Coul i Possibly be a monster in a humans body?

by Priscilla

Hello,I am a girl 11 years young.

I have had many different Psychic experiences..The first was when I was the age of 6-8 years young,When on the date of September 6th 2008 I woke up with a strange bite mark on my left arm.Although it was vansished of blood,Saliva still made my once warm,now cold skin wet.I ignored it and thoucht that maybe,I had gotten into another one of my weird unhumanly dreams and started bitting things again.Threw out the day,I found that I could hear things before someone said it,That I could feel someones emotion,Yet they had showed a compleat oppisit of the emotion,Such as my elder brother,Who looked as happy as can be,But when near him,I felt depression seeping from him,When I asked if he was okay,He seemed suprised that I could see threw his little act,And explained something that made me depressed myself,My grandfather had passed. I once again,Ignored the fact of what I could do.Then,on the date of September 7th 2008, I sat on the seat of my school bus,in which i shared with my lovely elder cousin.I wanted so badly to sit outside,but when she kept refusing,I clawed her,Like any kid.She started bleeding from a scratch on her arm,And before i was aware of what i was doing,i had bit her and tasted the sweetness of the blood that her vains contained.

The Mind reading got worst over the years,and ive been having more more weird dreams,One night,and the next day,a scene from that dream,oddly would happen.

Like the lights going out during class,and the clock going haywire.

Any suggestions?

Anna's reply,

No you are not a monster, you have only allowed too many negative thoughts to entertain your mind. Many seeming weird experiences, even if they seem so outrageous to others, one thing I do know is that everything is possible and if you don’t take control of your reality it’s left to creating from automatic beliefs making it appear that you have no control when you do. The more knowledge we can know about reality, the better we can also not only control it and recreate it too.

The first experience you mentioned does sound like you may have done it while dreaming, dreams can be that intense, similar to waking after running scared in a dream and realizing you’re sweating and breathing hard. Hearing others thoughts and then they
speak what you heard is telepathy, and the more you become aware of it, the more you will experience more of it.
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