Dreams and feelings

by Brittney

I was about 8 when I had a near death experience I don’t think about it much but I remember this extremely bright light that I was going to it was amazing and when I was a few inches away from it everything went dark and a few seconds later I am waking up with mom beside me and the school nurse. I had a seizure and I stopped breathing but it picked back up before anyone could do cpr. I have had more brushes with death that were worse I feel like.someone is watching out for me.

When I was nine the day before my mother took me to my stepmothers mom house I believe I knew that my father was dead before anyone told me. My stepmother called me and my sister into the bedroom and we went. She told us he was dead and the words I already know almost slipped out of my mouth something was preventing me from saying those words because she broke out crying as soon as she told us.

Years later I had a dream that something bad was going to happen, I found out the next day my.cousin was killed.

More dreams

Now today I found out my best friend has cancer last night I had a dream

This is what I dreamed about I was talking with another friend of mine whose son has cancer and he is doesn’t have much time left.

I have deja vu a lot

I don’t talk about this with anyone but I am not afraid of death because I now and I feel like there really is this place some call it heaven but I know there is a place to go when you die. I don’t know I don’t feel like I can explain it

Anna's reply,
I thank you Brittney for sharing you’re your experiences especially your near death experience. I realize it’s a challenge talking to others especially if they don’t understand and that is the reason websites like this exist, so we can feel more comfortable in sharing our experiences. And I appreciate your sharing of them.

Near death is an experience I have not had, though I have read and heard allot about it. So though I don’t understand it as you do because you had the experience, but my OOB experiences into other dimensions also removed much fear of death for me too. Once we experience being out of our body we realize how we are much more then our body and that always changes us in many ways about many things to know more.

I so agree with you that someone, a guide, angel, a family member or friend that has already passed on, some spiritual entity is watching over you. And it will always be a great benefit for you just by already knowing it and even better when connecting through whatever way is natural and comfortable with whomever is watching over you. I believe everyone does have these helpers and guides and infinite beings, even if they are not aware of them.

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