Controlling Psychic Abilities?

by Gemma
(New Zealand)

Okay.. so I was wondering, I've been having weird psychic moments lately like, recently I was sitting and reading a book and for some reason I had a strange feeling about the thought of whether someone was going to ask me what it was about, a few moments later someone asked me and I already had a blurb composed.
This has been happening to me and one of my friends ever since ending last year, except she sees visions in her dreams. She once had one about her grandpa falling down the stairs and then later that week he did and died, just recently she told me that she had a dream about getting kidnapped and got pulled into a car, she said her mum woke her up because she way screaming, about an hour later she said that something like that happened not near from where she lives and that they were killed as well.
I was wondering if I could somehow control what I knew was going to happen to maybe help people? Or use it to my advantage? My visions are nearly as interesting as my friends though, the closest thing I've got was knowing someone was going to trip over and that when me and my friend were selling cookies door to door and I didn't want to go up to one of the houses because I had a bad feeling about it, even though it looked like a normal house, later that month we found out that there was actually a secret drug lab there.. that was the only house we skipped. And that was probably good luck.. I don't have dreams about what's going to happen, I usually know a few moments before hand and rarely an hour. Sometimes me and my friends write together and lately our plots have been coming true also, I was even about to write a book about our plots coming to life! Anyway.. sorry for bombarding you with all this stuff.. I'd love to hear your opinion :)

Anna's reply:

These are great questions and the answer to them all simply is we create all of our reality, every single thing depending on our focusing of attention. When we combine this knowledge into every question and experience you have mentioned it will always come right back to your own self. For a longer specific indepth answering to your question click the link and go to the 4th question and answer part.

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