My experience

by Tom
(Great Britain)

Today I think I realised for the first time that I am capable of "self-healing". I was sat on my bed clutching my head. I was suffering from a horrific migraine, I often get them when I watch a computer screen or read for too long. Out of desperation from the sheer excruciating pain I begin to do these weird flowy movements with my hands around my head, as if I was pulling this sticky gunk out of my forehead and crown. I know this sounds like quite a crazy thing to do but, I don't know, it just seemed right at the time. After about two or three minutes, I got up and realised that it had dimmed to a faint throb, almost completely gone. Normally I would have dismissed this and myself as completely gaga, as I am very skeptical of this kind of stuff. But weirdly, I felt scared. I can't quite explain it, the feeling I mean. But I certainly felt bizarre. Apart from mere coincidence, the only thing I can think of to describe what I may have done, is that I manipulated the earth's immediate energy field around my body. I felt in almost complete control. I know this may seem like a complete overreaction, to reach such a conclusion from something so small, but it's just how I feel.

Hi Tom and thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Exactly what you have described from all that I have learned and experienced about energy and body, is exactly what you have done. You took total responsibility for what you subconsciously created as a migraine and opened to your inner intuition to know how to heal yourself.

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