Powerful Differences between
Finite or Infinite Creations

What are You Creating From?

Infinite creations of consciousness is unlimited with no beginnings or endings compared to finite realities that has beginnings and endings.  Finite creations of consciousness are thoughts that consist of waves of thoughts from the limited constricted conglomeration wavelengths.  By limited I mean the ordinary continuous momentum of normal everyday reality that the majority are choosing thoughts from.  Finite is limited because it has a beginning and ending as in our linear perceptional reality that we perceive as a time line of past, present and future.

When we are stuck in finite thoughts of thinking and creating, we are limited because we are either thinking in our past, or of our future.  This keeps us stuck and limits our power, because the present moment is where all the power really is.

The Power is in the Present and Simultaneously Creating your Reality

We are always creating from the POWERFUL PRESENT.

It is so powerful whether we are aware or not aware of it, it is still the force that is creating dependant on what we are focusing upon through our thoughts.  And when we are aware how and what we are focused upon in the present moment, we become more powerful because we can be conscious of what we choose to focus upon.  We can be the deliberate conscious creator, creating from the infinite thoughts, the creator who is choosing the reality that we want to be living compared to living what we do not want.

To check it out you can do it right now, this moment as you are reading this, ask yourself?   Are you totally focused on what you are reading?  Or are you thinking about something in the past that happened, or thinking about something in the future?

This can be quite the exuberant realization because we so easily change to what we are focusing upon without realizing it.  So when you are reading this, your thoughts can easily drift to something that happened this morning, or what you should make for dinner tonight.  Or anything that your attention is not on, instead of being focused in what you are presently intending to be focused upon.

What is really amazing is the aware realization that in each present moment we are actually in a state of flux of creating all day long by what we are putting our attention and focus upon.

Though we may not be able to keep track of all the thoughts we choose and then focus upon through out every day because it is always on going, however, we can choose to be aware as much as we can.  This then creates it to be a habit of being aware instead of not being aware.  This does make all the difference if you want to be creating what you want, instead of what you do not want.  The knowing awareness that we are creating moment by moment in our present gives us the power to continuously be more aware, and redirect our thoughts so that we continue to create only what we do want.

Bringing our thoughts to Present Focusing of Attention
Finite v/s Infinite Thoughts of Realities

It is when we are reminding our self throughout the day that it will become more natural and habitual the more that we do it.  That means being aware and bringing our thoughts back to what we are actually doing in each moment that we are aware of it.  So if you are reading then your thoughts stay focused on what you are reading about.  When you keep your thoughts focused on what you are really thinking and doing you are in the powerful present moment.  No matter what you are doing it is practicing to be aware of what your are thinking about.  Then you are aware if it is in alignment with any outcome you want to have manifested.

Finite thinking is creating from the present by putting attention in limited ways by thinking in any fearful, doubtful, hopeless ways.

Let us use an example of wanting to play the piano.  The finite limited thoughts would go like this, “oh how I would love to play the piano, but it would take so much practice and I do not think I would be able to do it.” That is already setting yourself up in a limited way to create because it is choosing from the limited finite consciousness.

If you changed your thoughts to think, “I know I could do it I just have to keep practicing and then by practicing I would eventually be able to play some songs. “ This is a bit better of a vibration to think from however it is still finite and limited because it still is creating from the limits of practicing.

Now if you were to think from the infinite thoughts then your thoughts would be more like this, “I would love to play the piano, and I know that if I put my attention into focusing on already playing the piano with such perfection then I would link into that reality that is already going on.”

The differences is so powerful because when we choose the infinite thinking we are bypassing all limits and time to use our ability in the most profound ways.  There would be no practicing. Instead we would use our imagination in the most infinite ways by already tapping into a reality of another who plays piano with such perfection.  We then instantly tapped into that reality and become a channel or linked to that reality then we open our self to receive that energy.  Then our experience would seem so magical or miraculously to others because we would sit down at a piano and just play beautifully.

There are individuals doing that now. Burt Goldman the creator of Quantum Jumping teaches how to tap in by quantum jumping to receive the information he needs.  He heals others and has become an artist by quantum jumping.  His beautiful artistic painting abilities flows through from another reality, another multidimensional self. That is infinite manifesting from the infinite source.

Nicole Whitney the creator and the host of News for the Soul talk radio does the same thing when she sits at a piano (7th show from the end of page of the piano link)... She naturally becomes in the same frequency of consciousness flow of another entity (the energy) to come through her and then plays beautiful songs. Though she has never played the piano before, she has tuned into the infinite manifesting source and it flows out of her.

She also teaches spoon bending that I learned from her course, which is the same infinite source we go to to bend or twist spoons or any metal. It is the same source we go to by focusing on anything when we are in concentration.

I do it all the time with my writing by quieting my mind and focusing on allowing information to flow out and then it does. It is going into the infinite manifesting source that is open to infinite information and infinite dimensions. Instead of only tapping into to the finite source of consciousness that is limited from the extraordinary experiences of realities.

Beliefs Change along the Way
Finite Thoughts to Infinite Thoughts

We do not have to be concerned about our old beliefs because when we continue to choose from infinite thoughts, then our beliefs naturally change to accommodate from the new infinite experiences and infinite creations we are having.

Before you even realize it your beliefs are changed.

So remember all is possible when we choose thoughts from the infinite vibration of frequencies compared to the finite.

Abraham affirms beautifully just how to remind ourselves of the Creator's we are.

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