I have a strange fear of aliens, is it my imagination or am i in danger?

by chenae

My name is Chenae, and I have always been strangely psychic. My grandmother is quite psychic too and we have a very strong bond, she always told me i said very unusual things when i was a kid and she believed that i am part psychic. i have never doubted my abilities and never worried whether i was mental or crazy. Until now. Ever since i can remeber i was afraid of the night sky. I always felt as if someone was watching me from above, and i always felt strangely vulnerable. I have always feared aliens. At first i did not worry too much, everyone was afraid of somethings. But for the last couple of years i have grown to be terrified. When i started having dreams of being visited i thought it was normal, common for people to dream their fears. But my dreams have an unremarable reality to them, they feel so real. I have dreams of floating up towards the ceiling of my bedroom until i nearly touch the ceiling, when this happens i am frozen still, burning hot and i can not breath i float up until i am blinded by light, then i usually wake up in a sweat as if i just fell into my bed. A couple nights before the full moon my dreams change. i wake up having body spasms, my dreams full of colours and i get strange feelings as if my solar plexus is outside of my body. i had a dream once a alien was watching from the glass door when i woke up i seen what looked like a steamy hand print. when im in the an isolated area, such as deep in the out back i feel unsafe and refuse to go ouside at night. i am so scared of them mostly because of the dreams i get, the fear and helplessness i feel. its also as if the fear is instintual Is this my imagination or am i in danger?

Anna's Reply, Hi Chenae, thank you for asking these questions because everyone seems to be stuck in different area’s in their lives when it comes to fear. And imagination is the most powerful dimension we are creating in too, so being aware of this can dissolve much of the danger you fear, especially when you come to know that it is all up to you to begin with. Fear is anxiety about the unknown, the more you know the less you are fearful of it. As the night sky, you have associated fearful thoughts about it and it keeps replaying keeping you stuck in that fear. Instead start to create positive loving thoughts with the night sky in your imagination first and when you can feel comfortable and loving in your imagination, then start going outside just before it’s getting dark and lovingly watch the sunset. And go out just before sunrise too and experience the darkness becoming light. This will create better memories for your retrieval that will add to enjoying the night sky instead of fearing it. Think about all the loving entities that are out there wanting to help you. So anything that automatically comes up that scares you about the night sky, replace them with better thoughts to comfort you instead of the fear ones. If you keep doing this, you will find you will look forward to and feel safe gazing in the dark night sky instead of fearing it.

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