physical birth we are our infinite self of totality. We may stagger in residues fragmented until the totality aligns as sometimes occurs when we die, or pass from our physical bodies. So when we acknowledge that we are infinite beings that journey into a focused path into our physical body, we block out infinite dimensions of universal realities that are going on simultaneously in consciousness. So we are only seeing a fragment of what’s really going on, kind like we have amnesia when we are born into physical, as a safe guard so that we can function first in physical until we are ready to lift from the amnesia, which is when we start to remember, or what is referred to awakening or enlightenment.

So in that sense we are fragmented just by taking the physical journey into birth upon this plane of earth dimension. We are denser literally until we start to become enlightened, that is really the amnesia dissolving. So any alternative dimensional reality we are experiencing, and it does seem that we are perpetually doing this all the time, the only difference is, in our slowed down frequency of linear perception makes it appear that we are not.

So then which you, which dimensional universe? It’s all the one totality of the infinite you, fragmented into the body appearing or perceiving other dimensions we are in as fragments of ourselves. In other words, yes, we are fragments of alternate selves when perceived as separate. And the other alternative selves that are on the other universal universes, that is the same as referring to another or other dimensions is different focuses of our attention. So, just as we are fragmented in the sense when we in physical body right now and only perceive fragments of reality, would be the same as when we switch to alternative selves in other dimensional universes too. We are only as fragmented as we believe to perceive ourselves to be. When we get into the zero point gap, out of linear perceiving, which is referred as meditation, cleared of our subconscious linear thoughts, where we can perceive no time into these other dimensional universes that we originally came from before birth anyway. Opening our limited self to peak into seeing more of what’s going on that we previously blocked out.

8.Sharing Experience of Self Healing
Today I think I realised for the first time that I am capable of "self-healing". I was sat on my bed clutching my head. I was suffering from a horrific migraine, I often get them when I watch a computer screen or read for too long. Out of desperation from the sheer excruciating pain I begin to do these weird flowy movements with my hands around my head, as if I was pulling this sticky gunk out of my forehead and crown. I know this sounds like quite a crazy thing to do but, I don't know, it just seemed right at the time. After about two or three minutes, I got up and realised that it had dimmed to a faint throb, almost completely gone. Normally I would have dismissed this and myself as completely gaga, as I am very skeptical of this kind of stuff. But weirdly, I felt scared. I can't quite explain it, the feeling I mean. But I certainly felt bizarre. Apart from mere coincidence, the only thing I can think of to describe what I may have done, is that I manipulated the earth's immediate energy field around my body. I felt in almost complete control. I know this may seem like a complete overreaction, to reach such a conclusion from something so small, but it's just how I feel.

Anna's reply
Hi Tom, and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Exactly what you have described from all that I have learned and experienced about energy and body, is exactly what you have done. You took total responsibility for what you subconsciously created as a migraine and opened to your inner intuition to know how to heal yourself. The migraine from being on computer too long is also a belief you have subconsciously created too, maybe to urge yourself to try self healing. Whenever you are ready, you can also create a different belief to no longer have to go through any pain as a result. The work involved to do that is to create a different belief by inserting new thoughts of potential whenever being on the computer, it takes repetition of a few weeks until you override the old belief. For example, instead of thinking whenever you are on the computer of the old thoughts to create the migraine, instead think of something like, whenever you are on the computer your eyes are becoming clearer and you feel refreshed. That is only an example, you can choose anything as long as it’s a better potential thought then the old thoughts of beliefs that creates the migraine.

Our body is energy and when we use our hands we are actually moving the energy flow and by focusing on the desire to heal, speeds up the process. You did affect the energy and created it to disappear of pain by pulling out the sticky guck of toxic thoughts that accumulated. I suffered from migraines for years before self healing and have used my hands in a similar way to have the migraine pain disappear within minutes too. Its feedback for ourselves of how powerful we really are. Powerful enough to create a migraine and powerful enough to recreate it to be out of pain, quickly.

So really congratulate yourself for the great intuition and work you have done to experience your quick healing. The weird or scary feeling you are having is only a residue of lingering old beliefs that always pop up when you take your power back and experience your powerful self, it’s just being a bit out of your normal comfort zone. The more you continue to do this with pain or any illnesses, you will become more and more comfortable with your own power of self healing and it will become more natural for you. The weird feelings will change and the exciting feelings will replace it. This is not really a small experience, it’s a great experience that will expand you to want to do more for more experiences of what you can do. So do share with us the next healing success you have, it helps others who are interested in it too.

9. Question in black
My answer in purple

I'm just trying to make sense of everything. So... we make our own reality? Always honor yourself for asking questions because it’s the questioning that creates you to expand to grow to know more, so it’s very beneficial. They are great questions!
I've been having more psychic moments recently and they've been occurring more often.
They will occur more often because you have expanded your beliefs from noticing these psychic experiences more often, so you are expanding your perception, so it’s a natural occurrence that will continue to happen the more you notice it.

Things like me knowing test answers/competition answers, knowing whether or not someone will be doing something etc. but with the whole 'we create our own reality' thing I've been feeling kind of lonely.
I do understand about feeling a bit lonely when going through these experiences because it’s not into the mainstream yet so we are still a smaller percentage that are not only interested but also experiencing more than others who are not interested or aware. I love how Abraham-Hicks explains it, “we are on the leading edge” it really is a very powerful state of being to be in. Keep in mind that if it weren’t for new discoveries and for people being and thinking out of the ordinary we would never have planes, phones, cell phones, computers and so on, so being alone with some of this stuff is normal until the mass population catches up. You will find so many advantages to it all and eventually also find others who are interested popping up more and more. So really you may feel a bit alone with it for a time but you are never lonely especially with the internet to connect.

I feel like I know what everyone is going to say and that no one has their own ideas. Or that whenever I come up with an idea someone else has already done it the week before and I have known nothing about it.
Keep in mind that the reason you are noticing this is because consciousness is infinitely filled with all realities, so whenever you ask a question or think about something and the reason you are noticing that it seems to be already out there is because it is. Every though we think we are picking from infinite frequency’s of dimensional reality of consciousness. So no one has their own ideas, we are picking them from different levels of consciousness where all thoughts exist. If we can think the thought that means it’s already thought of and is added to consciousness or recycled thoughts of consciousness. Depending on the frequency vibrations we are on will be dependent on the thoughts we will be choosing from of which level of the recycling hologram of consciousness. Everyone is doing it all the time but most are not aware that they are doing it.

Do the things I think will come true come true if I believe they will?
Yes, if you believe it then you will see the evidence of what you believe around you. It has always been this way for everyone, again it is magnified now because you are aware of it more. And it doesn’t have to be a fearful thing instead it can be an empowering way of seeing it because you have expanded your perception. Fear thoughts are picked out of fear frequency of consciousness and will always be available to choose, just as non fearful thoughts are available to choose from too.

I know this is kind of random but I think 2 days ago I had a random urge to see how fast I could type the alphabet and that I might come across it somewhere or something, I'm not sure what I was thinking, I just randomly thought, 'I need to see how fast I can type the alphabet.' then the next day I found out one of my favourite people on youtube had uploaded a video about how fast you can type the alphabet. If we create our own reality why did I get that idea so suddenly? I wasn't even doing anything to do with it and then it just kind of.. hit me?
Yes you are still creating your reality however as previously explained that all thoughts are contained in consciousness for the choosing to create reality. The idea popped into your mind because you must have been thinking about something somewhere along the time line of either the favorite person on youtube because that is the only way that you’d be able to pick up on that consciousness of thought. Many times it may seem as if it was random, but nothing is ever random in regards to energy, reality, vibration and frequency’s or consciousness. The thoughts may have been so fleeting that you missed recalling it through hindsight, but there has to be a connection for you to have tuned into to pick up on the idea. Just like tuning into a radio channel, all the channels are available but we won't hear them until we tune the dial in.

Also, if we all control our reality, what are other people? If they can control their reality why do they not see all this weird psychic stuff happen?
Most people don’t control their reality because most people are not even aware they are creating their reality. Even for the people who don’t know they are creating it, they are still creating it but without awareness of how or that they are, they believe and see it as things just happen to them. The only reason they are not seeing psychic things is because they are not focused on it, they could and would see it if they were focusing on it, which would expand their perception. Let’s use the analogy of You Tube as consciousness in reality. You tube has millions of video’s available to watch anytime, so all the video’s available is like consciousness, consciousness is all the different levels of frequency’s of thoughts, they are available all the time. However just like youtube has millions of video’s under thousands of categories available to watch, people can choose only the one’s they are interested in to view. Consciousness in reality is the same, the different categories or levels of consciousness is like the different varieties of categories and many more thousands or millions of videos under the categories. So whenever you choose any thoughts you are choosing thoughts from many different categories or frequency’s to create from. And other people are choosing too but may not be aware that they are, you notice it more, for those not aware they are automatically choosing from old beliefs, so it goes unnoticed.

Another thing, which probably isn't so good, I've been reading some of the other posts on people saying that they were worried that they wouldn't be able to stop bad things from happening if they thought of them, that's been happening to me as well except the bad things have been coming true. I heard an article on the radio about there being a tornado somewhere in the world and the news broadcaster said that some girls were worried that they caused it because they said 'wouldn't it be cool if a tornado was here, I've never seen one before' then I was worried I was going to think of one where I lived and I tried to ignore it but then there was a tornado just outside where I lived just the next day ( What if this happens with other things?
Remind yourself often that this is happening all the time, most just are not aware of how reality works, so you have an advantage, you can choose your thoughts you want to see reflect and be created around you. There is only one way to do this and that is by reminding yourself that because you are now aware of the nature of reality that you can choose non fearful thoughts instead of fearful ones. By continuing to focus on fear thoughts you will find more reflections, so its important when a fear thought pops up to remind yourself that you can change your picking right in the moment and focus on better things to focus upon. What you have been doing is subconsciously testing yourself to see the feedback of your proof of how this all works, the more comfortable you become with it the more naturally you will feel with it too. And picking non fearful thoughts will become more habitual too the more you do it. You are becoming to realize just how powerful you are, I went through the same stages years ago too. This stage is just another level of realization of the nature of reality for yourself, an opportunity to learn and grow with your new awareness of your power. It’s powerful because you are becoming so aware of it all, so then you will find that you naturally will start to keep your focusing on the good thoughts and watch them multiply in creations and reflections around you.

Another kinda bad thing, well.. really bad.. when someone pisses me off bad things happen to them, this happened once or twice but now it happens every time, especially to my best friend, but.. she gets on my nerves the most, like... She would insult a picture I drew and a glass of water would fall on hers. She would call me a bitch then trip over, things like that. And that happens every time now. Is that bad? Is it me doing that? Or is it karma or something else entirely? Does karma even exist?
It’s always a co-creating reality in a sense because in reality you can’t make bad things happen to others, just as trying to make good things happen to others, unless they're on the same vibration. There is always a connection in consciousness between others and yourself. When you think of something bad happening to her, she had to have tuned into those thoughts from her own beliefs that created her to react. Your friend insulting something you’ve done and for her to then reap a consequence means that she also has similar beliefs. Maybe one of guilt? After she has done something her guilt kicks in and your mild revenge kicks in and it synchronizes together to create the reality the two of you then experience. Guilt and revenge have over laying frequency ranges. If your friend didn't have beliefs in those ranges, her reactions would of been different. As a result you would not have noticed any synch either.

Observing all of this with awareness creates seeing things similar to slow motion, so that the pieces of how it works are united. More importantly and what I do is just ignore what any other is doing and instead keep your attention on yourself, this also removes so many confusing factors in reality. Really it always comes back to our own self anyway if you are really getting to the root of reality and creation of it. Take all the experiences you are concerned about and address them to yourself. Example, ask yourself, “what is it in me that see’s it this way?” Realizing that your perception is filtered and coming from you as you see everything going on in your reality. The more you do this and the more you change,the more you will also see reflections of it too in others.

Karma does exist in the understanding that “whatever you put out, you get back” not just you, but this goes for everyone whether they are aware of it or not, being aware is what shows us the proof that reality does work this way. What a amazing design because this eventually keeps us returning to ourselves and working on ourselves to the point that blaming, fear and judging dissolves because we then realize from all the proof we experience that we then will choose to just put out as much of the good energy to receive it back. Good or bad, love or fear, its all about the learning experiences.
Sorry for all the questions, thanks for all your help :) So keep the questions coming because that just means you are expanding in your beliefs and empowerment, and that’s a great state of being to be in.

10. Question
I dunno if this counts because this question isn't about being psychic or telepathic or anything and I might just be weird or something but... lately I've been feeling sort of.. like I am everyone. Like.. I feel like I've been everyone before, or am everyone. Sometimes I feel like I'm in the wrong era or am tuned into peoples thoughts from older times. I know this might sound stupid but for some reason I feel really connected to certain people or cultures that have nothing to do with me. Like.. when I look at someone I feel like I know their sort of.. lifestyle. This also sometimes happens with animals. Y'know how you get used to how you live so it's just normal to you? Like.. the smell of your house, only other people can smell it but you can't because you're used to it. I feel like I know peoples sort of.. uhhm.. way of how they live and how they feel. I remember you before saying that you can tune into other peoples thoughts that's why I have been having ideas at the same time as other people but I don't get how that can apply to people who are already dead. For example, I feel connected somehow to egyptian pharaohs which probably sounds really stupid, but I do.. This also happens with sort of medieval-ish villagers but mainly with the pharaohs. I'm not sure if this is anything but.. yeah...

Anna's reply

Thanks so much for asking the question because it’s a very important part of discovery about our real selves and the nature of reality too which is also another part of evolving your consciousness. I think you are in the exact right era, it may be part of your evolving nature, life theme. The reason you may think its not could still be becoming more comfortable with it, which I think you will, the more you evolve. I believe we all choose this era for great reasons, to evolve, tune into to knowing more and finally seeing through many of the illusions of what reality really is.

Firstly it really is ALL related to ESP or psychic abilities because telepathy is really what our planet’s main functioning process is, however most not realizing it because they’re just not aware to even notice! So congrat’s to you for being aware to notice, it’s really a great opening on your path of evolving in consciousness. Because of your awareness you have raised your vibration and the affects of that is feeling and seeing others energy and also into their other dimensions that you may have also been in other lifetimes or if you have not then you are seeing other individuals lifetimes or dimensions, this is also labeled, “remote viewing.” In linear perception it’s perceived in slow down motion in lifetimes, one after the other but the higher you raise your consciousness you then see it simultaneously, more of the all at once, in the now.

You are exactly tuning into other individuals, people and animals and seeing their energy, not in just this one moment of how they are but also of their past and future. You can also do the same thing with objects. Just as psychics will hold an object of someone who is missing and are then able to tune into the info that will show them locations and other info of the missing person. This is labeled, “psychometry” so it is a ESP or a psychic ability. We all have this ability, it’s whether we are using it or not, and you are!. Objects, people, animals, trees, actually everything holds energy that stores information and this is what you are picking up or tuning into. All these abilities that are labeled individually can be mixed into one label, “Extra Sensory Perception” this way it all can be known as connection instead of separating all these abilities. It all really comes down to opening yourself up as you are and using more abilities that you are noticing and it’s a great sign showing you that you really are evolving in knowing more about reality. Not only that you have awakened and are now ascending because you are opening to knowing more about the true nature of reality. It could be one of your major life themes too.

In regards to tuning into people that are dead, yes foresure! Many channeler’s do just that, channeling is another label for opening up a clear signal for transmission and many channeler’s not only pick up information that is wisdom to share, many are from people who have passed on or died, others are from future beings, its quite a mixture. Again this is the ability you are experiencing of tuning into the other dimensions, death, future, past beings and information.

Using the best analogy is a T.V. and cable channels and if we think of it that before people “awake” meaning open up to remembering these abilities, they have not opened up to perceive more channels, they are watching only one channel all the time, the conformed not awake or not open channel, which is no beliefs in anything other that is going on in the conformed reality, don’t belief in evolving consciousness, psychic abilities ect…. But you and I and others who are awakening, opening up, expanding to perceive more ect….are like tuning into many, many more channels. All the channels are there for the choosing, just like a T.V. that you can tune into many channels to watch, but others who are not opening or tuning in are only watching one channel all the time, you are now tuning into and watching or seeing more.

There can be different reasons why you are tuning in and picking up information of the Egyptian era and people, could be a past life of yours you feel an emotional connection to or a message to retrieve that will also guide you in more awareness about something. Continue to go with it to retrieve as much as you can, you will then know the purpose for tuning into it. Doing this for anything or anyone you are tuning into and getting information about, there must be some kinds of messages for you to retrieve for you to know.

Again thanks for your question and if more wonderings pop up, again feel free to just ask!

11. Question

I know that to created your reality its like drawing a pictures. the problem is i keep draw the same one but a bit better. instead of drawing a new picture the way i want it. how do i draw a new picture.

I used to have super powers you could say. i would create my day before it began. almost ever thing would happen but with a little twist or simply think of something and it would happen. but some were i lost believe in doing it. i told to many people and there disbelieve affected me. how do i gain back my super powers? thanx for reading i tons of cool ideas i really like the pictures one there more to it but i have hard time trying to put my thoughts into writing

Anna's reply

Hi and another great question or wondering! You can never loose what you already know and have experienced, all that has occurred is you dropped yourself to a lower vibration by allowing a belief that others can affect you and all the attached memories are what you are working from. All it will take is remembering this and focusing yourself back into the memories of your empowerment. Once you keep yourself focused on how you were before, you will tune back into your powers and become even stronger in them. Once you successfully use your powerful ability and have done it consistently it is recorded, wired in your brain and affected your DNA too. That is the reason it’s never lost. The only thing that is lost is your focus and retrieving those great memories that ARE stored and working from them forward by continued practice. It will all come back and more will be experienced in more empowering ways to experience. This is the difference in the flexibility in believing compared to the absoluteness in knowing, you know they are still all there, all you have to do is get back up to speed with your focusing thoughts upon them long enough to retrieve it all. Like Abraham says, get back into the vortex where your power is.

About other people affecting you, years ago I had many of the same experiences and became to perceive it more powerful by using it all as an opportunity to test myself and my wisdom. Transform all the negative low vibrational thoughts of people being able to affect you who are doubtful to be a catalyst for you to test yourself and rise above. Which means all those people are your greatest teachers for your testing to take you to the next higher level, they are YOUR OPPORTUNITY to excel even further now. This is what Bashar refers to as “responding differently” and by doing this you will know actually get excited when other people trigger doubt or disbelief and that will become your inspiration that fuels to ignite your own knowing to sustain beyond all others disbelief. That’s the reason other disbelievers can become a great trigger for you to be empowering instead of disempowering.

For now just lie low, in other words, don’t talk about it for awhile to others who are disbelievers while simultaneously working on yourself by using them as your opportunity to excel and be inspired by it all. This will help in any resistance you need to work through and also at the same time be empowering yourself as you now perceive them as inspiration instead of a fear threat to you that keeps you in victim mentality. You then gain your energy back to yourself which is no longer being or feeling like a victim, instead you are feeling and being as an empowered being as you were before. But now with more learning from the new way to perceive and respond with a higher vibration of mastering instead of the old way of fear and being a victim because of other people. Also to keep in mind that all this you have experienced was for the greatest learning or higher reason to know more through mirror reflection or law of attraction that you attracted to you to learn more about yourself that you still had some disbelief maybe some left over residue in yourself to work through. Seeing it as a benefit and a great learning experience that releases any self judgment.

Also picturing is absolutely a powerful way, it’s imagining and when you create those pictures to become like imagining video’s with sounds and emotions they become even more energized to implode into created reality quicker. You may then also find it easier to express in writing too. I know you will do it very easily and get back on track with your powers and do keep us informed about your progress as it helps others going through similar experiences.

12. Question

I wanted to thank you for sharing all this valuable information. I look forward to putting it to practice right away and watch the magic happen. I just had one question though.. have you won the jackpot? Just curious, because it seems like you are winning everything else :) Thanks again

Anna's reply

Thank you for enjoying my sharing of info and your comments too! You could only find my site because of the energy of attraction through similarity and curiosity of knowing more, so that’s a great sign to be noticing. And I am so glad you asked the question because you are right, I have manifested and experienced so much and for me the lottery is just like the icing on the cake in regards to what I believed to be of my biggest manifestations. I never want to pretend either that I am not what I am and am honest always throughout my sharing of abilities and personal info. I still have more to add to the website, one is affecting or creating weather that I have experienced numerous times and still in the experimenting stages. Though this is another subject which I will eventually write about too because it’s just so empowering and amazing showing how we really are connected to everything. Back to the lottery and if I have won the big one?

Firstly, no I have not. You already have come to realize that it sure is my intention and on my list of desires to manifest. I am too learning just as we all are in this lifetime, that I am a creator and miscreated to learn about contrast and resistance and then deliberately create too see the proof that this is really what is going on all of the time, which is the inspiration that keeps me going on this path and probably you too. I have always had the intuitive feeling that money was a central theme in my life and now have come to absolutely know it. I have realized that I have 2 central themes in this lifetime and one is becoming to master deliberate creation simply and easily and sustaining the evolving into more unknown to know, (awakening and ascending) the other is money and resolving all the blocks that are still limiting me from it once and for all.

I have also come to realize many of the reasons why I have not manifested a big jackpot yet and I think it all has to do with many things I learned to do that I may not have done if I had already won. I may have procrastinated on my psychic abilities because if I had so much money I think I would of detoured longer on this path. However now coming to many insights and through so many financial challenges my whole life it has now, presently came to my realization of so many things I have learned through the process of my challenges. Too much too even go into right now but believe me there has been allot that I have learned before my big win that I may not have learned if I had already won.

So with all that said I feel more ready then ever because of what I have learned about myself and reality. Especially now that I have realized it’s a main theme for me this lifetime, this is really inspiring me and gearing up my energy to transform all this resistance that has been blocking my abundance of prosperity and deservingness. It took learning how some things manifested so easily for me and other things did not, knowing my own beliefs to transform them to unleash the energy to be an open conduit for mega money. I also know that there may also be other higher reasons and I am now opening up to trusting that too and just allowing whatever I need to go through, while knowing I am closer then ever. For all of you who are still paying attention to all this creating money or lotteries, once it’s created being a manifestation for me or for anyone else on this path of winning big, it will be a great exuberant confirmation for any of us as more proof of creating our reality. Just as it was for Cynthia Stratford who won 112 million through visualizing or imagining it and then experiencing it in her reality.

You can read many experiences of people who had stated even though its subconscious to them, they say I just knew I would win or it’s surreal just as I imagined and many other things they say in interviews that just comes out verbally. Us knowing everything is energy and there are no accidents, everything is always being creating depending on our beliefs and expectations, the same with luck too. Seeing through all the illusions of the nature of creating proves that over and over again. Believe me I will always share winning the jack pot and any other amazing experiences through this website, so you’ll be one of the first to know, well other then family. I always like to have the experiences of my desires manifested first before sharing them, that way I can share most of what I know from my experiences as more guidance for others.

13. Question

Alot of woman have had psychic dreams but i am only 13 yet and i have experienced one... 3 nights ago, in my dream, i walked into my room and wasps in groups of 100's were all over my bed and curtains. in the end corner of my room was a hole and hundreds of wasps were constantly coming out from the hole leading up to the loft. In the corner of the loft was their nest, the wasps never harmed me i was in shock i walked in had a look then i walked out. When i woke up i told my little brother, he wasn't that interested.

The next day my friend came over and we wanted to play monopoly so me and my brother went up to the loft to get it, while we were up there my brother say a wasp trapped in this plastic cover over an old dress. We discussed it and were quite creeped out, but we just thought it was a coincidence. I told my mum and dad, but they just said the same. But tonight, i suggested a family game of monopoly, but the dice was one i made because we lost the other one. So my brother told me to go and get one out one of the other board games in the loft. So i got the ladders and climbed up, i got the dice then went to check if that wasp was still their but it had gone. I checked in the corner of the loft where in my dream that's where the wasps nest was. and... there u go about 20 wasps flying around a nest.

I was instantly shocked, but then i started to panic as i quickly got out before they had harmed me. As i hit the ground i just broke down in tears, i just couldn't believe it. i ran down the stairs statically, i told my family as we all ran upstairs to check. My dad went up first and said shes right. My mum gave me a kiss on the fore head and said you have a wee gift. My mum is very spiritual, and interested in that kind of stuff and believes. She said i could have been levitating in my sleep, or maybe someone visited me and told me. but i am a bit worried and still very confused, will i have another true dream?
Jaye, Scotland

Anna's reply

Hi Jaye, it so great that your mother believes and understands these spiritual connections you had experienced. It’s so comforting when you have love and support. You will probably have more experiences as you did with your dream, labeled premonition dreams because these experiences usually only happen when you can handle it. The experience is showing you the connections between your dreams and reality. You may have also had an unconscious unaware desire also to have a psychic experience too.

The confusion you are experiencing is only because it’s your first psychic experience and it’s still new to you. Just like anything else in our lives, when it’s new and more out of the ordinary, it’s a bit uncomfortable at first. However the more experiences you have of these insights and picking up information as you did with the wasps, the more comfortable you’ll become with it and the more you will have too.

There are many varieties of where the information may have came through to you from, but it‘s through telepathy and remote viewing. When we dream or are in a focused state we gain access to other dimensions that are out of time and space of our every day linear reailty and dreams are in that sense another dimension. So whether you were picking up information from another source of spiritual entities, or your higher self there is one way to know and that is to ask yourself where the message and information came from. When you ask yourself the question and then sit quietly for awhile and allow the answer to come, it will, many answers may come and most importantly if you go with the one that resonates with you, the one that feels good with a heart felt feeling like you just know, usually that’s the answer. You also could have been levitating in your dream or out of body which we are when we dream, we just don’t realize it until we go deeper to know more about all this unknown to know more about what is really going on.

I believe these are divine gifts we do have, and everyone does have these gifts or abilities. These abilities are always available to use when we are ready and when we are curious and desire to experience more. Even if it’s a bit uncomfortable to you now, but as you experience more of them, you become so much less confused and more comfortable with these psychic experiences. What I found when I first started with my psychic experiences that the more I researched and read about them to learn more about psychic and reality, the more the confusing feelings go away too, because confusing only means not understanding what is going on, once you understand more about the nature of reality, confusing things dissolve and excitement takes over, and then so many amazing things like this become part of your daily experiences. You will even become to deliberately create things you want and watch them become true more and more in your own life. And the tears you cried is so good, because that means you were releasing and letting go of old beliefs that land up changing as new beliefs become created from more of these kinds of experiencing too.

One more thing I just noticed is that you said you are 13 years young and as I am inserting this into my page right now I noticed that you are number 13 on the page too, that is also not just a coincidence! It’s another experience of synchronicity, showing you a sign of aligning of energy. A great way of practicing with picking up energy in real time is practicing the cards.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, if you have any more questions, just ask and also when you have more new experiences share them with us because it helps others as that are going through similar things. Remember the more you come to know, the more experiences you have and the more exciting life gets for you too.

14. Question
Hi there. just a quick question re Hooponopono. I am not depressed but always have felt deep longing for whatever I do not have or am not. Even if I get that thing the longing never goes away simply transfers to other things etc. i'm not greedy or ungrateful but it seems Im never at peace and there seems to be no pleasure in life. just feel empty all the time and go through the motions of life. I'm an enneagram 4 type so I know this is a common pattern. I have done Hoopononpono on and off the last two years but doesn’t seem to be working, am i doing something wrong. i just want to feel at peace and enjoy life. Not bothered about material stuff. hope you can shed some light on it. many thanks for your great posts.

Anna's reply

Longing for what you don’t have for material things seems to be normal for most people, but deeply it’s more of experiencing what we don’t have. So once you experience having what you want usually people want more things for the experience of it. But if the wanting is to fill a void then from my experiences the void never becomes filled because it’s just not deep enough. By deep I mean connecting with a bigger part of yourself, which I refer to as higher or infinite part of you that creates the connection of wholeness, peace and contentment.

Feeling empty I found was from searching in an ego or personality based state of being that only connects with still low consciousness that just doesn’t seem to allow peace to be experienced. You have mentioned that you have done hooponopono off and on for a couple of years, but if you are doing hoopo’ from your limited beliefs, from your personality programs of memories, it would be like doing it from an empty supply. To use an analogy of a trying to get water from a river when the river dries up, but if you go further to a lake, the supply of water is greater. If you went to an ocean the supply would be almost endless. When we use this analogy as our physical personality self that is only pulling out of lower consciousness like a river we can see the similarity. And higher whole consciousness is like the ocean, which would be like our personality opening the connection to our higher, infinite part of us that is already in the infinite consciousness ocean.

I did go through times in my life that I also felt that emptiness in myself and life until I started to go into nature and sitting for hours in nature by myself and connecting with the infinite natural consciousness. Then everything changed for me. My suggestion when doing hoopo’ would be for you to do it in nature so you can connect with the purest part of you through your heart, soul and infinite self, that is connected to higher consciousness. And whenever you are alone try bringing your thoughts to one loving thing or memory to tune into your higher, infinite self connection. It’s even kinda challenging to explain, but I found and experienced the emptiness began to fill up with a genuine purposeful love of myself which then expanded into my outer reflections and physical life by doing this often for a consistent amount of time. You then become to really know and feel the difference of the emptiness compared to the peacefulness that brings it even to be passionate about doing it.

You also mentioned not being bothered by material stuff and that could be a nudging or communication from your infinite self. If you are finding that wants or desires don’t trigger any excitement for you then maybe it’s your spiritual plan to release from material things, they just don’t hold an importance for you. As a simple life may be what you really long for and desire to experience which is a great revelation on a soul’s journey in physical.

What do you mean you are an enneagram 4 type? I read a bit by searching it on the web. Many times I do believe that returning to genuine self love really does cure everything. It’s like the missing piece we all need to really work on. Do keep in mind many times when we are stuck in experiences like this, it may take some seeming hard work at the start because of the rut that has become so deep. Believe me, if I can find peace from my past emptiness, I know you can too!

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me and allowing me to help through sharing my experiences. Open up to the peacefulness, it will fill you, thanks, Anna

15. Question
Question is in black, my reply is in purple

Before I bombard you with questions I just want to say thankyou for all the advice you've given me and for putting up with all my questions =P You've really helped me in understanding that we create our own reality and how everything works together in synchronicity.

You are so welcome and I totally empathize with you for asking these questions because they are the same questions that I started my search in the beginning of wanting to know and understand the nature of reality and myself.

I just have a few random questions I want to ask about everything...First, I've been worrying a lot lately about thinking of bad things and having them happen. I've been given advice about thinking of good things and channeling my thoughts but it's been really difficult for me. I haven't said this before but I have OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, I don't have it as near as bad as anyone else and consider myself reasonably good at controlling it but when it comes to not thinking of bad things I can't help myself. It's like saying 'don't think of an elephant' and then you automatically think of an elephant. It's gotten to the point where I've caused myself harm but also people around me due to the fact of me thinking of them getting hurt or injured or terrible things happening. I've been feeling really helpless and I don't know what to do so it would be great to hear your views on it

First OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, now this is only my opinion and from my experiences of any disease, it’s a name for a disorder that has been again labeled and added just as all disease or disorders becomes, separated from the wisdom of creating reality. Read my PMS page, whether it’s cancer or any other disease, when we break down those attachments and perceive all disorders or diseases in creating our own reality then we break down the old beliefs too, and this is really important to do.

My suggestion is from now on change, OCD that gives the defined meaning of “obsessive compulsive disorder” and whole new description to mean a new positive one. For example, use OCD to mean something positive like, “Omnipotent Caring Dimension” this way it shakes up your old attached beliefs to the labeling word and the memory attachments to it and gives it a totally positive meaning that will expand to more potentially positive reality for you. Omnipotent of the infinite, or wisdom, of greatness, Caring that includes love in the word and meaning, dimension for other realities to be experienced. This will take some work and practice on a daily basis, I have done it for myself with certain things as in PMS, changed it to Positive Mental States. It may seem like lots of work in the beginning, but when you do this for over 30 days, consistently every time the word or disorder surfaces in your mind, eg, as you said “don’t think of elephant” yes, that’s when you automatically think of elephant, but add to expand and add “lucky” word to the word “elephant” and now you are associating a positive attachment. If you did this for over 30 days every time elephant popped into your mind, or a negative thought you made it a habit to attach a positive word to any negative word by the end of 30 days the old automatic association becomes the new automatic association. You will amaze yourself at the automatic changes. So any time OCD pops up or you find yourself saying or thinking it, that’s the time to do the work, add the change to the words. This must be done over and over for over 30 days. This is also using your present moment to the highest advantage. You may believe you don’t have control, but really you absolutely do, it’s just that it takes the time to work it daily and consistently. Old ways are so habitual and the reason it takes this new work consistently.

Secondly, Lately I've been mainly focusing my energy on seeing other peoples life, energy and memories and have been channeling most of my energy onto that to develop a better understanding of it. Something I've realised is that when I'm feeling a strong emotion, usually sadness, anger, or pain, I tend to find it easier to 'read' people. I remember once I was feeling really depressed about my friend leaving to go to Korea because of family problems and that I wouldn't get to see her again and that when I found out I spent ages sitting in the park and focusing all my energy on the ducks infront of me. Ofcourse they had very interesting memories. So my question there is.. When I'm feeling a stronger emotion why is it easier to 'read' people?

When emotions are stimulated with thoughts it becomes channeled through our heart in feelings, and all feelings are strong and so powerful. When you went through emotions with your friend leaving and sat in the park, you were in an emotional state and it channeled and connected through your heart. Your heart opens and then connects you with powerful connections that you then are able to read and feel empathy for other people, animals and actually even things. Because even things hold vibrational energy of information. Keep also in mind, that you are always filtering your perception first and then it goes to perceive outwards of perceiving others through your own filtering of beliefs ect…

I believe that the only reason you believe it’s easier to pick up on lower vibrations as fear, anger and so on is only because of a habit of those emotions. I know when you do the work I suggested, you will be amazed at how you will pick up more positive readings of others. Then you are just changing the channel of what you are tuning into, your vibrational energy changes and so will what you are experiencing to pick up too.

Thirdly, ever since I was little I've had really horrible dreams about the end of the world. Most of them are quite vivid and for some reason part of me thinks that it's linked to a past life because of the fact that no part of me has ever ever experienced anything like it for me to have been having nightmares about it. I feel like it's happened before. But something quite scary I just realised now is that the way we humans look at time and space is completely irrelevant to anything and that I could've already seen the end of the world and that not only I can connect with my past lives but also my future lives.

Dreams interpretation can be tricky and your dreaming about the end of the world could be a mixture of 2 things. Firstly whatever is most dominant in your life will be what you tune in your dream reality. If there is allot of negativity, as lower emotional feelings as sadness, fear ect…your dreams will mirror it in all kinds of ways. So the end of the world dreams are really working out things from what’s going on in your waking life, so end of the world dreams can be interpreted as a sign to change. End of the old way and an urging to make some changes as really focusing on the other side into the positive, higher vibrations as love, joy, fun, excitement, optimism and those kinds of vibrational thoughts that will have great high feelings attached to it. You would then, and this did happen to me years ago, as I was having lots of end of the world dreams, when I began to change my thoughts by working on them as I explained in my above suggestions, my dreams began to change. Instead of end of the world dreams, I was having fun and flying dreams. Our dreams will always be dependent on what is going on in our waking life, it has to because our most dominant thoughts is what is creating everything, life, dreams, future and so on.

The second thing about your dreams of the end of the world is the same as what I describe above, again all dependant on what’s going on in waking reality will also bring you into other dimensional realities in your dreams of dire straits, like the end of the world. Connecting you with other realities in your dreams and even in your physical too, because there are infinite dimensional realities all going on.

My suggestion is to keep your focus as much as you can on the opposite, on the higher dimensions of consciousness which is keep directing your thoughts to love, joy, excitement, empowerment, optimism, fun, that will lead to bliss, appreciations and so on. Again this does daily work, but I guarantee you, if you do this daily and consistently, you will see your dreams, your waking physical life, your OCD and everything changing to the higher vibration of consciousness, because you will then be on that higher channel or what you’re in tune with. It literally changes everything.

Sorry for my deep revelation there ^^; A few questions for this one... 1. If I'm correct and time is irrelevant can I connect to my future lives like I've been doing with my past? Absolutely!!! I will also be adding a page about that, as I have done many times. First my suggestion is to first work on what I explained for over 30 days straight, then go to tune into your future self. Reason being as I already stated, because there are infinite dimensional realities all going on all the time, parallel realities, it would be so much better to tune into the changed future self with the highest frequency.

2. Why do different 'psychics' have different visions on the end of the world? Shouldn't they all be the same? My reply to this question is the same as the above question, psychic’s have different visions because of the infinite dimensional parallel realities, so depending on the individual will be what they will be picking up on all filtered again with their own beliefs too. Do read the 2012 and Beyond page on my website and listen to the video’s because an end of the world is really only a transformation of consciousness, of new empowering experiences.
3. Is there such thing as a psychic or is that just a name a manifester uses for when they're 'predicting' peoples futures? Psychic, paranormal, extraordinary and all those labels are exactly what you said, just manifestor’s, everyone has the same abilities to begin with, it’s encoded in our dna and all dependent on using our abilities by practicing or allowing them to naturally be used. What is labeled a psychic is an individual who has practiced or if they naturally predict, it may be a carry over into this lifetime. What I believe anyone is doing when they are predicting others, they are picking up on the persons energy field, telepathy and is the reason they pick up what the person is thinking that has the stored memories also of past, present and future realities. However, if that person changes, so do all the predictions, because their consciousness changes also. This is the reason I think it’s the best to be your own so called “psychic”, each of us knows ourself better then anyone else can, especially if we are on a consistent evolving changing journey. Allowing our infinite self, source or higher self to come through is always the best source of guidance for every individual.

And last, you don't have to answer these if you don't want to because they're a bit personal but I was just wondering because you seem to know a lot about how reality works and I am wanting someone to relate to
1. What were your first 'psychic' experiences like? I first noticed my psychic experiences when my grandmother passed away, I wrote about it on my infinite abilities page if you haven’t read it yet.
2. How did you come to know about manifesting of energy etc. ? over 20 years ago when I started reading my first Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts book. Though I had read some different books before Seth, I really didn’t comprehend it till Seth’s books.
3. How do you think the world is going to end? I don’t think it will end, it is and has been going through a transformation and will continue to the most exciting challenges and times. It is more like a beginning of changes of higher consciousness collectively, however always starting with ourselves first. Again more about that on my 2012 beyond page.

Thanks so much for asking your deep profound questions, they are so important to your evolving growth and also to others who may have the same questions or wondering too. Just by asking the questions is already evoking the changes in you, by doing the consistent work as I mentioned above will absolutely create your life to be the most blissful and empowering for your future too. If there are any other questions you are wondering about, just ask

16. Question

Am I a Monster in a Body? Hello,I am a girl 11 years young.

I have had many different Psychic experiences..The first was when I was the age of 6-8 years young,When on the date of September 6th 2008 I woke up with a strange bite mark on my left arm.Although it was vanished of blood,Saliva still made my once warm,now cold skin wet.I ignored it and thought that maybe, I had gotten into another one of my weird unhumanly dreams and started bitting things again.Through out the day,I found that I could hear things before someone said it,That I could feel someones emotion,Yet they had showed a complete opposite of the emotion, such as my elder brother, who looked as happy as can be,But when near him,I felt depression seeping from him,When I asked if he was okay,He seemed surprised that I could see through his little act and explained something that made me depressed myself, My grandfather had passed. I once again,Ignored the fact of what I could do.Then,on the date of September 7th 2008, I sat on the seat of my school bus,in which i shared with my lovely elder cousin.I wanted so badly to sit outside, but when she kept refusing,I clawed her,like any kid.She started Any suggestions?

Anna's Reply

No!! You are not a monster. What you have done is entertained too many negative thoughts to run around without being aware how long you think about them, so becoming aware and taking control of negative thoughts will change your experiences. Read about it on my emotional addiction page

Many seeming weird experiences, even if they seem so outrageous to others, one thing I do know is that everything is possible and if you don’t take control of your reality it’s left to creating from automatic beliefs making it appear that you have no control when you do. The more knowledge we can know about reality, the better we can also not only control it and recreate it too.

The first experience you mentioned does sound like you may have done it while dreaming, dreams can be that intense, similar to waking after running scared in a dream and realizing you’re sweating and breathing hard. Hearing others thoughts and then they speak what you heard is telepathy, and the more you become aware of it, the more you will experience more of it. Feeling others emotions is another ability of sympathetic sensing, which is being sensitive to others emotions at a deeper level, a genuine level. So you are picking up others deep true emotions they are hiding when they are behaving opposite to what’s really going on inside them. I think you became depressed about it because you empathized with your brother, feeling empathy for him and that triggered emotions within you. To change this you must stay aware and though you can empathize with another, the benefits not only for yourself but also for the other person is to not fall back into the lower vibrational feelings, energy and instead think the opposite of the depressed thoughts which is thinking better thoughts, which will help yourself and the other person. Then you wouldn’t fall into the depressed state when you pick up emotions from others.

Your experience on the bus may have had to do with emotions you might have kept inside, maybe about your grandfathers passing on, or other challenges you didn’t deal with and suppressed the emotions, they became released into anger that you reacted by letting the anger that released in aggressive behavior that became to seem out of control. The bitter anger intertwined with sweet revenge of the release of the anger is what gave you the association to actually maybe find sweetness in the taste of bloody revenge.

What is so important yet might be a challenge for you to realize is that it is always your own self that is allowing the creation and reacting actions from being focused on not letting out your negative emotions in a safe way. My suggestion is to create more associations by focusing on more positive thoughts that will create higher feelings. So whenever there is something that affects you try to deal with it at the time things happen so the negative emotions don’t build up to a boiling point. Especially any negative experiences should be worked on until they are released either by talking to someone you trust, or writing it out, or hitting a pillow until you feel a release. If you can bring any anger to crying then you know you are releasing all the built up emotions to a good release. Whenever you’re feeling any negative emotions and find the deep love and continue to transform as much negative to love so it can become more habitual and will always be the best work you can do for yourself in all ways, the benefits are amazing. Instead of these hurting experiences you will experience many wonderful, exciting things just by changing your energy by changing your thoughts that changes the emotions you then feel and becomes the reality you’re experiencing.

Some dreams become experienced in physical reality is precognitive and happens to many individuals, the only difference is that many people just don’t remember their dreams to connect the dots to realize it. Or there are alterations however similar experiences that do unfold in waking reality. You are more sensitive and aware than many individuals, which can be a good thing when you become more in control. You dreaming it and then experiencing it, the clock going haywire and the lights going out is feedback showing you how connected and powerful creating of reality really is. Remember that knowledge is power because it dissolves the mystery of things just happen to us and we become to realize that we do create our reality and then we will be the one in conscious aware control.

17. Question

Hello. I have been experiencing a condition such as the explained explanation of telekinesis for my whole life. People say that you can learn it or strengthen it but i have found that if you have it you have it. Recently at place of work, i had a female supervisor put me down and make me feel bad. I walked out to the cool room to unpack some boxes when I garbed the handle. The rubber seal around the fridge caught on fire and the fire brigade was called. This is just the tip of the ice berg and i worry not how to make it stronger but how to make sure I can control it and not cause so much damage. I have since trained as a Post grad ND and massage therapist but have recently ran into more problems. When i touch a persons back or shoulders they suddenly complain of intense burning around there belly button and a strange vibration...Mat

Anna's Reply

Hi Mat,

While so many individuals want to experience and expand on telekinesis, you are experiencing the opposite, however it will take the same kind of practicing and work to change it around and get control of it. There are other individuals that with their pure intention can create fire, you have experienced it effortlessly, but that’s how powerful our thoughts with emotions can be when there is no resistant of beliefs to get in the way. Anyone who experiences anger burning up inside experiences the affects of a high fever if the emotion isn’t deal with eventually, or it to become external fire takes quite a overflowing belief for it to expand to that stage you experienced. My suggestion is that it will take some practice and work to control it by working on your thoughts to keep them focused on what you want, which is to be in control. Being in states of anger is just as powerful as being in a state of bliss, they are powerful emotions that are the fuel of creating but on opposite ends of the emotional scale. In an intense state of feeling hurt by another and realizing that it’s a reaction of the negative, feeling hurt. My suggestion and what I have learned, practiced and done consistently is whenever another said or done something I perceived hurtful, I took the focus off what the other person said or did and put the focus on myself because if I am experiencing it that means I still have it in me and that’s what I work on. Forgiving ourself for judging ourself and not loving ourself will always be what creates experiences of what others seem to do to us. Now I know this takes allot of responsibility to let go of blaming or being angry at another and bringing it back to yourself. Through all the years I have experimented with it all and have found no other way that is the most evolving and exciting. If we are experiencing anything, it’s only because we still have it in ourselves and that is our sign communicating to ourselves to work on ourself first. The powerful emotion fueled that creates fire when transformed after working on yourself can change to experiencing a rose to bud in real time when in bliss, or and many other great experiences. It may take allot of self work, but you will find it is so worth it all when you experience the other end of the emotional creating scale.

Your patients feeling the hot energy from your hands I think is because you are so focused without resistance, and this is a fantastic evolved energy that you can channel for healing while giving massages. With the energy being so hot, it’s just like an overflow of heating boiling up energy in you and then releasing through your hands, again working on transforming all negative to positive or better to love will bring your energy into warmth instead of hot burning type that creates the strange vibration they are experiencing.. However until you really work on transforming your reactions into controlled and positive flow of energy that channels from you will be the best benefits you will be in helping yourself and then others. It doesn’t have to take long either, the more you work on yourself as seeing everything externally with others as your own reflection and work on it, the faster you will notice the change of reality you are experiencing. Reminding yourself often that you do have control of everything in your life when you keep aware and consistently work on it.

18. Question

My name is Chenae, and i have always been strangely psychic. My grandmother is quite psychic too and we have a very strong bond, she always told me i said very unusual things when i was a kid and she believed that i am part psychic. i have never doubted my abilities and never worried whether i was mental or crazy. Until now, ever since i can remember i was afraid of the night sky. I always felt as if someone was watching me from above, and i always felt strangely vulnerable. I have always feared aliens. At first i did not worry too much, everyone was afraid of somethings. But for the last couple of years i have grown to be terrified. When i started having dreams of being visited i thought it was normal, common for people to dream their fears. But my dreams have an unremarable reality to them, they feel so real. I have dreams of floating up towards the ceiling of my bedroom until i nearly touch the ceiling, when this happens i am frozen still, burning hot and i can not breath i float up until i am blinded by light, then i usually wake up in a sweat as if i just fell into my bed. A couple nights before the full moon my dreams change. i wake up having body spasms, my dreams full of colours and i get strange feelings as if my solar plexus is outside of my body. i had a dream once a alien was watching from the glass door when i woke up i seen what looked like a steamy hand print. when im in the an isolated area, such as deep in the out back i feel unsafe and refuse to go ouside at night. i am so scared of them mostly because of the dreams i get, the fear and helplessness i feel. its also as if the fear is instintual Is this my imagination or am i in danger?

Anna's Reply

Hi Chenae, thank you for asking these questions because everyone seems to be stuck in different area’s in their lives when it comes to fear. And imagination is the most powerful dimension we are creating in too, so being aware of this can dissolve much of the danger you fear, especially when you come to know that it is all up to you to begin with. Fear is anxiety about the unknown, the more you know the less you are fearful of it. As the night sky, you have associated fearful thoughts about it and it keeps replaying keeping you stuck in that fear. Instead start to create positive loving thoughts with the night sky in your imagination first and when you can feel comfortable and loving in your imagination, then start going outside just before it’s getting dark and lovingly watch the sunset. And go out just before sunrise too and experience the darkness becoming light. This will create better memories for your retrieval that will add to enjoying the night sky instead of fearing it. Think about all the loving entities that are out there wanting to help you. So anything that automatically comes up that scares you about the night sky, replace them with better thoughts to comfort you instead of the fear ones. If you keep doing this, you will find you will look forward to and feel safe gazing in the dark night sky instead of fearing it.

Everyone has unlimited psychic potential within their DNA, but many individuals do not notice or connect the dots of different psychic experiences they have to realize it, and this also limits their abilities too. So your grandmother was aware of her psychic true nature which allowed more experiences for her and from her role modeling it has allowed you to have the knowledge about psychic reality and its experiences.

All the fears you are mentioning are just that fears that have been your focus upon for so long that they expanded into bigger fears. When fears become expanded in our daily life then yes, eventually they will become terrifying as they have for you now. The only way to stop the fears from continuing to magnify, as the fears will do if you don’t stop them yourself, is first by being aware, so this is a good sign because you are aware of these fears and are questioning them. Now you must work on transforming the negative energy that you have already given to these fears into more positive energy of thoughts. To do that you must deliberately think new thoughts about these old fears, replace the old fear thoughts with new loving thoughts that will also create better emotions to be attached too. Think of your fears as a massive balloon, and every time you think and became more fearful was like blowing more air into a big massive balloon. Now imagine that you are deliberately sticking a needle in the balloon and popping it, then it deflates and has no more fear power to terrify you. Now you think better thoughts about your old fears in a new loving way and imagine this new balloon being blown up and expanding. Now you can see the difference in what you are creating to be experiencing.

Reminding yourself that it’s up to you always, it is YOU who is creating that’s allowing whatever comes into your reality, so you are the one in control when you keep yourself aware.

All of your dreams are an expansion of your waking reality, so when you change your fears to more loving thoughts consistently, you will also find your dreams will change to mirror the transforming of fears to love. So all that you are experiencing now in your dreams, and lucid dreams is a result from your old fears, that’s the reason you are experiencing the sweating and body spasms and hard to breathe. All this is created from fear tension that is being released into your dream state that has energized creating your dream reality, as soon as you continue the changing of your fears to love, you will then notice your dreams changing to less fearful experiences and the spasms will also go away. The reason that your dreams seem so vivid and real is because you are remembering them as soon as you awake because of the fear intensity. All reality of thoughts become easily recorded in our memory when we have intense emotions added. So now you must create the new better feeling memories to retrieve instead of continuously retrieving the old fear memories as you have been doing.

Your question about if you are in danger or not is all up to you, if you don’t start working and continue to work on your fears by replacing them every time they come up, you will keep adding more fear energy to be experienced, remember the balloon analogy. If you do consistently keep replacing the fear with love thoughts, then you remove all danger from being experienced in your reality. Think of it this way, there is always danger when walking across a busy street with vehicles driving if you just walked across without being aware. But when you walk only when it’s safe when there are no vehicles coming, then you are not in danger, even though the potential danger is always there. This is the same way with reality too, because there is infinite dimensional realities going on all the time and it’s dependant on our daily thoughts and awareness of the reality we become to experience. So many people go along in life without awareness of what they give their energy of creation to by focused thoughts, but when we stay aware until we naturally think and feel good thoughts will then be the reality we experience too in awake reality and dream reality.

In regards to alien beings, anything being can be referred to as alien, some people call angels, departed ones, other dimensional beings an alien being. Because there is infinite beings in all different dimensions and sometimes they do come through for us to see, as you have mentioned, but only if we allow it. Again it depends on what you allow by what you believe that energizes it, which you could be unaware that you are actually inviting these beings without even realizing you are doing it, just by entertaining the thoughts about them. Our beliefs are our most powerful tool and magnet for creating our reality. So every answer really all comes back to ourselves individually what we create and also that we have the power to recreate what we don’t want into what we do want to experience. So our biggest fears can be our greatest teacher.

When you take any fear you have and love it for what it really is, that your fears are a sign to show you what you have believed in the past that you want to let go of and to show you that you have control and can transform it really is the greatest experience. The more you experience your reality changing from the work you do, the more your beliefs will change to, and the more you will want to continue to do this, because you are seeing the proof for yourself.
If you have more concerns, just ask.

19. ESP, Premonitions, Transformation Experiences & More & Question

Hi, my name is Cassie,

Hi Cassie thank you so much for sharing your life experiences, and the only way that I can help is by sharing my knowledge of wisdom through my experiences and then you take what resonates with you. It really helps by sharing so we can release old past and grow into the new being we prefer to be while helping others who may be going through similar experiences too. You have evolved and transformed into great insights into your own great wisdom through all you've experienced of who you've become into the present being you are now. These are great accomplishments that adds to who you are now.

Ever since I can remember I have had "feelings" about people and things. When I come into contact with someone new I instantly get a feeling about them, almost like I can see right through them. I can tell if a person is true of heart, or a liar. I can tell if they have had a hard past, are lost, or are genuine.

We all have this ability, but most people are not aware, so they don’t notice. Keep in mind that everything you are experiencing or sensing about another person will always be filtered and experienced through your own beliefs. You can only really see or sense in another of what memories of what is inside of you first. Wayne Dyer’s analogy of the orange is best, “when we squeeze an orange, what comes out? “ Not apple juice, or grape juice but orange juice, just like ourselves too. You can only see if someone is lying if you have that program of memories hardwired and still running in yourself. If you didn’t you would never sense or experience another lying. I realize this is deep ground to be treading, however until we realize this we will not see through illusions and continue to use negative perceptions of blame and so on.

This is the reason for doing this great profound work on ourselves so that we can grow in every area of our lives to move past what no longer serves us. For me it was consistently doing the mirror reflection work on everyone and everything. So you are in the first step which is great because you are noticing, that means you are aware of what you are sensing and seeing in others. The next step is recognizing that all you are sensing is also filtered by your own beliefs of memories and anything you don’t like that you sense in another is what you do the work on. What you do like is also what’s in you, that you expand on. It really does change everything eventually. You will know once you experience what you sensed you didn’t like that then changed.

When I moved to college I met a girl there, and from the moment I met her I had a feeling that she was just like me. I know somehow that she was a great person and we would one day be best friends. I knew all this from just saying "hello". My feelings about her all became true. She is the closest friend I have ever had and I am more than great full.

I totally comprehend what you are sharing about your best friend because I had the same experiences with my best friend in our first year in high school. Just when we said hello, we both already knew the infinite connection we had and have been best friends for almost 40 years now. I believe what you and I or anyone who has had this experience, what actually occurs is that your best friend and your own infinite beings were already entangled in other dimensions then physical. The recognition feeling’s was that connection subconsciously that became conscious in your awareness on a level that could be accepted to eventually be understood.

The same goes for places, an example is my room at my house. I hate my room, and I have noticed that when I stay in it for a long period of time I become extremely depressed and scared. I hate sleeping in it and I often have a hard time feeling comfortable in it. When I stay in other parts of the house I feel completely fine though.

You are picking up on lower vibrational energy in your room. It could be from a past of someone else who lived in that house before you or from dark moments in your life as you were in your room. Doesn’t really matter what or how the energy spots were originally created, most importantly in changing those energy spots.

What I have done in the past is a cleansing and transforming of the energy. So every time you go into your room and the not good feeling comes up replace it with a really good feeling. That means stop yourself in the moment and as soon as you feel that scared uncomfortable feeling, replace it in that instant with a really good thought feeling. Even light a candle in that moment and focus on the flame purifying the room with good feeling thoughts.

Go as far as to name your room, this has powerful benefits when you do this. I have named rooms I had uncomfortable feelings with as MyBliss Room. When you do this every time and do it consistently, not for just a minute but for 10 to 15 minutes each time, I guarantee that eventually you will become to look so forward to going into your room. We cannot destroy energy that holds vibrational data, but we can transform it to our preference, we are then transforming the energy spots that hold negative energy into blissful energy. I’d love to hear from you when you have done it long enough to experience the complete change around from doing it.

This happens to me with many different places. I also get feelings about animals. Two examples are of my horse, and my dog. When I went to go and check out this horse to buy, others had told me that it was pathetic and a waste of money. I went to see her, and she was extremely rough, and my father kept telling me that she was not worth it after going there to see her with me. But, there was something... deep down inside of myself I had this feeling like this horse was so much greater than what everyone else saw. So, I bought her despite the odds, and now she is one of the best horses I have ever owned. She is winning events all over the place and has won over $10,000 in the last few years. I have gotten many offers to buy her from the "friends" who told me before that she was worthless. Now about my dog. I went with my brother and mother to go see a range of Siberian husky pups. We saw many different types and my mother and brother fell in love with this little brown colored boy pup. But from the minute I saw "Mika", the oddly tiny and extremely shy pure white pup I had that feeling again. Everyone told me to ignore that one, even the owners who where trying to sell me a pup. She was a runt, and was so scared of everything she shook when I held her. But against all odds again I followed that feeling I had and got her instead of the other pups. Mika is now the best dog I could of ever asked for. Everyone loves her, and I just cannot explain how much of a great dog she has turned into.

Every place or animal that you have come in contact with can only be as a law of attraction, what you are vibrating at a frequency is a tuning in channel that attracts everything to you, or in other words a creation in your image. Creational reality from your inner to outer depending on your own beliefs. All the animals that others have wrongly judged were from their filtered own perceptions.

You being able to experience the complete opposite of what others were predicting I believe on a deeper level is your own past abusive experiences in your memories projected to take an animal that was predicted bad or troublesome and transform them to be beautiful and blissful. So in other words you were working on your own self through these animals and the animals have shown the resolution of the work you have done unconsciously. As they changed to become wonderful, you also were changing inside of you simultaneously. It’s really the same thing as what you would do in your room that I have recommended, you were subconsciously doing within yourself and it was being projected and played out with animals and people too. This really is best natural therapeutic work that’s done either consciously or unconsciously.

Looking at it inner first, I would revise your statement a bit about your dog so that you can see the inner transformation of yourself, “Mika is now the best dog I could of ever asked for. Everyone loves her, and I just cannot explain how much of a great dog she has turned into.” Into this, Cassie is now the best in her inner workings that I could of ever asked for. Everyone loves her, and I just cannot explain how much of a great person you have turned into, considering everything you have gone through in your life. Do you see what I mean? We are always projecting our inner self outwardly upon everything. It’s the real nature of reality.

Some background history on me.. My cousin sexually abused and raped me for about 14 years of my life. When I was a child the kids at my private school thought I was weird, and I was always the one who got picked on. I had absolutely no friends. I was kicked and some even spit on me. My cousin was the only one who would play with me and make me feel wanted, so when he did stuff he always asked "Don't tell anyone, you wouldn't want me to get into trouble and stop being your friend, would you?" and of course I did not want that, so I stayed shut. I always knew that what he was doing was wrong, but I went along with it. Once I started growing up I tried avoiding him more, but at times it was not possible. I eventually completely forgot about what he did to me.. My mind "erased" it from my memory. Literally you didn’t erase those memories but you had pushed the memory so far back that make then less easily to retrieve, all that you went through was of great purpose that you learned and grew from. I went through a very dark time in my life then. I was diagnosed with severe mental depression, I cut, I tried to kill myself. I ended up in the hospital for about a month. While I was going through this phase I holed myself up in my room. I am curious if this is the same room that you still have the bad vibes with?? This was all stemming from feelings of guilt, shame and self hate. When we are in those types of states in our being that’s what we do, injure ourselves outwardly because of the inner dramas that was still going on to work through. I myself had also used a razor blade when I was a teenager to make my own tattoos and went through periods of suicide. Really what we really want to end is the pain and hopelessness, that’s just an automatic reaction of a state of being that’s in fear. Once we remove the judgments through genuine forgiveness and love we moved past these dark nights of our soul, all for the learning we gain from our experiences that then allows us to move into greater magnificent experiences.

Though until now I have not shared any of my referred labeling of physical, mental or sexual abuse. I have went through it all, and was haunted by it all for a great part of my teenage life through to my late 30’s in age. I also came to the understanding that it was also a great profound part of my life purpose in the challenges I needed to go through to learn from too to grow and evolve. Just as it sounds like you have too. So the reason I have not talked about it is because that was my past and after I worked it all out to accept it all, I released it, learned from it all and forgave it all and the people and moved on to this evolving incredible evolving journey. And the biggest part of it all is learning and going through the steps to owning and releasing all past so that we can go on into the future with better potential memories then to work from as we create our future of preference. Now I see it all as it doesn’t even matter who is disguised in the body we had the abuse with, they were disguised in a level of fear as an opportunity to learn from to get to higher perceptions.

I was basically a different person. You are exactly right on! You did become a different person through all you went through and was the whole reason that you met Joshua because you tuned into another higher frequency of realty. Literally an new person with access to even better higher frequencies of memories in consciousness that were not available before your transformation.

I then met Joshua. From the minute I met him I knew he would be the one to take my hand and save me from whatever had a hold of me. And he did. I completely stopped cutting, I looked at myself differently, he was even the first and only man I ever enjoyed sex with. Every other guy I tried, and still try, to get physical with I have panic attacks and I honestly hate it. With Josh it was like I could never get enough. He made me truly happy and in tern I was happy with myself. No one had every done that for me before, not a therapist, not a friend, nor my family. Eventually Josh and I had to break up due to me moving to Wyoming for college. I hated it, but he would not let me give up my dream of going to that college and we where both wary of a long distance relationship. We didn't want to chance something going wrong. So I left, and I tried dating. I tried partying. I tried everything but? I can't find an interest in men anymore. If I see a cute guy I do get physically attracted to them but that is where it ends. Before Josh, I if I used to see a cute guy I got the stupid butterflies and I had a strong desire to be with them. Now? It's nothing. I dated someone for 3 months and throughout the whole thing it only felt like a 'friends with benefits' thing to me, while the guy was falling for me. I stated this long story because.. I have a "feeling" about Josh. It is the same feeling I get with everything else, and that feeling is somewhere in the future Josh and I will be together again. It is so strong it bothers me. I can honestly say that I do not care to be with him right now. I would like to be his friend, but I am okay with not being with him. I am content with my life, but it if very frustrating not being able to feel things for guys anymore. And this feeling is not from my Love for Josh. I know the difference between my "Feelings" and the gut feeling of love.

So you and Josh connected there could be many different explanations of past lives with Joshua. I believe this strong love bond may not even have as much to do with just you and Joshua, but more importantly showing you the evidence of the new being you have become. Old personality dissolved and new one was created. Your deep feelings about your future together is so intense and sustained because it was a great awakening time for you at that point in your life.

The bond was formed and associated with you and Joshua at that great high peak in your experiences at the time you met, a new greater memory also was created. So whether Joshua and you reconnect in the future as your inner sensing sustains itself, may possibly be or it could also be that another person may come into your life that has many same qualities and bond formed too. Keep in mind that bodies can be disguised in many flavors. The future becomes from the you that you are becoming also. You may have come of the blossoming that you will not settle now with anything less, that could be the reason that love now has such a distinctive preference and hold of the type of love to be as similar to the Joshua bond. It’s associative memory of a higher level.

These are completely different. It's like my feelings are so deep into my core I cannot do anything but follow them. And when they feel so good like that, you are right, that’s what you should continue to keep following, following your bliss, and when we are in that high frequency of bliss we create easily too, that’s the reason they always come true.

And they always come true. Basically I just want to know who I am. What is this? I am frustrated with not knowing, and I hope that you guys can help.

Who are you? Who are any of us? Well as I have shared throughout this website is what I truly have come to the conclusion presently from everything I have researched, experienced for myself is that we are definitely more than our physical bodies.

You are a spiritual infinite being that has chosen to birth into your physical body into this physical dimensional plane of existence we refer to as life. It also seems that we come into physical with amnesia, forgetting who we really are and where we came from, these memories are not erased, they are always there. However what is referred to our ego mind closes our infinite memories off from our conscious thoughts. Though you will get sparks that continue to come through depending on when you are ready to remember.

I believe you and all of us come into physical existence to experience and work out anything we have not worked out yet in physical. The best analogy would be for this is imagine that you never went to a beach or went into the water, but you seen lots of pictures of people swimming and being in the water, you watched lots of video’s of people being in the water, but you never experienced actually physically being in the water other then pictures and video’s.

If it is something that really interests and intrigues you then until you actually go to the beach, feel and experience walking in the sand and walking into the water to experience how it feels on your body, it will never really be the real experience for you until you do. This is similar to your infinite being before you be-come birthed into physical. Any challenges you have that have not been resolved in evolving into the resolution or the experience of is still something your infinite being wants to experience in physical.

If we see this physical plane of existence as just one of infinite dimensional frames of worlds then we also realize that we can also shift in and out of these worlds, we are always doing it but until we dissolve the barrier of limited beliefs of our ego, this wisdom will not be recognized as truth. We could use an analogy of a large house with 6 floors and 80 rooms. If we only stayed on the first floor and never ventured to the 2nd or other floors, we’d be missing out on not only what’s on the other floors but also what’s in all the other rooms too.

Now back to who are you? You are an infinite being that has chosen to come by birth into your now physical body for certain purposeful reasons to awaken your memories for whatever individual reasons of purpose that you are here. You are a walking, talking, thinking, feeling, creating physical being filled with memories from all your experiences in this life and can also tap into memories of any consciousness when you desire to and many times we tap into other memories without even realizing it.

I think of it as our body is a super magnificent vehicle that gets our infinite being around in this physical plane. The more we open our mind, the more we become open to our infinite being part of us that in the beginning of our birth our body could only handle bits of our infinite being. As we evolve we open more and more of the infinite self to incorporate more memories and new DNA activation in our body. This is when we evolve through conscious awareness of evolution, referred to as activating higher more powerful light encodings in our DNA, or awakening, or light beings, so many different labels meaning the same thing. Shifting and creating on the leading edge new paradigm.

I hope that I helped guide you to see more of the light of your wonderings. Again thank you so much for sharing your experiences and do write back and let us know if any of this has helped you? Or if you have other things to share.

20. Near Death Experience, Premonition dreams and Feelings, deja vu-Brittney

I was about 8 when I had a near death experience I don’t think about it much but I remember this extremely bright light that I was going to it was amazing and when I was a few inches away from it everything went dark and a few seconds later I am waking up with mom beside me and the school nurse. I had a seizure and I stopped breathing but it picked back up before anyone could do cpr. I have had more brushes with death that were worse I feel like.someone is watching out for me.

When I was nine the day before my mother took me to my stepmothers mom house I believe I knew that my father was dead before anyone told me. My stepmother called me and my sister into the bedroom and we went. She told us he was dead and the words I already know almost slipped out of my mouth something was preventing me from saying those words because she broke out crying as soon as she told us.

Years later I had a dream that something bad was going to happen, I found out the next day my.cousin was killed.

More dreams

Now today I found out my best friend has cancer last night I had a dream. This is what I dreamed about I was talking with another friend of mine whose son has cancer and he is doesn’t have much time left.

I have deja vu a lot

I don’t talk about this with anyone but I am not afraid of death because I now and I feel like there really is this place some call it heaven but I know there is a place to go when you die. I don’t know I don’t feel like I can explain it.

Anna's reply,

I thank you for sharing you’re your experiences especially your near death experience. I realize it’s a challenge talking to others especially if they don’t understand and that is the reason websites like this exist, so we can feel more comfortable in sharing our experiences. And I appreciate your sharing of them. Near death is an experience I have not had, though I have read and heard allot about it. So though I don’t understand it as you do because you had the experience, but my OOB experiences into other dimensions also removed much fear of death for me too. Once we experience being out of our body we realize how we are much more then our body and that always changes us in many ways about many things to know more.

I so agree with you that someone, a guide, angel, past on family member or friend, some spiritual entity is watching over you. And it will always be a great benefit for you just by already knowing and even better when connecting through whatever way is natural and comfortable with whomever is watching over you. I believe everyone does have these helpers and guides and infinite beings, even if they are not aware of them.

Since you already had many premonition dreams showing you a future before you physically knew, whether it was your father in spirit communicating the information to you about his death and you picked up on it? Or other explanations really aren’t as amazing as the actual experiences you’ve had. Though it wasn’t until you had it confirmed in physical that you knew absolutely that the information was true. It’s great insight and continuous confirmations of experiences that keeps showing you how naturally you are putting all the pieces together about reality and dreams. You are remembering the information from your dreams and connecting the dots in physical, so you are naturally tuning into different time lines. Just as with your other premonition dreams of your cousin, best friend and another of your friend’s son too, you are seeing the connections and seeing through so many illusions about reality.

I believe déjà vu may be memories from other dimensional realities we have experienced without conscious awareness. Linearly from what we perceive as past, present and future that pops into our awareness and that’s the reason they feel so familiar to us.

You experiencing a heavenly realm is a challenge to describe in words mostly because of our world’s limited vocabulary that doesn’t seem to have the right words for expressing these out of this world experiences. That’s where I find creating our own words to express better to express better what we actually feel and experience.

I know we are venturing into more unknown territory and in the future I believe that these veils that separate us from death through illusions appearing invisible will all one day dissolve. We will be able to plainly perceive death just the same as we travel now upon new country’s we have not been to yet.

Again thanks for sharing your experiences and I’d love to hear more about your near death one in more detail.

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