I don't know who I am.

by Cassie

Hi, my name is Cassie,

Anna's reply in purple

Hi Cassie thank you so much for sharing your life experiences with us, and the only way that I can help is by sharing my knowledge of wisdom through my experiences and then you take what resonates with you. It really helps by sharing so we can release old past and grow into the new being we prefer to be while helping others who may be going through similar experiences too.

Ever since I can remember I have had "feelings" about people and things. When I come into contact with someone new I instantly get a feeling about them, almost like I can see right through them. I can tell if a person is true of heart, or a liar. I can tell if they have had a hard past, are lost, or are genuine.

We all have this ability, but most people are not aware, so they don’t notice. Keep in mind that everything you are experiencing or sensing about another person will always be filtered and experienced through your own beliefs. You can only really see or sense in another of what memories of what is inside of you first. Wayne Dyer’s analogy of the orange is best, “when we squeeze an orange, what comes out? “ Not apple juice, or grape juice but orange juice, just like ourselves too. You can only see if someone is lying if you have that program of memories hardwired and still running in yourself. If you didn’t you would never sense or experience another lying. I realize this is deep ground to be treading, however until we realize this we will not see through illusions and continue to use negative perceptions of blame and so on.

This is the reason for doing this great profound work on ourselves so that we can grow in every area of our lives to move past what no longer serves us. For me it was consistently doing the mirror reflection work on everyone and everything. So you are in the first step which is great because you are noticing, that means you are aware of what you are sensing and seeing in others. The next step is recognizing that all you are sensing is also filtered by your own beliefs of memories and anything you don’t like that you sense in another is what you do the work on. What you do like is also what’s in you, that you expand on. It really does change everything eventually. You will know once you experience what you sensed you didn’t like that then changed.

When I moved to college I met a girl there, and from the moment I met her I had a feeling that she was just like me. I know somehow that she was a great person and we would one day be best friends. I knew all this from just saying "hello". My feelings about her all became true. She is the closest friend I have ever had and I am more than great full.

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